Which Laptop Size is Best for Work?

Laptops like other personal computers have become a staple in our everyday life. There’s hardly any aspect of life where you can undermine the value of a good and perfectly functional PC. Laptops come in various sizes and specifications (skip straight to the laptop size charts).

Even though the main purpose of owning a laptop is to improve the mobility of your personal computer, the size of your laptop can determine the functions you get from it.

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Big laptop sizes may not necessarily mean a higher power, but the size can determine the experience you derive from its use. A system with a wider screen may provide a better viewing angle if you specialize in graphics work. And a smaller screen may be best for you if you are into engineering work. The only question you may need to ask is how to determine which laptop size is best for work.

Below is a detailed size chart showing some of the most common laptop sizes. You’ll also find answers to some questions you may have regarding the best laptop size for your work.

However, it is essential to state that size may not be the only factor to consider when selecting a laptop for work. CPU, graphics card, faster processor speed, resolution, excellent battery life, fingerprint readers, etc are some factors that determine the kind of laptop to purchase for your work.

It’s best to first arm yourself with the specifications of your desired laptop before scrolling through the charts below.

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Which Laptop Size is Best for Work Table of Contents

Best Laptop For Office Work Size Charts (Inches)

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SizeWidthLengthInner frame WidthInner frame lengthThickness
10.65.8 – 6.310.1 – 10.65.2 – 5.79.2 – 9.70.3 – 1.3
11.1 in6.0 – 6.510.6 – 11.15.4 – 5.99.6 – 10.10.3 – 1.3
11.6 in9.4 – 9.913.0 – 13.58.5 – 911.8 – 12.30.3 – 1.3
12.1 in8.0 – 8.510.6 – 11.17.3 – 7.89.6 – 10.10.3 – 1.3
12.1 in7.1 – 7.611.2 – 11.76.4 – 6.910.2 – 10.70.3 – 1.3
13.3 in7.8 – 8.312.4 – 12.97.1 – 7.611.3 – 11.80.3 – 1.3
14.1 in9.2 – 9.712.4 – 12.98.4 – 8.911.3 – 11.80.3 – 1.3
14.3 in8.2 – 8.713.2 – 13.77.4 – 7.912 – 12.50.3 – 1.3
15.0 in9.9 – 10.413.2 – 13.79 – 9.512 – 12.50.3 – 1.3
15.4 in9.0 – 9.514.4 – 14.98.2 – 8.713.1- 13.60.3 – 1.3
15.6 in10.6 – 11.115.1 – 15.69.6 – 10.113.8 – 14.30.3 – 1.3
16.1 in8.7 – 9.215.4 – 15.97.9 – 8.414 – 14.50.3 – 1.3
17.0 in9.9 – 10.415.8 – 16.39 – 9.514.4 – 14.90.3 – 1.3
18.4 in10.0 – 10.517.7 – 18.29.1 – 9.616.2 – 16.70.3 – 1.3

Best Laptop For Office Work Size Charts (CM)

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SizeWidthLengthInner frame WidthInner frame lengththickness
26.914.7 – 16.025.7 – 27.013.2 – 14.523.4 – 24.70.7 – 3.3
28.215.2 – 16.526.9 – 28.213.7 – 15.024.4 – 25.70.7 – 3.3
29.523.9 – 25.233.0 – 34.321.6 – 22.930.0 – 31.30.7 – 3.3
30.720.3 – 21.626.9 – 28.218.5 – 19.824.4 – 25.70.7 – 3.3
30.718.0 – 19.328.4 29.716.3 – 17.625.9 – 27.20.7 – 3.3
33.819.8 – 21.131.5 – 32.818.0 – 19.328.7 – 30.00.7 – 3.3
36.323.4 – 24.731.5 – 32.821.3 – 22.628.7 – 30.00.7 – 3.3
36.320.8 – 22.133.5 – 34.818.8 – 20.130.5 – 31.80.7 – 3.3
38.125.1 – 26.433.5 – 34.822.9 – 24.230.5 – 31.80.7 – 3.3
39.122.9 – 24.236.6 – 37.920.8 – 22.133.3 – 34.60.7 – 3.3
39.626.9 – 28.238.4 – 39.724.4 – 25.735.1 – 36.40.7 – 3.3
40.922.1- 23.439.1 – 40.420.1 – 21.435.6 – 36.90.7 – 3.3
43.225.1 – 26.440.1 – 41.422.9 – 24.236.6 – 37.90.7 – 3.3
46.725.4 – 16.045.0 – 46.323.1 – 24.441.1 – 42.40.7 – 3.3

Smallest Working Laptops Size Charts (Inches)

