Briefs size Chart And Sizing Guide

Briefs remain a top underwear choice for many men. They provide maximum support and allow the highest freedom of motion, especially for physically active people. In addition, they are better made and reduce the risk of wardrobe malfunction often experienced with boxers. In terms of comfort and functionality, one cannot go wrong with putting on a pair of briefs.

However, shopping for right-fitting briefs can be challenging for many men, especially while shopping online. The major problem is often knowing what to measure and how to use the international sizing letters. This article thus provides a complete guide to briefs chart and sizing.

Briefs Chart and Sizing Guide

The table below presents a size guide for determining your briefs sizing. Please note that these sizes are based on body measurements, not brief measurements. In addition, most online stores size men’s underwear according to waists’ sizes instead of pouch or cup sizes. Thus, it is recommended that you allow up to an inch (1cm-3cm) difference for extra comfort. In addition, if you find that you are between sizes, pick the next larger or smaller size depending on how much support you need.

International SizesWaist (inches)Waist (cm)Hips (inches)Hips (cm)
M  32-3485-9038-4098-102
XXL42-44  115-12044-46116-120

What to Measure Before You Shop for Briefs

How do i know my briefs size?

The waist-hips measurement is essential for determining your accurate sizing. The number of inches measured will equal your size as a general rule when measured accurately. Make sure to measure your entire body, not over your underwear, shirts, or slacks.

Waist Size

Using a tape measure, measure around your body in the position where your pants are typically worn to the nearest inches or centimeters, that is, your natural waist or natural waistline. Your natural size waist circumference is the fastest way to get your brief sizing. Allow a fingertip between the tape and your skin for ease in fit. Always keep the measuring tape parallel to the ground. Another option is to measure the band size of a pair of well-fitting pants; if you cannot measure your waist on your own or have no one to help.

Hip Size

To get your size hips, remove your outerwear, place your feet together, and wrap a soft measuring tape over the broadest area of your hips straight and snugly. The place where the end of the measuring tape meets the remaining length is your hip measurement.  You might need a full-length mirror to get the most accurate measurements. Also, ensure you place a fingertip between the tape and your skin for an easy-moving fit and keep the tape horizontal to get the most accurate measurement.

After measuring these, you can get your standard sizes or letter sizing using the sizing chart above.

How Tight Should Briefs Be?

Tight underwear has been linked to various health difficulties, including acid reflux, urinary tract infections, reduced sperm production, and blood flow issues. As a result, you must wear fitting briefs.

Briefs come in various sizes, from smaller size to larger size and should be snug enough to provide the necessary support. You must, however, watch how tight they are for comfort and freedom of movement. If your testicles feel sensitive after a day of wearing your briefs, that’s a sign the crotch seam is too tight. Typically, this means you’ll need to size up one or two sizes.

Furthermore, if the elastic band of your briefs pinches into your waist in a way that causes even little discomfort, your briefs are too small, and you should size up. T

FAQs on men’s briefs sizing

Q: What underwear color is best?

A: White undershirts are recommended. They may then be bleached, and you’ll know when they’re dingy or yellow and need to be replaced. Bottoms, on the other hand, are a different matter. For all males, black is a great hue. They make you look slimmer, are sexier, and don’t reveal stains. If you do your laundry, black underwear may be washed with the rest of your clothes and does not require special care.

Q: I don’t understand why men’s underwear has such a wide variety of prices.

A: There’s a reason why prices differ. Everything is woven into the cloth. Higher-quality cotton is more expensive but lighter and lasts longer. If you’re looking for a good deal, keep in mind that you’ll get what you paid for; terrible quality, cheap fabric, no shape, short life, and minimal softness. 

Q: Is my underwear sexy?

A: At least one pair of seductive underwear should be owned by every man. Here’s what’s enticing. Underwear in black. It also has a slimming effect. In general, the tighter and skimpier, the better if you’re in decent shape.

If you’re not in excellent shape, keep it black, but consider boxers or boxer briefs. A baggy boxer will always look nicer on a man with no butt. The truth is that sexy underwear doesn’t last very long, so go with whatever seems decent at the time.

Q: How long should my underwear last?

A:  Research has shown that most men wear the same underwear all their lives, and many wear one underwear for at least a week.

Men should change their underpants every two years. At the very least, you should have as many pairs of underpants as there are days in the week. Yellowing beneath the sleeves, stains, torn elastic, and it no longer fits due to bagging are all signs that your underwear needs to be thrown out.

Q: What type of underwear should I wear to the gym?

A: You should wear 100 percent cotton material while working out at the gym to absorb sweat and comfort. Furthermore, briefs or boxer briefs are the most excellent underwear for the gym because you don’t want to expose your privates while working out, which can happen when you wear boxers.

Q: Why do my boxer briefs’ legs crawl up your leg during the day?

A: The leg binding on your boxer brief is too tight, or the legs are too long. Leg edges should be made of cotton and worn freely around the legs. Cotton leg borders will loosen and not ride up as the day progresses.

Q: My boxers limit leg movement.

A: A boxer with side vents and a shorter inseam is ideal. It would help if you also considered a pair of stretchy knit boxers. You should be able to elevate your leg to your chest, sit, and squat comfortably in the correct boxer.

Q: My boxers or briefs give me a wedgie

A: The boxer’s center back seam may be too short, or you’re wearing it too high on your hips. There are boxers available that do not have a center back seam. The three-panel back is the name for this design. The central rear of the leg has two back seams. Getting a wedgie with briefs may mean that you need more coverage, and you need to go up a size.

Conclusion on briefs size charts

Hopefully, this post on the briefs chart and sizing guide was helpful. For your convenience, the article also includes a list of frequently asked questions about men’s underwear.

Men prefer briefs, but remember that ill-fitting briefs can cause various health issues, including reduced sperm production, urinary tract infections, and acid reflux. As a result, when purchasing a pair of briefs, make sure to consult the brief size chart provided above.

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