VR Headsets Size, a full guide for standalone, phone, thetered models

What are VR Headsets and why is a good VR Headset size important?

Virtual reality is a digital environment with objects and footage that make the user have immersive experiences in 3D by use of either virtual reality headsets or head-mounted displays.

The main purpose of a VR headset is to enable the user to be fully engrossed in the visual experience and detached from the real world.

Types of VR headsets.

Tethered headset(high-end headset) – this type of headset is connected to computers by use of cables a USB or HDMI. In addition, they deliver a high-quality experience. some of the examples are HTC Vive pro, oculus rift, and Sony PlayStation VR.

Standalone headset – it uses battery technology and one has to create an account in order to access the Vr platforms available. Since it’s a wireless device it allows movement from one place to another. However, they are less powerful and produce quality graphics. Examples are Lenovo solo mirage and pico neo.

Smartphone headsets – they use smartphones for the virtual reality experience. the smartphone is placed on a headset and the central display is in front of the individual’s eyes with a set of lenses. However, it is very expensive therefore a cheaper device is the handheld VR headset or Google cardboard. 

VR headsets have a range of applications, depending on the purpose for your purchase size is one of the major factors to consider. A head strap should of the right measurement not too tight or loose to give comfortability to the user when they’re using it for longer hours.

Moreover, the size of the screen of different devices not only affects the screen resolution and advanced sensors that come with it but also the type of headset you pick since the size of the phone is a necessity.

Comparison table of various VR Headsets Size

The table below illustrates the different types of VR headsets available and their functionalities.

 Google cardboard 2.0Oculus riftHTC ViveSamsung HMD OdysseyHolo lens
Type With mobile phone Headset with a PCHeadset with a PCHeadset with a PCStandalone device
Platform Android, iOSOculus homeSteam VR, viveportWindows mixed realityWindows 10
Resolution Smartphone resolution2160 * 12002160 * 12002880 * 16001268 * 720
Display typeSmartphone displayOLEDOLEDAMOLEDSee-through holographic lenses
Field of view90 degrees110 degrees110 degrees110 degrees35 degrees
Sense of immersionMedium Medium-high Medium-highMedium-highLow 
Multiple concurrent usersNo Yes YesYesYes
Controller Magnet Oculus Touch, Xbox oneVive controller, PC compatible gamepadSamsung HMD odysseyGaze, gesture, voice
Head trackingNo (stereo panorama)Outside-in TrackingOutside-in TrackingInside-out tracking Inside-out tracking
Primary input deviceNo Controllers ControllersControllersGaze and gesture
Portability and setupEasy Medium Hard Medium Easy 
Size comparison of VR headsets
Size comparison of VR headsets by New Atlas

VR Headset size table

The table below shows the approximate size of different VR headsets.

High-end electronic devices or headsetsLength size in millimeters and inchesWidth size in millimeters and inchesHeight size in millimeters and inches
Oculus rift184 millimeters 7.2 inches114 millimeters 4.4 inches89 millimeters 3.5 inches
Samsung Gear VR208 millimeters 8.1 inches123 millimeters 4.8 inches99 millimeters 3.8 inches
Sony PlayStation 187 millimeters 7.3 inches277 millimeters 10.9 inches185 millimeters 7.2 inches

How to Choose the Right VR Headsets Size

When purchasing a VR Headset for either video games or watching movies there are a number of factors to consider first, the type of headset, the price, the hardware specs, screen resolution, and the size of the VR headset.

How to measure your head for a VR headset

With advanced technologies from a VR headset with cables to a wireless device for a better experience. To find the best fit for your head one has to adjust the straps.

First, hold the straps from the backside and hold the plastic sliders. The sliders will adjust the circumference of the straps from smaller size to larger size and vice versa when they are moved.

Place it on your head and place the display part against your face and the straps on the back, once you have the approximate size you can either loosen or tighten the straps until you find the comfortable fit for you.

How to measure your VR headset for your phone size

The mobile headsets have an affordable buying experience and are a basic option for virtual reality. There is a number of components to be considered for the VR headset to fit the phone you have for example focal length – smartphones with larger screen sizes give a larger field of view and a better experience.

IPD adjustment –  adjusting the distance between the eyes will help to see the screen size clearer.

lens and display adjustment – the size of the phone display and the lens needs to be adjusted in order for a sharper image focus

the VR box must have the right heat dissipation tool to avoid excess heat that might injure the human vision. 

Find all Iphone Dimensions here, Samsung Galaxy Sizes are discussed here.

What size phone fits in a VR Headset?

With the rising age of smartphones with advanced features, several companies like Google and Samsung developed high-end devices that are compatible with their phone models that enable users to experience the virtual reality world.

The google cardboard style headset supports certain types of android phones and iPhones. It has an affordable price but the quality display and screen resolution are low.

VR Headset sizing explained

Headsets sizes for VR by Juan Camacho


Virtual reality technology enables the users to experience the 3D images in a prerecorded 360-degree video therefore one can maneuver that environment like in a normal world.

In addition, traditional devices used in the older days of virtual reality had tethered hardware that was expensive and bulky headsets but nowadays with the development in the headset industry advanced VR-enabled smartphones have spread into the consumer market.

VR headsets come in various designs and size therefore choosing the type you want one has to consider the size of the phone and measurement of your head to fit the headset of your choice.

Other additional features include positional tracking, resolution display controllers, and many more. Therefore many manufacturers develop their headsets to suit the needs of the user, some famous brands are the Oculus Quest 2, Valve Index just to name a few.

In summary, apart from the gaming and movie industry, headsets have a broad adoption and have ventured into other fields like medicine and the military. For medical students, they are trained on how to perform surgery in preparation for real work while in the military the soldiers use it as a mechanism to improve their skills in a non-violent environment with no weapons.

The future of virtual reality headsets is wide with developments in industries by researchers wanting to create headsets that are of a much smaller size like eyeglasses. The lenses will be thinner and holographic films will be used to focus the images to the eyes and are not bulky devices, unlike the common ones in order to provide user comfortability. If the Facebook company holographic prototype becomes a reality it will be revolutionary to the virtual reality world.

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