Bra Size for Breast Implants – a Full Guide to Getting Your New Bra Size

For women and girls purchasing the wrong bra sizes isn’t a great wonder. It happens, but how can we ensure that you get a perfect bra size? How do you find the bra size for breast implants? Precisely, there is a size range for bra style depending on the different body types. Using our accurate sizing chart below, you will discover the standard sizing for bras.  You need to know your breast size first, measure it like explained below or read the breast size chart page.

Bra Size for Breast Implants - a Full Guide to Getting Your New Bra Size
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Discover the bra size chart, measurements, and fitting guide. Getting accurate bra sizing should never be a bother after reading this sizing guide. A general and international bra sizes and conversion guide you can find here

Choosing Right Size Breast Implants
Choosing Right Size Breast Implants

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Table of Content of Bra Sizes for Breast Implants

Measuring the Bra Size after having breast implants

a full body measurement size article you can read here

Using a flexible tailors tape measure, wrap it around the breast to get the bust size measurements, then use the tape measure to get the length below the breast which is called the band measurement or band size. 

          Bust Size minus Band Size = Cup Standard Size 

          Band Size add Cup Size = Bra Standard Size

If you have a larger bust size and a smaller band size you will get a larger cup size. 

For bust measurement and band size measurement using a tape measure, it is always important to consider the gap between the chest or from breast to breast to avoid loose measurement. 

1 inch or 2.54 cm = A Cup2 Inch or 5.08 cm  – B Cup3 Inch or 7.62 cm = C Cup4 Inch or 10.16 cm= D Cup
5 Inch or 12.7 cm= DD Cup6 Inch or 15.24 cm = DDD Cup7 Inch or 17.78 cm = F Cup8 Inch or 20.32 cm = G Cup
9 Inch or 22.86 cm = H Cup10 Inch or 25.4 cm= I Cup 11 Inch or 27.94 cm = J Cup12 Inch or 30.48 cm = K Cup

Bra size for breast implants charts

Bra Size Chart (Band) with International Comparison. 

The band size is a significant measure that helps get the perfect bra size for you. The international and European sizes can be compared to regular sizes in other countries using the sizing chart below!

Bra Band Size Chart
Under BustCorresponding Band Sizes
CMInchesJapan and South KoreaAustralia and New ZealandItalyFrance Spain BelgiumUnited KingdomUnited States of AmericaInternational and European
55 to 60 cm22 to 24 inches5540070262655
60 to 65 cm24 to 26 inches606075282860
65 to 70 cm26 to 28 inches658180303065
70 to 75 cm28 to 30 inches7010285323270
75 to 80 cm30 to 32 inches7512390343475
80 to 85 cm32 to 34 inches8014495363680
85 to 90 cm34 to 36 inches85165100383885
90 to 95 cm36 to 38 inches90186105404090
95 to 100 cm38 to 40 inches95207110424295
100 to 105 cm40 to 42 inches1002281154444100
105 to 110 cm42 to 44 inches1052491204646105
110 to 115 cm44 to 46 inches11026101254848110
115 to 120 cm46 to 48 inches11528111305050115
120 to 125 cm48 to 50 inches12030121355252120
125 to 130 cm50 to 52 inches12532131405454125
130 to 135 cm52 to 54 inches13034141455656130
135 to 140 cm54 to 56 inches13536151505858135
140 to 145 cm56 to 58 inches14038161556060140
145 to 150 cm58 to 60 inches14540171606262145
150 to 155 cm60 to 62 inches15042181656464150

Bra Cup Size Chart after implants with International Comparison. 

The cup average size is obtained by subtracting the band size from the bust size. The sizing chart below shows the bra cup size match for different countries with the international bra sizes.  

