Playstation 5 Size: Dimensions, Weight and Box Comparison

This article on PlayStation 5 Size offers details about the dimensions of Sony’s PlayStation 5 and other specifications and solutions to some of the most frequently asked topics on the web.

Playstation 5 size chart: Why is the PS5 so big?

Why is the PS5 console so big? Many PlayStation fans noticed the size difference between the PlayStation 5, the fastest-selling PlayStation, and previous models. The right controller size is crucial to ensuring that you can play the game comfortably over time. Those with large hands prefer larger console games because smaller consoles can tire the hands. For consoles, the size will determine how much space it will take up wherever you decide to set it up. Thus, It is best to already have an idea of its size before making a purchase.

Playstation 5 dimensions and specs summary:

  • Height: 15.4” – 390 mm
  • Width: 4.1” – 104 mm (Base); 3.6” | 92 mm (Digital)
  • Depth: 10.2″ – 260 mm
  • Resolution (Max): 7680 x 4320 px (8K UHD)
  • Weight: 9.9 lb – 4.5 kg (Base); 8.6 lb | 3.9 kg (Digital)
  • Storage: 825 GB
  • Fast and simple console UI navigation
  • Haptic feedback
  • external USB storage device compatibility
  • improved storage space (internal storage drive that allows for expansion)
  • compatibility updates with distinct generations
  • sleek console design
Playstation 5 Size and dimensions
Playstation 5 Size and dimensions Image Source:

After around 4 years since the release of the PS base version and the release of Pocket Station, the company released the eagerly anticipated PS 5 in 2020 in North America. When the PlayStation 5 first came out, being the biggest console launch, it was favorably welcomed, with many people applauding it for its updated controller and system layout. It quickly became one of the best-selling video game consoles, selling millions of console units, remaining one of fastest selling console games today.

Sony was not well known for creating computer games before 1991 because it only provided components such as disc drive components and optical disc drives to other gaming firms. However, following a disastrous contract with Nintendo, the corporation made the decision to fully enter the video game market, going past merely creating gaming drive hardware (skip straight to the PlayStation 5 Size Chart). 

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Table of Content of Playstation 5 Size Guide

PlayStation 5 Size Chart

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Find the full Playstation 5 dimensions in Cms, inches, kilos and Lbs

PS 5 TypeHeight (in, mm)Width (in, mm)Thickness (in, mm)Weight (kg, lb)
PS 5 Console4.1’’ 104mm15.4’’ 390mm10.2’’ 260mm4.5kg 9.9lbs
PS 5 Digital Version3.6’’ 92mm390mm10.2’’ 260mm3.9kg 8.6lbs
PS 5 Controller (Dual Sense Controller)4.2’’ 106mm6.3’’ 160mm2.6’’ 280mm0.2kg 0.6lbs

PlayStation 5 Other Specifications

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Internal Storagecustom-built 825 GB solid-state drive (expansion enabled)
External Hardwareglossy, black case sandwiched between a pair of warped, matte-white plastic plates
CPU Cores8  
GPU Clock Speed22330.0MHz
Cuda Cores36
CPU Speed3.5GHz with improved console refreshes  
RAM Storage16GB
ColorBlack, White
Touch DisplayNo
Console ControllerDualSense Controller Hands-On Livestream compatible
3D SupportYes
Controller SpeakerYes (hardware controller speaker) (has ports for compatibility with external speakers)
Resolutions Supported2160p 4320p
Backward CompatibilityYes (equipped with compatibility to previous generations)
Port with USBYes, several ports with USB (USB-C ports) External hardware storage compatibility and power ports (Super-Speed USB 10Gbps) ports
Audio PortsStandard version audio ports (3.5mm) (Bluetooth 5.1 for Bluetooth speakers and wireless headsets)
BluetoothYes (Bluetooth 5.1)

How to Measure Your Space for a PlayStation 5

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Before buying the PlayStation 5, it is best to determine your required capacity. The PlayStation 5 can grow quite hot when used for extended periods, which you should be aware of because it happens to many other electronic gadgets and gaming systems.

Therefore, providing about 10 to 15 inches of space between the console and any other electrical or non-electronic devices and power ports is crucial to ensure that your PS 5 receives enough cooling air and that those other devices are not damaged by the heat it emits.

Therefore, you should create a 24 x 35 x 30-inch room for your PS 5. This ensures that the console gets enough breathing air and allows 10 inches of room on each side, keeping it from deteriorating over time.

