Fishing Gear Size – The Complete Guide

The fishing gear size for fishermen is dependent on a few factors such as water depth, fish size, and the maximum weight capacity of the fish. The wide range of bodies of water either deep water or shallow water controls the option for fishermen when choosing the perfect fishing gear. 

Our complete guide for fishing gear size has the size charts for different fishing gears such as nets ( gillnets, driftnets, trawls, dredges, and more), sinkers (snapper sinker, ball skinker, bomb sinker, bean sinker, and star sinker), fishing rod, reel (fly reel, inline reel, arbor reel, and baitcasting reel), and hooks and lines. This guide will help novice and advanced anglers to have an all-around versatile option and proper decision-making while fishing. 

Discover Fishing Gear Size in Different Categories. 

In this section, we shall describe the different fishing gear sizes in different categories giving an option for fishermen. We have also created a well-researched size chart for each fishing gear. The fishing gears include fishing nets, sinkers, fishing rods, fishing reels, and hook and line. For example, the technique used to capture larger fish or a school of fish in deep water will require heavier sinkers and large nets. 

Fish Nets Size Chart Guide. 

Gear TypesMesh Size in CMMesh Size in InchesMajor Species CaughtCC per day in kgsCC per day in pounds
Gill and Drift Nets3 to 5 cm1.1811 to 1.9685 inchesPama croaker, Labeo Bata, Dusky-hairfin Anchovy, Oblique-jaw Thryssa12 kg26.4555 pounds
6 cm2.3622 inchesRohtee Coteo, Rohu, Padba Catfish, Longjaw Thryssa, Pama Croaker, Bagrid Catfish, Shark Catfish, Tank Goby, Hilsa Shad.20 kg44.0925 pounds
10 cm3.93701 inchesHairfin Anchovies, Long-finned Croaker, Hilsa Herring.20 kg44.0925 pounds
7.5 cm2.95276 inchesRay-finned fishes, Hilsa Herring.13 kg28.6601 pounds
6 cm2.3622 inchesRay-finned fishes, Hilsa Herring.15 kg33.0693 pounds
Seine Nets0.5 to 1 cm0.19685 to o.393701 inchesSilver Needle Fish, Puntius species, Giant Fresh Water Prawn, BeardedWorm Goby, Indian River Shad, Banded Gourami, Silond Catfish, Tank Goby, Giant Perch, Indian Knife Fish.12 kg26.4555 pounds
Fixed Pulse Net0.5 to 1 cm0.19685 to 0.393701 inchesIndian River Shad, Large Razorbelly Minnow, Giant Freshwater Prawn, Pseudopocryptes elongatus, Asian Sea Bass, Climb Perch, Labeo Bata, Pama Croaker.5 kg11.0231 pounds
0.5 to 1 cm0.19685 to 0.393701 inchesGangetic Leaffish, Long Whiskers Catfish, Giant Freshwater Prawn10 kg22.0462 pounds
0.5 to 1 cm0.19685 to 0.393701 inchesGiant Freshwater Pawn, Small Cyprinids, Striped Dwarf Catfish, Long-whiskered Catfish, Climbing Perch.1 kg2.20462 pounds
Cast Nets2.5 cm0.984252 inchesIndian Knifefish, Giant Mud Crab, Giant River Prawn.2 kg4.40925 pounds
Lift Nets or Dip Nets0.5 to 1 cm0.19685 to 0.393701 inchesTire-track Spiny Eel, Puntius species, Tank Goby, Giant Freshwater Prawn.2 kg4.40925 pounds
Drag and Push Nets0.5 cm0.19685 inchesPseudocryptes elongatus, Indian River Shad, Puntius species, Worm Goby, Freshwater Prawn.3 kg6.61387 pounds
0.5 to 1 cm0.19685 to 0.393701 inchesElongate Glassy Perchlet, Banded Gourami, Giant Freshwater Prawn.1 kg2.20462 pounds
Mouth Opening 20 cm7.87402 inchesSwamp Eel, Pangas Catfish.3 kg6.61387 pounds

Sinkers Types and Size Charts. 

In this section, we shall have a look at the different sinker types and their respective size charts. 

Ball Sinkers Size Charts.

Ball sinkers have different sizes (weight and length). The smaller the diameter in (Inches and CM) the smaller the weight in (grams and ounces). For example, a ball sinker with 5.2 cm or 2.04724 inches diameter has a weight of 800 grams or 28.22 ounces. Ball sinkers are used with dead and live baits. 

