Fantasie Size Charts

Fantasie is a British brand that manufactures lingerie and swimwear customized to every woman’s needs. Owned by Wacoal Europe, the company understands the essence of a perfectly fitting bra (skip straight to the Fantasie size charts).

That’s why it focuses on producing top-quality lingerie using exclusive fabric and styles to offer maximum comfort and support regardless of your body type. In addition, the company incorporates impeccable ergonomics to ensure your skin and body get the care it deserves.

Established in 1951, Fantasie has gathered positive feedback on its world-class bra and swimwear designs. From perfect sizing details, and skincare, to durability, the brand continues to amaze its clients.

Fantasie Size Charts
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So, why do I need a good Fantasie size for my bra or swimwear?

Every woman requires a unique bra size depending on their bust size. As a result, you must pick the current bra size to enjoy comfort and support. If you get a size smaller or larger than your ideal fit, you may have to endure the uncomfortable feel of compression or extra room.

Alternatively, you will have to make exchange requests which can be costly and time-consuming. This can be a hustle, wasting your resources and inconveniencing you from fitting your event dress.

You don’t have to experience this jostle; our guide offers you exhaustive sizing details, including bra size conversion metrics.

Let’s delve in!

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Fantasie Size Charts Table of Contents

Fantasie Size Chart

Fantasie Underwear Size Chart

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Alpha SizeAUS SizeWaistHip
XS825 – 26 in 63.5 – 66.0 cm35 – 36 in 88.9 – 91.4 cm
S1027 – 28 in 68.6 – 71.1 cm37 – 38 in 94.0 – 96.5 cm
M1229 – 30 in 73.7 – 76.2 cm39 – 40 in 99.1 – 101.6 cm
L1431 – 32 in 78.7 – 81.3 cm41 – 42 in 104.1 – 106.7 cm
XL1633 – 34 in 83.8 – 86.4 cm43 – 44 in 109.2 – 111.8 cm
2XL1835 – 36 in 88.9 – 91.4 cm45 – 46 in 114.3 – 116.8 cm
3XL2037 – 38 in 94.0 – 96.5 cm47 – 48 in 119.4 – 121.9 cm
4XL2239 – 40 in 99.1 – 101.6 cm49 – 50 in 124.5 – 127 cm
5XL2441 – 42 in 104.1 – 106.7 cm51 – 52 in 129.5 – 132.1 cm

Fantasie Band Size Chart

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Fantasie Cup Size Chart

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Fantasie Lingerie and Bikini Conversion Chart

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Fantasie Fusion Leisure Bra & Envisage Bralette Size Conversion

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Fantasie Impression Bralette Size Conversion

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Fantasie Smoothease Bralette Size Conversion

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Bra, Bottom, and Bikini Conversion Chart

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Fantasie – Underband Size Guide

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UK (Fantasie)2830323436384042

Fantasie – Bottom Size Guide

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UK (Fantasie)XS (8)S (10)M (12)L (14)XL (16)2XL (18)3XL (20)4XL (22)

How to Choose the Right Fantasie Size

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Fantasie offers its customers a wide range of bra and underwear sizes. Unfortunately, if you are a first-time online shopper, you can be in a dilemma due to the overwhelming choices. If this is the case, don’t panic!

Below are 7 tips to help you find the right bra or swimwear size:

1. Know Your Size

Knowing your bra size can save you the hustle of exchanging undersized or oversized bras. So, how do I find out my true bra measurements? To identify the right bra size, you should use a tape measure to get the bust measurements.

Typically, you are required to wrap the tape measure around your bust and mark where it overlaps. This point gives you an approximate measurement for your bra size. Nevertheless, you will need to repeat this three times for accurate measurement!

With this measurement, you can easily compare the size chart bust measurements with the bra sizes to get the right lingerie for our party dress.

2. Consider the Function

Why do you need a bra or underwear? Is it for workouts or work?

The function of the bra influences your choice since every environment has unique requirements. For instance, if you are looking for a workout bra, you have to ensure it provides enough support to your bust due to the intense nature of your exercise.

It should also have favorable perspiration features such as quality and breathable fabric. This way, you will enjoy your gym time, boosting your confidence to perform different workout styles!