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SizeWidthLengthInner frame WidthInner frame lengthThickness
6.44.3 – 4.85.8 – 6.33.9 – 4.45.2 – 5.70.3 – 0.5
8.95.0 – 5.58.4 – 8.94.5 – 5.07.6 – 8.10.3 – 0.5
10.65.8 – 6.310.1 – 10.65.2 – 5.79.2 – 9.70.3 – 0.5
11.16.0 – 6.510.6 – 11.15.4 – 5.99.6 – 10.10.3 – 0.5
11.69.4 – 9.913.0 -13.58.5 – 9.011.8 – 12.30.3 – 0.5
12.18.0 – 8.510.6 – 11.17.3 – 7.89.6 – 10.10.3 – 0.5
12.17.1 – 7.611.2 – 11.76.4 – 6.910.2 – 10.70.3 – 0.5

Smallest Working Laptops Size Charts (CM)

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SizeWidthLengthInner frame WidthInner frame lengththickness
16.310.9 – 12.214.7 – 16.09.9 – 11.213.2 – 14.50.7 – 1.27
22.612.7 – 14.021.3 – 22.611.4 – 12.719.3 – 20.60.7 – 1.27
26.914.7 – 16.025.7 -27.013.2 – 14.523.4 – 24.70.7 – 1.27
28.215.2 – 16.526.9 – 28.213.7 – 15.024.4 – 25.70.7 – 1.27
29.523.9 – 25.233.0 – 34.321.6 – 22.930.0 – 31.30.7 – 1.27
30.720.3 – 21.626.9 – 28.218.5 – 19.824.4 – 25.70.7 – 1.27
30.718.0 – 19.328.4 – 29.716.3 – 17.625.9 – 27.20.7 – 1.27

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 17-inch laptop too big for work?

No. 17-inch laptop size is one of the biggest laptop sizes found on the market. They generally have a standard screen resolution and excellent display. This size is ideal for any kind of work. however, if your work requires constant movement within the day and you need your laptop to complete every task, the size may become a disadvantage.

Also, you should note that the size of this laptop determines the size of the bag you’ll use to move them around. But the upside is that they come with some of the best specifications, especially budget laptops. You also have a larger display for graphics work, multiple card slots, excellent performance, Impressive battery life, and a lot more.

While size may not determine the quality of your laptop, it contributes to the user experience in many ways. 17 inches laptop is not too big for work but it may also not be the best laptop for every kind of work. Check the size charts above for more information on the dimension and resolutions of various laptops.

Check out this video to learn more about laptop sizes

Best Laptop Screen Size? 13” vs 15” vs 17” by Jarrod’s Tech

Is a 14-inch laptop too small for work?

If you are into administrative work and presentation, 14 inches laptop is not too small, especially if you’ll have to carry it with you always. Programmers may also find 14 inches laptops great for the nature of their work. . However, graphics artists and game developers wouldn’t enjoy a 14 inches laptop for several reasons.

One is the small screen size that affects the rendering of their work. Also, 14 inches laptop may not work for anyone who designs 3D imagery, unless it comes with a touch screen functionality that allows you to scale the images at will. It is best that people in graphics design and computer imagery opt for high-performance laptops such as Gaming laptops with a larger screen and excellent graphics performance.

Various laptop brands put so much work into designing aesthetically appealing laptops no matter the size. Another thing to keep in mind is that the size of your laptop also determines the price range. The base prices of smaller laptops are often lesser than larger ones.

Which laptop size is best suited for office work?

Popular work laptop sizes range from 11″ to 17″. Also from mini laptops to high-resolution wide-screen laptops of about 18″ screen size. The most important thing is the specifications and budget. Size only matters where mobility is the key determiner. If your work takes you around a lot, then, 11″ – 13″ ultraportable laptops with high-end specifications would work best.

However, you may not get high processing power or a high-performance laptop of that size. If you prioritize specifications over mobility, laptops of 13″ to 17 inches laptops often come with better resolutions, HD screens, processing speed, backup batteries, touchscreen displays, high graphic design capability, etc, but at an extra cost.

Also, you need to consider how you’ll move your work laptop from one location to another, especially for professionals. Most professionals don’t like moving about with large bags. 13″ to 17″ laptops are quite sizeable and you would require larger bags to conveniently move them around. Put this into consideration when you’re making your buying decision.

Also, consider your price. Size sometimes determines whether you’ll be buying a premium laptop or a cheap laptop.

Is a 13-inch laptop too small for work?

No. But in some cases, it would be inadequate. for example, if you are working in the graphics field or you do a lot of design jobs, a 13″ screen would be too small for your jobs, unless you are using a touch screen function. People in architectural fields and real estate who need to show a 3D rendering of designs and properties, or engineers showing schematic designs for prototypes may also find these laptops quite small.