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Learn more about Playstation 5 in this review (video)

Playstation 5 Long Term Review – Even Better With Time! by MinimalisTech

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the size difference between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 Consoles and Controllers?

The dimensions of the consoles are 10.8 x 12 x 2.09 inches for the PlayStation 4 and 4.1 x 15.4 x 10.2 inches for the PlayStation 5. Their respective controllers measure 10.8 x 12 x 2.09 inches (DualShock 4) and 4.1 x 15.4 x 10.2 inches (DualSense Controller Hands-On Livestream). The PS 5 weighs roughly 4.5kg, compared to the PS 4’s approximate 2.8kg weight. Both controllers are wired with power ports.

The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 differ significantly from one another. Since many people had thought the latest version would be smaller than the older version, the PlayStation 5 is one of the biggest game consoles, bigger than the previous generation. Both the game consoles and controllers exhibit this difference.

Why is the PlayStation 5 so big? PS models compared
Why is the PlayStation 5 so big? PS models compared

What is the release date for Play Station 5 pro?

The release date for Play Station 5 pro is not known yet. Although, it is speculated that it will be released in 2023.

What’s the size difference between PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 pro?

Although the PlayStation 5 Pro hasn’t yet been released—Sony has said it will—many fans are already checking out for what specifications it will have. Its size is one important feature that everyone is mentioning.

Due to Sony’s extreme secrecy, many of the PlayStation 5 pro’s specifications are currently unknown to the general public. However, it is thought to be a virtual reality game and will have a next-gen console therefore it may include consoles and controllers that are much larger than those seen in the PlayStation 5.

PS5 Size Comparison: Playstation 5 size vs PS4 vs XBOX X and XBOX ONE
Playstation 5 size vs PS4 vs XBOX X and XBOX ONE

What’s the size difference between Xbox and PlayStation 5?

Compared to the PlayStation 5, the Xbox and Xbox X are both smaller consoles. Compared to the PlayStation 5’s 4.0 x 15.4 x 10.2 inches, their measurements are 6.0 x 12.0 x 6.0 inches and 3.0 x 11.0 x 6.0 inches. The Xbox wireless controller, which is used by both the Xbox S and Xbox X, comes in a variety of sizes. Its measurements are 4 x 2.47 x 6 inches, while the Dual Sense official controller for the PlayStation 5 is 6.3 x 4.2 x 2.6 inches. The controller for the freshly launched Xbox games is obviously considerably smaller than that of the PlayStation 5.

Since Xbox is currently PlayStation’s main competitor, many consumers compare Xbox’s specifications to PlayStation’s before making a purchase. The Xbox S and Xbox X, which were just released, are the most equivalent to the PlayStation 5.

How big is a PlayStation 5 box?

When transporting your PS5 box, it is important to know how much space it will require. Usually, the best option when shipping the PS 5 is to re-use the box in which it came in. The box measures 18.5 x 7 x 18.7 inches. For protection, you should place this in a 20 x 20 x 10 shipping box along with some bubble wrap when transporting it.

How much space do you need for Play Station 5?

In addition to being significantly bigger than other recently released gaming systems, the PlayStation 5 needs enough space to breathe wherever it is placed and shouldn’t be crowded too closely with other electronic or non-electronic devices.

Always leaving a space of between 10 and 15 inches on either side of the gaming console is a decent rule of thumb. This is because the console will frequently become warm after playing for an extended period of time; therefore, to ensure that it receives enough air and that the heat does not damage other devices in the home, place it in a separate area far enough away from other objects.


I hope you have found this Play Station 5 article to be helpful. For many gamers, the dimensions of consoles and controllers are crucial. The proper controller size is crucial to ensuring that you can play the game comfortably over time. Wherever you decide to set up a console, its size will define how much room it will require.

The PS 5 is vastly different from the PS base version. Compatibility with external USB storage device (external storage hardware), Internal storage space (internal storage drive that allows expansion), control center, compatibility updates with distinct generations, cable (Super-Speed USB 10Gbps) ports with USB, improved console refreshes, custom-built 825 GB solid-state drive, access to PlayStation store, and sleek console design are just a few of the game’s well-known features.

Thanks to these features, the game is one of the fastest-selling consoles among the consoles released by Sony, and a best-selling video game console across the world,  selling millions of console units.

This page on Play Station 5 Size gave details about the dimensions of Sony’s Play Station 5 which was released in 2020 in North America, as well as other specifications and solutions to some of the most frequently asked issues on the internet. Please leave a comment in the space below; we’d love to hear from you. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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