Bralette size Chart And Sizing Guide

Many women wish they could constantly wear a sports bra because of the added support and comfort. You are in luck if you are one of these women. With a bralette, you may enjoy the comfort and support of a sports bra while wearing a sexy piece of clothing appropriate to wear in public (skip straight to the bralette size chart and sizing guide).

However, like any other bra, you’ll want to ensure you obtain the right size for comfort and support, which might be difficult. You can quickly determine your bralette size with the help of a bralette chart and a sizing guide.

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Summary of bralette size

What is a Bralette?

The bralette is a low-maintenance, soft-cupped, wire-free replacement for the traditional bra. It’s a cross between a bra and a singlet, a sleeveless undergarment or vest worn by women and men in place of a shirt. It is thus often described as a bra without some components of the conventional bra.

The bralette provides the functions of a traditional bra with the added benefit of being socially appropriate to wear publicly. Previously, it was only worn by younger ladies with smaller busts. However, the generational divide is narrowing, and women of all ages and bust sizes now embrace the bralette as a fashionable complement to their everyday casual attire.

The bralette’s drawback is that it focuses more on style than support, making it an unsuitable choice for women of all sizes. Women with smaller busts, who require less support, are more likely to feel at ease wearing a bralette than women with bigger busts.

Features of a Bralette

The bralette is distinct from all other lingerie for various reasons. It comes in several styles and brands, so you should probably try it before purchasing one because not all designs are flattering to all body types. Generally, a bralette has the following features:

They are Wire Free

The bralette is wire-free is one of the main reasons women prefer it. This design makes the lingerie pleasant to wear, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding when the breasts are most vulnerable.

Some bralettes include broader bands at the bottom of the cup for wireless support, while others are worn under the bust.

They often provide very little Coverage

Another reason most women choose the bralette is that it conceals the most vital parts of the body while revealing gorgeous side boobs and many cleavages. Bralettes are frequently the best choice for ladies with smaller breasts because they require minimal coverage, to begin with.

Before heading out in a bralette, take a quick look in the mirror to avoid nip slips and ensure that all crucial portions are covered.

They are available in a variety of cup shapes

Bralettes are available in a wide range of cup forms and styles. The triangular cup design is the most popular, yet it’s best for women with smaller breasts. Round cups are generally recommended for bustier women since they provide more coverage and lessen the possibility of nip slips.

Bralette size Chart and Sizing Guide

BAND SIZE (in, cm)
CUP SIZE30” 76cm32” 81cm34” 86cm36” 91cm38” 96cm40” 101cm44” 109cm46” 116cm48” 121cm50” 126cm52” 131cm54” 136cm56” 141cm58” 146cm

What To Measure When Shopping for A Bralette

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Many women find shopping for bras and other types of lingerie challenging; this article seeks to make the process easier by assisting you in choosing the best bra size range for you.

There are many different bralettes on the market, but no matter which one you choose, you don’t want to go with a too big or too little size. A bralette that is too tight will be uncomfortable, dig into your flesh, and cause various health problems. On the other hand, a sloppy one will be unable to provide the necessary support.

To figure out which bralette size is right for you, you’ll need to know your bust size, band size, and cup volume.

Bust Measurement

Measure the largest part of your chest with the tape across your back at band level. Keep the measuring tape flat and parallel to the ground to avoid measurement errors in metric measurements.

Keep the tape horizontal and connected to your body by taking a deep breath in and out; it should not be too tight or fall off, round up the number to the following whole number in inches.

Band Measurement

Because the band measurement dictates how tightly your bralette wraps around your back, it’s critical. To get the best accurate measurement, use an unpadded bra and measure the circumference of the area below the center of your chest with a soft measuring tape.

Keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor while you’re around; you might need help from a buddy or a professional. Using the table below, convert your measurement to the proper band size and round the value to the following even number before converting to inches.

Rib Cage (in, cm)Band Measurement
26-27″ 66-68cm30
28-29″ 71-73cm32
30-31″ 76-78cm34
32-33″ 81-83cm36
34-37″ 86-93cm38
38-41″ 96-104cm40
42-43″ 106-109cm42
44-45″ 111-114cm44
46-47″ 116cm-119cm46
48-49″ 121-124cm48
50-51” 127-130cm50
52-53” 132-135cm52
54-55” 137-139cm54
55-56” 139-142cm56
57-58” 145-147cm58

Cup measurement

The most accurate technique to determine your cup size is subtracting your band size from your bust size. By doing so, you may determine the difference between your band and bust sizes and the letter cup corresponding to how high your breasts are lifted over your chest.

Use the table below to get your letter cup size after determining the difference between your bust and band.

Difference Between Bust & Band (in, cm)Cup Size
1″ 2.5cm
2″ 5cmB
3″ 7.5cmC
4″ 10cmD
5″ 12.5DD/E
6″ 15cmDDD/F
7″ 17.5cmG
8” 20cmH
9” 23cmI
10 25cmJ
11” 28cmK

Bra and Bralette Size Chart and Guide explained (video)

How to Measure Your Bra Size by wikiHow


I hope you find my bralette size chart instructions to be helpful. It’s crucial to remember that choosing the proper bralette is just as crucial as getting the right bra. A proper bralette should be snug but not too tight or too loose, allowing easy breathing.

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