A 13 inches laptop would be ideal for calculations, light programming jobs, text handling, a business presentation that only involve slides, etc. Mobility is the essence of this laptop size. Some of them come with higher hours of battery life than most regular laptops, meaning you can use them for much longer periods without plugging them into a power source.

If you have your office in remote areas with unreliable power supply, they are these are the best bet. However, you may have to trade off key specifications and screen resolution for the size.

Is a 13 or 14-inch laptop better?

13″ or 14″ laptops are in the small or mini laptop to the average laptop size range. You’ll enjoy them because they are quite portable and can fit into most bag sizes. the downside, however, is that they lack several hardware features that come with regular laptops. for example, the popular 16-inch display laptop comes with a wide array of ports which are not available in the 13-inches laptop.

Also, some mini laptops don’t come with an inbuilt ethernet port, limiting their versatility in an office environment. Despite, the port and hardware limitations, these laptop sizes still work perfectly in office environments. Besides, you can purchase external hardware devices to make up for any piece of hardware that’s not factory installed.

There are external adaptors with plenty of ports where you can insert other hardware and install them for use. Interestingly, some 13 and 14 inches laptop come with detachable keyboards, which mean they double as tablets and computers. Check the size charts above for further details of laptop dimensions and resolution. It should help you make an informed purchase decision.

Which laptop screen size is best for the eyes?

In an actual sense, laptop size has little to do with the interaction of the screen with the eyes. One way to picture this is by getting a full understanding of how you use your phone. The size of the phone screen has nothing to do with its interaction with your eyes.

The quality of the display is the most important thing when it comes to selecting the best laptop for your eyes. You should look for a screen with the best resolution for your kind of sight. Remember that the quality of human sight is not the same. Resolutions of 1366 x 768 up to 1920 x 1080 on screens ranging from 13″ to 17″ are great for anyone, depending on the quality of your sight.

For engineers with steeper mobility needs, you can opt for smaller screens with optimized resolutions and touchscreen functions that allow you to scale the screen when necessary. Also, users with extreme eye conditions may need to meet an eye specialist for the best recommendation of screen size and resolutions that work best with their sight.

What is a normal-sized laptop for office work?

When choosing your ideal office laptop, there are three critical factors to keep in mind. The first is the purpose or the kind of work it’ll do. It determines the specs you’ll opt for when buying your work laptop. Second is the effect of the screen on your eyes, which determines the display quality.

The final factor is mobility and personal preference, which determines the size of the laptop to buy. laptop for office work can come in any size 13 inches to 17 inches. However, you’ll often find 15 inches laptop or 16 inches in most offices because it is versatile and easy to move around.

These sizes lie in the average range and provide the values of both mini and standard laptops. 11 inches and 12 inches laptops may work for personal use at the office but they are not ideal for long hours of work, especially if your work requires extended screen time. The small screen resolution may affect your sight if you don’t wear eye gear.

What is the most popular laptop size for work?

15 inches and 16 inches laptops are the most popular laptop sizes found in work environments. Their popularity comes from the fact that they have standard screen resolution, better specifications, and are quite portable. They are ideal for most office functions including streaming video, presentations, editing videos, etc.

Their standard sizes of 15-inch laptops give room for more USB ports than smaller-sized laptops like the 14-inch or smaller. They also grew in popularity because 15 inches is the size standard size of most laptop brands including Apple and Dell. Similarly, 13″ and 14″ inches are quite popular with engineers working in remote locations where priority is placed on mobility and hours of battery life. larger laptops have Shorter battery life due to their hardware components.

Buyers still prefer the 15 and 16 inches laptops because they come at affordable prices, and they are often budget travel laptops. They are also some of the lightest laptops you’ll find. Yet they have all the specs of standard powerful laptops like a touch Bar, USB ports, comfortable keyboard, backlit keyboard, quad-core processors, HD screen, etc.


Deciding on the best laptop size for work should not be narrowed only to lightweight design or the diagonal measurement of the screen. . Size alone doesn’t determine the power and effectiveness of a laptop. Consider buying laptops that provide you with all the tools you need for your work, including software and hardware, and Excellent battery life.

As a rule of thumb, if your work requires consistent transit, as explained above, you may opt for smaller-sized or lightweight laptops. Laptops below 13” sizes are ideal for such needs because they are usually portable and handy. Laptops of above 13” inches work best for most kinds of work, including graphics and design jobs.

If you have any questions about the best laptop size for your work or office needs, leave them in the comment section and remember to share the article and get the information to others that will benefit from it.

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