Xbox Controller Size Guide and Tips by Model

Microsoft engineers started experimenting with video game consoles to compete with Sony’s Play Station 2. The first Xbox was introduced to the market in 2001 by the Xbox design lab and Xbox game studios. The size of a good Xbox controller does matter for optimal game experience. Xbox design lab and Xbox game studios are the Microsoft division head for producing Xbox video games. Nintendo switch pro, and PlayStation were their main rivals at the time in the video game industry. They have since risen to become one of the best-selling console companies in the world (skip straight to the Xbox Controller Size).

Xbox Controller Size Guide and Tips by model
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The Xbox 360 replaced the previous model in 2006 and was succeeded by the Xbox One X in 2013, the Xbox One S in 2016, and the Xbox  S series and X series in 2020. 

The Xbox games have some unique features, including the Xbox game pass ultimate (or console bundles), the Xbox live, Vox Media, Xbox support, wireless controller adapter, oculus VR, gamer network, Xbox news, and Xbox Live Gold.

The game hardware also has some great features including long battery life and robust battery compartment, directional vibration, share button, Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One controllers, sturdy controller buttons, USB-C connector and USB-C Cable, and Xbox wireless adapter (such as Xbox one wireless controller).

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In addition, Xbox games have compatibility with stereo headset adapters and virtual reality headsets, monaural headsets, chat Headsets, and special controller devices (such as accessibility controllers).

One element that many players look for is the size of the Xbox controller. It’s crucial to choose a controller that complements your hand size. Larger controllers are necessary for people with larger hands because smaller controllers may hurt after extended use. This page on Xbox controller size offers details on the different sizes of Xbox controllers.

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Table of Content of Xbox Controller Sizing

Xbox Controller Size

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Xbox TypeYear of ReleaseHeight (in, mm)Width (in, mm)Thickness (in, mm)Weight (kg, lb)
Xbox Controller20015.5’’ 139.7mm7’’ 177.8mm2.7’’ 68.6mm0.55kg 1.21lbs
Xbox 360’s controller20034.13’’ 105mm6.05’’ 154mm2.41’’ 61.3mm0.27kg 0.6lbs
Xbox One Elite Controller20134.01’’ 101.9mm6.02’’ 152.9mm2.4’’ 61mm0.28kg 0.62lbs
Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series20154.1” 101.9mm6” 152.4mm2.45” 62mm0.28kg 0.6lbs
Xbox wireless controller (Xbox series X and S)20204’’ 101.6mm6’’ 152.4mm2.47’’ 62.7mm0.29kg 0.64lbs

Learn more about different Xbox Controllers sizes (video)

Xbox Series X Controller: First Impressions by ShortCircuit

Frequently Asked Questions

What size do batteries go in an Xbox one controller?

The Xbox wireless controller for Xbox one frequently requires batteries because it is not equipped with cable ports such as the USB cable in Nintendo Switch or PlayStation. Choosing the proper battery is crucial to ensure that the Xbox wireless controller can operate for a long period before needing a battery change. The play and rechargeable battery pack and AA (LR6) batteries are your two best options for Xbox controllers.

Even though they are effective, AA batteries are not the most cost-effective option because they eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Because the rechargeable battery pack enables you to recharge the battery after it has run out rather than having to replace the battery entirely, many gamers prefer to utilize it instead. All batteries are inserted into the battery compartment found on the rear end of the controller.

Using batteries in your Xbox Wireless Controller - Xbox Battery Size
Using batteries in your Xbox Wireless Controller – Xbox Battery Size

What size battery does Xbox 360’s controller use?

Like the Xbox one elite wireless controller, the Xbox 360 is powered by batteries as it is not equipped with cable ports or wires. The Xbox 360’s rechargeable battery pack or single-use AA batteries are recommended for your controllers’ lifetime. Although it initially costs more than AA batteries, the rechargeable battery pack is the most cost-effective option. Over time, the AA batteries will require more frequent replacement over the Xbox 360 rechargeable kit over time. 

Instead of needing to replace the batteries when they run out, you can recharge them using the Xbox 360’s rechargeable pack. The Xbox 360 rechargeable pack is recommended when purchasing rechargeable batteries since AA rechargeable batteries can damage your Xbox controller.

Both AA batteries and rechargeable batteries can be inserted into the battery compartment. The battery compartment for 360 can be found on the rear of the controller.

Is there a smaller Xbox one controller?

The Xbox One Elite Controller is quite compact compared to the Xbox controller from the first generation; it is the smallest controller made to date. Some users continue looking for smaller controllers that work with the Xbox one.

If you want smaller controllers for your Xbox console, you can buy third-party controllers that are compatible with the Xbox games. Razer Wolverine V2, Nintendo switch pro controller, and PowerA Fusion elite gamer are two examples of these third-party controllers. It is important to note that while these consoles are often compatible with the Xbox games, they may lack some key Xbox features such as better battery life, compatibility with virtual reality headset devices, wireless controller adapter, USB-C connector, special controller, and Oculus VR. 

Xbox Wireless Controllers compared | Xbox
Xbox Wireless Controllers compared | Xbox

Is there a bigger Xbox one controller?

The Xbox One controller is the smallest controller the business has ever produced. However, many gamers with larger hands look for larger controllers because small controllers can get uncomfortable with time. The Xbox S series controller, which is larger than the Xbox one controller and includes backward compatibility, is one alternative that is compatible with the Xbox One console. 

What size are Xbox one controller screws?

The best course of action if your Xbox controller is damaged is to have it repaired by a technician. However, many folks choose to build their own devices from scratch. You must purchase the proper screws if you need to replace the screws on your own.

T8 Star Tamper Torx screws on the board and T10 Star Tamper Torx screws on the outside shell are used to assemble the Xbox One controller.

What size audio jack on Xbox one controller?

The Xbox One controller has a standard 3.5mm audio jack, just as those of other well-known rivals. To improve their gaming experience, gamers can purchase headphones or earphones with 3.5mm jacks.

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The engineers at Microsoft started experimenting with video game consoles to compete with Sony’s Play Station 2 and stand on par with it. A few months after its release, Xbox sold millions of units, and it is still a top choice among gamers today for various reasons.

These reasons include the many special features such as its elite wireless controller devices, Xbox One Elite, Xbox Wireless Controller, accessible control buttons, Elite gamer features, and improved controller buttons.

Powerful hardware contained in the Xbox consoles and Xbox wireless controllers ensures that the games have longer lifespans and are less likely to be prematurely damaged. It’s crucial to choose a controller that complements your hand size. The size of the Xbox controller is one characteristic many gamers look for because larger hands require larger controllers because smaller controllers may hurt after prolonged use.

The page above included details on the various Xbox controller sizes and responses to some of the most frequently asked questions on the web regarding Xbox controllers.

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