Bra Size Chart

Gucci Bra size charts and fitting guide

Why it is important to know the right size before you buy a Gucci bra? Wearing the wrong bra size can make the day miserable. The wrong bra dimension would place pressure on the shoulders and chest making it painful to endure. Using the charts and guide below makes it easy to determine your ideal Gucci bra size. 


Sports bra plus size charts

A sports bra plus size should fit comfortably. The band should be snug around the ribcage without rubbing or touching your breast tissue. To check the fit, turn your body sideways and place two fingers between the band and breast. If you are unhappy with the fitting, look for a smaller band or cup size.


Breastfeeding Bra Size Chart – find your nursing bra size

A breastfeeding bra size chart will help you a great deal during your breastfeeding journey, which begins from the pregnancy stage. Many changes occur to the breasts during pregnancy and after pregnancy. Did you know, for example,  that breast size doubles or even triples after childbirth then slowly returns to normal size, several months of breastfeeding? Discover all nursing bra sizes…