Snapchat Ads Size – Scale Your Business with the Right-Sized Ads

In short, with the right Snapchat ads size, you can be assured you will receive much traffic and increase your sales. Want to learn more about Snapchat ad sizes, let’s start with the basic dimensions of the ads having a Width of 1080 pixels, a Height of 1920 pixels and an aspect ratio of 9:16

Size charts academy: An aspect ratio is made of two numbers separated by a colon, the first number being the image’s width and the second its height. For example, an aspect ratio of 0.56:1 means the image’s width is 0.56 times the size of its height. To eliminate decimals in this ratio, you can write it as 9:16 instead. A 9:16 ratio a snapchat image where the height of image is 0.56 times the width of that image

Snapchat Ads Size - Scale Your Business with the Right-Sized Ads
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Table of Content of Snapchat Ads Dimensions


Snapchat is meeting the need of the hour for most businesses. According to Statista, Snapchat boasted 428 million active users globally in 2021. The platform continues to attract a massive audience which is lucrative for companies in different industries. Thanks to Snapchat’s advertising options, you can place your proposal for prospective customers.

So, what are Snapchat Ads?

Snapchat ads refer to any content (image or video) that users utilize to trade an idea, service, or product. They are usually appealing visuals that influence the decision of your target audience to buy from you or your client if you’re an influencer. 

There are six types of Snapchat ads, including Snap Ads, Filters, Lenses, Story ads, Product Ads, and Commercials. These leverage distinct visuals, for instance, images and videos. 

Why is a good Snapchat ads size important?

To get optimum benefits from Snapchat ads, you need to create high-quality visuals, whether you decide to use images or videos. Wondering how you can accomplish flawless Snapchat ads? Snapchat offers you the exact dimensions you can apply in each ad type to create an enhanced customer experience.

Let’s delve in!

Snapchat ads size chart
Snapchat ads size chart

Snapchat Ads Size Chart

Width 1080 pixels 11.25 inches
Height1920 pixels 20 inches
Maximum Ad Length10 seconds 0.166667 mins
Maximum Size32 MB 0.03125 GB
Top Margin150 pixels 1.56 inches
Bottom Margin150 pixels 1.56 inches
Side Margin64 pixels 0.67-inches
Audio Sample Rate48 kHz 0.048 MHz

Snap Ads Chart Size

DimensionsFull Screen CanvasLengthFile SizeAudio Sample Rate
Top Snap Ads1080 x 1920 px 11.25 x 20.00 inch3 -10 secs 0.05 – 0.166667 mins32 MB 0.03125 GB48 kHz 48000 Hz
Web View Ads1080 x 1920 px 11.25 x 20.00 inch3 -10 secs 0.05 – 0.166667 mins32 MB or less 0.03125 GB48 kHz 48000 Hz
App Install Ads1080 x 1920 px 11.25 x 20.00 inch3 -1 0 secs 0.05 – 0.166667 mins32 MB or less 0.03125 GB48 kHz 48000 Hz
Deep Link Ads1080 x 1920 px 11.25 x 20.00 inch3 -10 secs 0.05 – 0.166667 mins32 MB 0.03125 GB48 kHz 48000 Hz

Snap ads utilise a 9:16 aspect ratio for perfect fit on mobile devices. So, when creating snap ad video content, it’s essential to observe these ratio limits and the file type requirements.

Snapchat Ad Types Sizes

Snapchat Ad TypeFile FormatResolutionFile SizeVideo Length
Image AdsJPG, JNG1080 X 1920 px 11.25 x 20.00 inch5 MB 0.005 GB
Video AdsMP4, H.264 encoded1080 x 1920 px 11.25 x 20.00 inch1 GB 0.001 GB3 – 180 secs 0.05 – 3 mins
Filter AdsPNG1080 x 2340 px 11.25 x 24. 38 inch300 KB 0.3 GB
Geofilter AdsPNG1080 x 2340 px300 B or less 0.3 GB or less 
Story AdsMP4, JPG, PNG1080 x 1920 px 11.25 x 20.00 inch3 – 180 secs 0.05 – 3 mins
Collection AdsJPG, MP4, MOV1080 x 1920 px 11.25 x 20.00 inch3-180 secs 0.05 – 3 mins
Commercial AdsMP4, MOV,1080 x 1920 px3 – 180 secs 0.05 – 3 mins

Snapchat Ads Video Size

Snapchat Video SpecsRecommended DimensionsMax Video File SizeSnapchat Ads Length
Single Video Ad1080 x 1920 px 11.25 x 20.00 inc32 MB 0.032 GB3 – 10 secs 0.05 – -.166667 mins
Long-Form Video Ad1080 x 1920 px 11.25 x 20.00 inch1000 MB 1 GB3-180 seconds 0.05 – 3 mins