Diameter in (CM)Diameter in (inches)Weight in (grams)Weight in (ounces)
5.2 cm2.04724 inches800 grams28.22 ounces
4.1 cm1.61417 inches430 grams15.17 ounces
3.7 cm1.45669 inches300 grams10.58 ounces
3.5 cm1.37795 inches250 grams8.82 ounces
3.2 cm1.25984 inches190 grams6.70 ounces
2.9 cm1.14173 inches145 grams5.11 ounces
2.75 cm1.082677 inches118 grams4.16 ounces
2.57 cm1.011811 inches100 grams3.53 ounces
2.5 cm0.984252 inches89 grams3.14 ounces
2.15 cm0.8464567 inches59 grams2.08 ounces
1.95 cm0.7677165 inches44 grams1.55 ounces
1.8 cm0.708661 inches38 grams1.3 ounces
1.6 cm0.629921 inches20 grams71 ounces
1.4 cm0.551181 inches16 grams53 ounces
1.25 cm0.492126 inches12 grams42 ounces
1.1 cm0.433071 inches8 grams28 ounces
1.0 cm0.393701 inches6 grams21 ounces

Snapper Sinkers Size Chart.

There are two types of snapper sinkers, one with four sides and the other one with six sides. The six-sided snapper sinker is also called a bank sinker. The four-sided sinker is thinner and longer than a bank sinker while the bank sinker is broader and shorter than the four-sided sinker. Snapper sinkers have additional weight and are used for fishing at the bottom where you can catch the biggest fish and nice fish with minimum snagging risk.  

Weight in (grams)Weight in (pounds)
453 grams0.998694 pounds
400 grams0.881849 pounds
340 grams0.771618 pounds
283 grams0.623908 pounds
226 grams0.498245 pounds
170 grams0.374786 pounds
141 grams0.310852 pounds
113 grams0.249122 pounds
85 grams0.187393 pounds

Bomb Sinker Size Chart.

Bomb sinkers are used in shallower water. Changing the bomb sinker is terribly easy. The bomb sinkers are used for Flathead and Whiting fish species through drift fishing. Please find the weight in grams and pounds for bomb sinkers in the table below. 

Weight in (grams)Weight in (pounds)
140 grams0.308647 pounds
112 grams0.246918 pounds
84 grams0.185188 pounds
56 grams0.123459 pounds
43 grams0.0947988 pounds
28 grams0.0617294 pounds
21 grams0.0462971 pounds
18 grams0.0396832 pounds
14 grams0.0308647 pounds
12 grams0.0264555 pounds
8 grams0.017637 pounds
4 grams0.00881849 pounds

Star Sinker Size Chart and Guide

Star sinkers are perfect-fit for beach fishing. There are different star sinkers based on the measurement of their weight in grams and pounds. Please find the star sinker size chart below!

Weight in (Grams)Weight in (Pounds)
196 grams0.432106 pounds
170 grams0.374786 pounds
140 grams0.308647 pounds
112 grams0.246918 pounds
85 grams0.187393 pounds
57 grams0.125663 pounds
42 grams0.0925942 pounds
28 grams0.0617294 pounds

Bean Sinker Size Chart

They are similar to ball sinkers. The shape of the bean sinker helps it hold better to the bottom because of the shape. They are used in areas with strong currents and tides such as estuaries. 

Weight in GramsWeight in Pounds
250 grams0.551156 pounds
230 grams0.507063 pounds
84 grams0.185188 pounds
60 grams0.132277 pounds
40 grams0.0881849 pounds
34 grams0.0749572 pounds
27 grams0.0595248 pounds
20 grams0.0440925 pounds
15 grams0.0330693 pounds
10 grams0.0220462 pounds

Fish Rod Sizing Chart 

There are slow-action rods and medium-action rods available in the market. The fish rods length vary and hence can be used in different feet of water. For example, 20 to 48 feet (609.6 to 1463.04 cm) ice fishing rod is used for cold water fishing or ice fishing, 5’5” to 9 feet (152.4 to 274.32 cm) baitcasting rod is used for warmer water or tropical waters, and more. Please review our fishing rod sizing chart which shows the different types of fishing rods and their application in fishing