Bra Cup Size Chart 
 Under/Over Bust Difference in Inches and CM. Matching Cup Sizes
CMInchesJapan and South KoreaAustralia and New ZealandItalyFrance, Spain, and BelgiumUnited KingdomUnited States of AmericaEurope and International
0 to 12 cm0 to 30.48 inchesAAAAAAAAAAA
12 to 14 cm30.48 to 35.56 inchesBAAABBA
14 to 16 cm35.56 to 40.64 inchesB or CBBBB or CB or CB
16 to 18 cm40.64 to 45.72 inchesCCCCCCC
18 to 20 cm45.72 to 50.8 inchesDDDDDDD
20 to 22 cm50.8 to 55.88 inchesEDDEEDDE/DDE
22 to 24 cm55.88 to 60.96 inchesFEFFEF/DDDF
24 to 26 cm60.96 to 66.04 inchesF or GFGGE or FF/DDD or G/DDDDG
26 to 28 cm66.04 to 71.12 inchesGGHHFG/DDDDH
28 to 30 cm71.12 to 76.2 inchesHHIIFFHI
30 to 32 cm76.2 to 81.28 inchesIIJJGIJ
32 to 34 cm81.28 to 86.36 inchesJJKKGGJK
34 to 36 cm86.36 to 91.44 inchesJ or KKLLGG or HJ or KL
36 to 38 cm91.44 to 96.52 inchesKLMMHKM
38 to 40 cm96.52 to 101.6 inchesLMNNHHLN
40 to 42 cm101.6 to 106.68 inchesMNOOJMO
42 to 44 cm106.68 to 111.76 inchesNOPPJJNP
44 to 46111.76 to 116.84 inchesN or OPRRJJ or KN or OR
46 to 48116.84 to 121.92 inchesORSSKOS
48 to 50121.92 to 127 inchesPSTTKKPT

What Size of implants will give the result I want?

This chart tells you what size to look for:

Cup size increaseBreast implants volume
Cup size A to Cup size B250 to 300 cc
Cup size A to Cup size C300 to 350 cc
Cup size A to Cup size D370 to 430 cc
Cup size B to Cup size C250 to 350 cc
Cup size B to Cup size D350 to 400 cc
Cup size B to Cup size DD400 to 450 cc
Cup size C to Cup size D300 to 350 cc
Cup size C to Cup size DD370 to 450 cc
Cup size C to Cup size E450 to 550 cc
Cup size D to Cup size DD300 to 400 cc
Cup size D to Cup size E450 to 600 cc

 Bra Size Chart for Breast Implants 

After breast surgery, the breast implant is larger than the natural breast. This will definitely affect the cup size. However, the band size remains the same as the band level always remains the same. The bust inch will change as well. For implant breast measure from the beginning of the breast to the cleavage, through the breast apex, to the end of the breast area with the tape measure parallel to the floor. Use the size chart below to determine your cup size. 

Breast Measurement32 Inches Band (81.28 cm) 27 to 28 inches or (68.58 to 71.12 cm) Rib Cage34 Inches Band (86.36 cm) 29 to 30 inches or (73 to76.2 cm) Rib Cage36 Inches Band (91.44 cm) 31 to 32 inches or (78.74 to 81.28 cm) Rib Cage38 Inches Band (96.52 cm) 33 to 34 inches or (83.82 to 86.36 cm) Rib Cage
13.5 inches  FULL DDDFULL DD
13 inches  DDDDD
12 inches DDDDDD
11 inchesDDDDDDC
10 inchesDDDCB
9 inchesDCBA
8 inchesCBA 
7.5 inchesFULL BFULL A  
7 inchesBA  
6.5 inchesFULL A   
6 inchesA     

Types of Bras for breast implants

Strapless bras 

It is the best for strapless, off-the-shoulder, or halter designs with colored and clear matching straps. 

Sports bras 

Sports bras are fit for comfort during physical activity for controlled breast movement. 

Wirefree bras. 

They are designed to support your breast without underwires. They are mostly used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

Other types of bras include first bras, push-up bras, underwire bras, maternity bras, and post-surgery bras. 

How do you know what size implant to choose?

Start with looking at pictures. Talk to friends or relatives who had a breast augmentation, what they think the best size would be might help. The desired volume will depend on the shape and size of your actual breasts, your frame and the size you want to achieve. From that size you will be able to figure out the Bra size for breast implants.

How soon after breast augmentation will I know my bra size

Bra size for breast implants by Rolando Morales, Jr MD, FACS, FICS


There you go! You may use these bra sizes chart for reference when shopping online. You’ll also find the bra size charts for breast implants. You’ll be able to find out which bras fit best for you by following these steps.

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