Social Media platforms Video Ads Comparison Chart Size

Social Media AdRecommende SizeMin WidthMax Video LengthMax File SizeMax Frame
Facebook Video (Feed) Ad1280 x 720 px 13.3 x 7.5 inch600 px 6.25 inch14400 secs 240 mins4 GB 4000 MB30 fps 9.144 m/s
Instagram Video Ad600 x 600 px 6.25 x 6.25 inch600 px 6.25 px60 secs 1 min4 GB 4000 MB30 fps 9.144 m/s
Twitter Horizontal Videos 1280 x 1024 px 13.3 x 7.5 inch32 px 0.333 inch140 secs 2.33 mins0512 GB 512 MB40 fps 12.192 m/s
Snapchat Single Video Ad1080 x 1920 px 11.25 x 20.00 inch10 secs 0.167 mins0.032 GB 32 MB
YouTube Video Ad426 x 240 px 4.4 x 2.5 inch 3840 x 2160 px 40 x 22.5 inch240 px 2.5 inch43200 secs 720 mins128 GB 128000MB
LinkedIn Video Ad1440 x 1080 px 15.00 x 11.25 inch360 px 3.75 inch1800 secs 30 mins0.2 GB 200 MB30 fps 9.144 m/s
Pinterest Video Ad600 x 600 px 6.25 x 6.25 inch 600 x 900 px 6.25 x 9.38 inch240 px 2.5 inch1800 secs 30 mins2 GB 2000 MB25 fps 7.62 m/s
Ultimate Social Ad Specs & Size Guide - Comparison chart of Ads on social media channels
Comparison chart of Ads on social media channels

How to be successful with Snapchat Ads (Size)

Success with Snapchat Ads explained by Andrew Ethan Zeng

How To Choose the Right Snapchat Ads Size 

Whether you are creating single image or snap ad stories, Snapchat ads size app demands top-quality visuals. This helps you attract large audience sizes, improving your site engagement rates. The app has both image and video guidelines to help you create the right snapchat ads.

With the following Snapchat ads size best practices you can be assured your Snapchat Ads will have a great outcome

Know Your Audience

Typically, you have to learn your audience before developing ads for any social media platform. Whether Instagram stories, Facebook stories, Google ads, or Snapchat single image or video. This enables you to add relevant image, video, story, or video sound that resonates with their needs.

One of the primary things you should know about Snapchat audience is that the app attracts individuals between 18 and 24 years old. Hence, you should create user stories with graphic elements relating to this generation. 

Follow the Asset Dimensions

Planning to create image or video ads for your start up? You can develop the best Snapchat ads by following the recommended resolution dimensions. For instance the storage aspect ratio for video feed and video max frames. This will produce perfect image and video ads for your business!

You should also follow other requirements such as audio specs as they enhance the braded content experience.

Define Your Business Goal

Before you create unskippable video ads or bumper video ads for your business’ Snapchat account, you should identify your  advertising goal. Do you want to improve your website’s traffic or improve your engagement rates? Once you identify your campaign goals, you can settle for an advertising cost and video formats that will help you accomplish them. 

Test and Optimize

Now that you have a clear advertising aim in mind, you need to create high resolution video ads that will appeal to your target audience. However, before you settle for a certain ad, you should try different demographics and creatives to evaluate which works best.

Professionals recommend you execute this action, especially if you’re uncertain about factors such as gender, age groups, location, interests, and imagery. 

Measure Results

Once you develop highest-resolution video ad or the right MB Carousel videos for your Snapchat ads, you may be tempted to relax. However, to evaluate the success of your single video asset, you must measure the results from all the display ads. You can obtain these information from the Delivery Metrics, Spend Metrics, and the conversion data. 

If you find the ads not effective, you can improve their performances by creating a catchy headline, attaching a destination URL or clickable hyperlinks, and crafting a clear Call To Action for your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Snapchat ad sizes

How many seconds does a Snapchat ad last?

Depending on the ad type you create, Snapchat ads last between 3 to 180 seconds. This is extremely low compared to other social media platforms like YouTube which boasts up to 12 hours of video ads. This Snapchat ad requirement determines the quality of your image and video ad, hence it’s essential to adhere to it.

How do you create a Snapchat ad?

To create a perfect snapchat ads size at home, you need to execute the following steps:

Step 1: Find the right template – Snapchat provides you with numerous ad types. You should view and evaluate them to select one that suits your audience and goal best.

Step 2: Cut and time your clips – Your scenes should be edited to fit the size and dimension requirements, for instance, the video resolution or vertical aspect ratio requirements. 

Step 3: Find the right music and ad creative – You need to identify the appropriate content from the music Snapchat app icon for each ad and add elements that will help you connect with your audience.

Step 4: Get the Ideal footage for your scene.

Step 5: Add texts or video captions to the scenes such as the story title.

What is letterboxing in Snapchat ads?

Letterboxing refers to colored rectangle boxes without animation, graphics, or text and lasts above 50% of the ads duration. 

Snapchat Ads sizes explained

Snapchat Ad Formats explained by Paid Media Pros


Snapchat is a great space for businesses and snapchat ads size agency to increase their revenue. With the right snapchat ads image size, you can attract a massive audience to your site, increasing your leads and sales.

This app also allows you to leverage snapchat ads size by country, helping you reach your targeted geographical area. Hence, you can improve your market share in different places. 

To obtain these impeccable results, you can follow the Snapchat ads size account requirements, for instance, pixel ratio, frame rate, and snapchat ads size API.

Having any Snapchat ads difficulties? Drop your questions in the comments below and we will help you get the solution!

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