Type of Fishing RodRange of Lengths in (Feet and CM)Popular Range of Lengths in (Feet and CM)Application in Fishing
Ice Fishing Rod20 to 48 feet 609.6 to 1463.04 cm28 to 36 feet 853 to 1097.28 cmIce fishing
Trolling Rod8 to 14 feet 243.84 to 426.72 cm9 to 11 feet 274.32 to335.28 cmTrolling
Boat Rod5 to 7 feet 152.4 to 213.36 cm6 to 6’6” inches 182.88 cm Boat Fishing
Surf Casting 9 to 14 feet 274.32 to 426.72 cm10 to 12 feet 304.8 to 365.76 cmSurf fishing
Fly Fishing Rod6 to 10 feet 182.88 to 304.8 cm7 to 9 feet 213.36 to 274.32 cmFly fishing
Baitcasting Rod5’5” to 9 feet 152.4 to 274.32 cm6’5” to 8 inches 182.88 to 243.84 cmCasting lures/rigs
Spinning Rod4’5” to 9’5” inches 121.92 to 274.32 cm6 to 7’5” inches 182.88 to 213.36 cmSurf fishing, live lining, bobber fishing, bottom fishing, casting lures.

Fish Reel Sizing Chart

Each reel has a different size and there is a number associated with it. For example, the variety of size differs by brand, some brands use 2 digits while others use 4 digits to depict the reel size such as

   Brand A is 2000 and Brand B is 20 – The size of the reel is equivalent. Please see the table below!

Want to learn more on fishing reel sizes? we have a post on that topic

Reel SizesRecommended Line Weight (Mono) in (Kgs and Pounds)Recommended Line Weight(Braid) in (Kgs and Pounds)
Largest Size Reels  
3000027 kgs 59.5248 pounds30 kgs 66.1387 pounds
2000022.5 kgs 49.60401 pounds27 kgs 59.5248 pounds
1400018 kgs 39.6832 pounds13.5 to 36 kgs 29.76241 to 79.3664 pounds
100009 to 13 kgs 19.8416 to 28.6601 pounds11.5 to 32 kgs 25.35316 to 70.5479 pounds
Large Size Reels  
90009 to 11.5 kgs 19.8416 to 25.35316 pounds9 to 27 kgs 19.8416 to 59.5248 pounds
80007 to 11.5 kgs 15.4324 to 25.35316 pounds9 to 22.5 kgs 19.8416 to 49.60401 pounds
70006.5 to 9 kgs 14.33 to 19.8416 pounds7 to 18 kgs 15.4324 to 39.6832 pounds
Medium Size Reels  
60005.5 to 8 kgs 12.1254 to17.637 pounds5.5 to 13.5 kgs 12.1254 to 29.76241 pounds
50004.5 to 7 kgs 9.9208 to 15 4324 pounds4.5 to 11 kgs 9.9208 to 29.76241 pounds
40004 to 6 kgs 8.81849 to 13.2277 pounds3.5 to 9 kgs 7.71618 to 19.8416 pounds
Small Size Reels  
35002.5 to 5 kgs 5.51156 to 11.0231 pounds2.5 to 7 kgs 5.51156 to 15.4324 pounds
30002.5 to 5 kgs 5.51156 to11.0231 pounds2.5 to 7 kgs 5.51156 to 15.4324 pounds
25002 to 4 kgs 4.40925 to 8.81849 pounds2 to 6 kgs 4.40925 to 13.2277 pounds
20002 to 3 kgs 4.40925 to 6.613 pounds2 to 5 kgs 4.40925 to 11.0231 pounds
10001 to 2 kgs 2.20462 to 4.40925 pounds2 to 4 kgs 4.40925 to 8.81849 pounds

Fishing Line (Braided)  Diameter vs Load Capacity Chart

Braided fish lines have become extremely popular in the last few years. They are made of weaving or braiding fiber of Micro-Dyneema or Spectra. They are therefore greatly resistant to abrasion. It is so tough that a fish can’t break it using its teeth. However, fishermen will most likely use the braids in clear water as they are visible. 

Below is a fishing line diameter in millimeters and Inches and Load capacity in Kgs and Lbs. 

Diameter in (MM and Inches)Bearable load Capacity in (Kgs)Load Capacity in (lbs)
0.10 mm 0.00393701 inches2.7 kgs6 lbs
0.12 mm 0.004724409 inches3.6 kgs 8 lbs
0.14 mm 0.005511811 inches4.5 kgs10 lbs
0.18 mm 0.007086614 inches6.8 kgs15 lbs
0.20 mm 0.00787402 inches9 kgs20 lbs
0.26 mm 0.01023622 inches13.6 kgs30 lbs
0.32 mm 0.01259843 inches18.2 kgs40 lbs
0.36 mm 0.01417323 inches22.6 kgs50 lbs
0.40 mm 0.015748 inches27 kgs60 lbs
0.44 mm 0.01732283 inches32 kgs70 lbs
0.48 mm 0.01889764 inches36 kgs80 lbs
0.50 mm 0.019685 inches40 kgs90 lbs 
0.55 mm 0.02165354 inches45 kgs100 lbs

Fishing Hooks Size Chart

There are different fishing hook sizes and size 32 is the smallest while 19/0 is the largest size. The number of fishing hooks available for fishing is almost equivalent to the different types of fish they can catch. The different parts of fishing hooks include eye, shank, bend, throat, point, gape, and barb. Discover a full fishing hook size chart here

Below is the fishing hook’s size chart with diameter in millimeters and Inches, length in inches and centimeters, and width in inches and centimeters. 