3. Find a Fantasie Item That Matches Your Budget

Once you confirm a bra fits you perfectly and serves the desired function, check whether its price matches your budget. This way, you will avoid unnecessary financial constraints.

You can avoid this by comparing the different online stores’ offers. And suppose you find Target selling Fantasie lingerie at a better price than other stores, make your order.

Again, you may be lucky enough to find Fantasie sales at great discounts. Use this opportunity to grab your favorite bra or swimwear.

4. Confirm the Lingerie is Durable

Fantasie provides exclusive options for you, including underwire designs depending on your needs and preferences. Such item details are essential as they promote long-term service without damaging your lingerie.

You don’t have to buy bras and swimwear every month. You enjoy an amazing lift throughout your day, boosting your confidence and comfort. Moreover, you can choose from different fabric materials, including cotton, Polyester, Polyamide, and Spandex.

5. Evaluate the Shape

Finding your bra style helps you improve your appearance in different garments. It also offers unique support for your bust shape. For instance, if you have a teardrop bust shape, grab a molded style or padded half-cup to build some fullness on the top of your breasts.

Below are more guidelines on your bra style depending on your bust shape:

  • Wide Set

The wide-set bust shape features a space between the breasts. The perfect bra size for this shape is the side support or balcony shape. These styles provide enough support and a more rounded shape to your bust.

  • Shallow-Slender

If you have a shallow-slender breast shape, grabbing a padded or half-cup bra style will ensure you will have a more rounded appearance with a non-padded boost.

  • Asymmetric

The asymmetric bust shape presents one breast to be smaller than the other. If this is your case, the molded bra styles can help you accomplish a symmetrical appearance. And suppose you dislike non-molded bra designs; you can use stretch elastics to make the necessary adjustments for a proportional bust look.

  • Close Set

The close set is narrow without space in between. Side support plunge bras complement this bust shape best.

  • Full Set

This bust shape is full on all sides and matches the full-cap bra style.

6. Timely Delivery

Imagine having to search for options after your Fantasie bra delivery is late. You don’t have to be unhappy at your upcoming party; just find the best delivery company for the best fit.

You can either use reputable delivery companies in your area or leverage the online store shipping services. This way, you will be relieved of the late deliveries and excessive charges!

7. Use the Bra Size Calculator

If you are from a different country, you will need to use a bra-size calculator. A bra size calculator provides the British measurements, which is the main Fanasie standard, then converts each bra or lingerie size to other states’ metrics.

Hence, with your bust size or your country’s bra size, you can always trace the right Fantasie size. The bra size calculator helps you obtain the perfect fit!

Learn more about Fantasie Size charts and the brand (video)

Fantasie Lingerie AW22 by Underverker

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fantasie true to size?

Fantasie items are designed using UK sizing, hence they fit true to size. So, when choosing any Fantasie bra or swimwear, go for your normal size.

Are Fantasie bras UK sizing?

Yes, Fantasie bras follow the UK sizing standard. That’s why you should use a conversion size chart if you are from a different state, for instance, Japan.

Does Fantasie run large?

Similar to most bra brands, Fantasie runs large especially the bra straps after multiple fittings.

What’s K cup in Fantasie?

K cup is the France, Europe, and USA sizing equivalent to the UK and AUS/NZ H size and Japan’s L measurement.

What’s the smallest size in Fantasie?

The smallest size in Fantasie is XS; Extra Small with a measurement of 25 to 26 in or 63.5 to 66.0 cm waist measurements and 35 to 36 in or 88.9 to 91.4 cm hip measurements. This is also equal to bra sizes 30 and 32.

Does Fantasie have plus sizes?

Yes, Fantasie offers a range of sizes for plus-size individuals, including 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL.


Finding the right bra or swimwear size ensures you enjoy extra comfort and support to help you maneuver your day more effectively. While this can be challenging due to the numerous bra options, the Fantasie size charts provide you with fine details.

You can always compare your bra or swimwear size on the chart to find the perfect fit. And suppose you get stuck comparing the different metrics, feel free to ask for help in the comments below.

Our professionals will take you through every step to ensure you enjoy your party dress!

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