SizeDiameter (in MM and Inches)Length in (Inches and CM)Width in (Inches and CM)
1/01.9 mm 0.0748031 inches0.9 inches 2.286 cm0.5 inches 1.27 cm
2/02.0 mm 0.0787402 inches0.93 inches 2.3622 cm0.63 inches 1.6002 cm
3/02.1 mm 0.0826772 inches1.02 inches 2.5908 cm0.71 inches 1.8034 cm
4/02.2 mm 0.0866142 inches1.10 inches 2.794 cm0.75 inches 1.905 cm
5/02.4 mm 0.0944882 inches1.18 inches 2.9972 cm0.83 inches 2.1082 cm
6/02.5 mm 0.0984252 inches1.22 inches 3.0988 cm0.87 inches 2.2098 cm
7/02.6 mm 0.102362 inches1.42 inches 3.6068 cm0.91 inches 2.3144 cm
8/02.7 mm 0.106299 inches1.57 inches 3.9878 cm0.98 inches 2.4892 cm
9/02.8 mm0.110236 inches1.69 inches 4.2926 cm1.02 inches 2.5908 cm
10/03.0 mm 0.11811 inches1.89 inches 4.8006 cm1.1 inches 2.794 cm

Fishing Lures Size Chart

We have created fishing lures size chart without any kind of guesswork. Lure manufacturers produce different types of lures with a wide range of sizes, weights, and colors.  The kind of fishing lure you select depends on the body of water you are fishing on. 

Find the fishing lures size chart below with hook size, fishing lure sizes in inches and centimeters, and weight in ounces and kgs. 

Hook SizeFish Lure Size in (Inches and CM)Weight in (OZ and kgs)
3/05 inches 12.7 cm⅜ oz 0.010631071 kgs
4/05 inches 12.7 cm½ oz 0.0141748 kgs
4/05 inches 12.7 cm¾ oz 0.02126214 kgs
4/05 inches and 6 inches 12.7 cm and 15.24 cm1 oz 0.0283495 kgs
6/05 inches and 6 inches 12.7 cm and 15.24 cm11/2 oz 0.0425243 kgs
8/06 inches 15.24 cm2 oz 0.056699 kgs
8/06 inches 15.24 cm3 oz 0.0850486 kgs
10/08 inches  20.32 cm4 oz 0.113398 kgs
10/08 inches 20.32 cm6 oz 0.170097 kgs

Fishing Tackle Box Size Chart. 

The tackle box is an essential fishing gear for any fisherman. It is an all-in-one box that allows anglers to put in small tackles and lure instead of using bags or plastic boxes. It is waterproof and floats even when dropped in water. However, it doesn’t come with a chest strap. 

Below is a fishing tackle box size chart with size in centimeters and inches and weight in grams and ounces. 

 Size in cm and inchesWeight in (Grams and Ounces)
Size A3.0 by 7.5 by10.0 cm 1.1 by 3.4 by 4.0 inches76 grams 2.68 oz
Size B4.0 by10.0 by 12.5 cm 1.5 by 4.0 by 4.8 inches126 grams 4.44 oz
Size C4.5 by 10.0 by 15.0 cm 1.8 by 4.0 by 5.9 inches171 grams 6.03 ounces
Size D4.0 by 12.0 by 18.5 cm 1.5 by 4.6 by 7.3 inches239 grams 8.43 oz

Fishing Line Cutter (Crimping Pliers) Size Chart. 

The fish line cutter comes in different sizes and weights. A line cutter is a must-have tool in your tackle box. The best line cutter should be corrosion resistant especially if you are fishing in saltwater. 

Below is a fishing line cutter size chart with sleeve inner diameter in centimeters and inches and weight in pounds and kgs. 

Sleeve Inner Diameter in (CM and Inches)Weight in (Lbs and Kgs)
1.0 cm 0.394 inches80 to 100 lbs  36.2874 to 45.3592 kgs
1.3 cm 0.511811 inches125 to 130 lbs 56.699 to 58.967 kgs
1.6 cm 0.629921 inches150 to 200 lbs 68.0389 to 90.7185 kgs
1.9 cm 0.748031 inches250 to 300 lbs 113.398 to 136.078 kgs
2.2 cm 0.866142 inches400 lbs 181.437 kgs

Fishing Swivel Size Chart

This fishing gear is used to ensure that your line never twists. They are made from two rings which are then connected to a pivoting piece and ensure the fishing line doesn’t get knots. There are different types of swivels such as ball bearing swivels and barrel swivels

Below is the fishing swivel size chart

SizeNo: 0No: 1No: 2No: 3No: 4No: 5No: 6No: 7No: 8
Length (inches)0.9 inches1.0 inches1.2 inches1.3 inches1.5 inches1.8 inches2.1 inches2.4 inches2.7 inches
Length(mm)23 mm26 mm30 mm32 mm38 mm45 mm54 mm61 mm69 mm
Strength (lbs)26 lbs40 lbs55 lbs66 lbs77 lbs88 lbs110 lbs154 lbs220 lbs
Strength (kgs)12 kgs18 kgs25 kgs30 kgs35 kgs40 kgs50 kgs70 kgs100 kgs

Fishing Bobbers Size vs Buoyancy Chart

The fishing bobber’s size chart below has the bobbers size and the buoyancy in grams and pounds. 

Bobber Number                                                    Buoyancy in Grams and Pounds

G10.4 grams 0.000881849 pounds
G20.31 grams 0.000683433 pounds
G30.25 grams 0.0005511557 pounds
G40.2 grams 0.000440925 pounds
G50.16 grams 0.0003527396 pounds
G60.12 grams 0.0002645547 pounds
G70.09 grams 0.000198416
G80.07 grams 0.0001543236 pounds
1B0.55 grams 0.001212542 pounds
2B0.75 grams 0.001653467 pounds
3B0.95 grams 0.002094391 pounds
4B1.20 grams 0.00264555 pounds
5B1.85 grams 0.004078552 pounds
6B1.65 grams 0.003637627 pounds
0.61.87 grams 0.004122644 pounds
0.83.0 grams 0.00661387 pounds
13.75 grams 0.008267335 pounds
1.24.50 grams 0.0099208 pounds
1.55.62 grams 0.01238998 pounds
27.50 grams 0.0165347 pounds

Fishing Tips for Beginners Expounded

Any newbie angler needs to understand fishing tips to improve their catch. Beginner anglers go through a difficult time getting their first catch, below are helpful fishing tips for beginners and can also be used by intermediate anglers as well. 

1. Fishing Lure Size, Shape, and Array of Colors. 

As a matter of fact, the underwater structure influence the lure size, shape, and color. The color of the water should match the lure colors. Choosing different colors is a bad option for the start of your fishing career. For example, green water needs Chartreuse or Lime, stained water needs Root Bear, and clear water needs Pearl or White. It is also important to ensure that you choose the correct lure sizes and shapes.  

2. Getting the Perfect Fishing Gear. 

When a fisherman goes to deeper water levels they need perfect fishing gear. The fishing gear should match the type of fish you intend to catch. Use the table above to view the different fish gear size charts

For example, you cannot use a 12-pound casting reel for tiny spinners. A 4-pound ultralight is perfect for micro-jigs casting. Always ensure that you get a fishing gear whose action is tailored to specific fish species. 

3. Crazy Fishing Timing 

It is recommended that you fish early in the morning or late at night. During summer when there is direct sunlight always opt to look for areas with some shade, also during a cloudy day fishing can be done perfectly as there is in-direct sunlight. Fish always look for shade when it becomes too hot – It is always easy for fish to detect water temperature changes and hibernate. However, deeper water fish will move deeper to take adequate cover from the sun. 

4. Observe Currents and Tides Carefully. 

As a beginner especially in sea fishing the currents and tides may be mayhem to you, but don’t be perplexed this is where every great fisherman started. Tides and currents are usually high in salty waters, especially in the deeper sections. Don’t be hesitant to learn more about tides and current fishing

5. Using Sharp Hooks. 

When going fishing ensure that the hooks are extremely sharp especially for bait fishing. This maximizes your fish catch count. 


An angler needs to have the proper fishing gear to ensure that catching fish that are a couple of feet deep is easy. In the fish gear size complete guide, we have discussed a  couple of fishing gears such as nets, sinkers, fishing rods, and fishing reels. Other fishing gears include hooks and lines. 

Experienced anglers can also use the size chart to determine the average size of different fishing gears and this will improve their fishing technique. 

If you enjoyed reading this sizing guide, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

Fishing gear size picture by stephen momot on Unsplash

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