Treble Hook Size Chart by Dimension and Type of Fish

The perfect treble hook size depends on certain choices you make while fishing, which includes the species of fish, type of lure, and the size of the bait. 

The sizes of treble hooks appear in descending order, with size 1 as the largest and size 20 as the smallest

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Treble Hook Size Chart by Dimension and Type of Fish
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Table of Content of Treble Hook Sizes

What is a treble hook, and why is a treble hook size important?

A treble hook features three hooks, unlike a standard single hook, which increases your catching efficiency. Just because a treble hook has better chances of landing a fish doesn’t mean it will. The size of your treble hook is also a factor in the equation. In this post, we’ll show you the different sizes available in our treble hook size chart and tell you how to make the best choice. Fishing hooks sizes are explained in this expert article

There are numerous benefits of fishing, such as stress relief, an opportunity for social bonding, exercise and proper nutrition. While lure fishing is among the most popular ways to fish, you need to combine expertise, skill, and high-quality equipment to get a lot of catches. Lures use different types of fishing hooks, which come in a wide range of sizes, to catch various fish.

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treble hook size illustration
treble hook size illustration

Treble hook size comparison in millimeters

Treble Hook SizeLengthWidth
207.35 mm4.53 mm
189.25 mm6.35 mm
1610.16 mm7.62 mm
1413.20 mm9.14 mm
1213.20 mm10.16 mm
1013.97 mm12.19 mm
816.20 mm13.46 mm
619.55 mm16.51 mm
422.60 mm19.05 mm
226.16 mm20.82 mm
128.70 mm23.36 mm
1/031.24 mm25.90 mm
2/035.13 mm28.25 mm

Treble hook size comparison in inches

Treble Hook SizeLengthWidth
200.29 in0.17 in
180.36 in0.25 in
160.4 in0.3 in
140.52 in0.35 in
120.52 in0.4 in
100.55 in0.48 in
80.64 in0.53 in
60.77 in0.65 in
40.89 in0.75 in
21.03 in0.82 in
11.13 in0.92 in
1/01.23 in1.02 in
2/01.38 in1.11 in

Fishing hook sizes according to the type of fish

Fish speciesTreble Hook Size
Musky mouthsFrom #8 to #2
Largemouth bassFrom #1 to #2/0
Smallmouth bassFrom #8 to #2
Trout – spinning#12
Trout – power baitFrom #16 to #12
Yellow perchFrom #6 to #2
CatfishFrom #8 to #1
PikeFrom #8 to #2
WalleyeFrom #10 to #6
PerchFrom #12 to #8
CrappieFrom #14 to #12
SaugerFrom #12 to #8
Chain pickerelFrom #10 to #6
CarpFrom #14 to #12

How to Measure a Treble Hook

The size of fishing hooks is determined by measuring the wire’s length in millimeters. Additionally, the treble numbers are set in descending order meaning the larger the treble number, the smaller the hook will be. In other words, the smallest treble hook size is size 20, while the largest is size 1. 

If you need larger hooks beyond size 1, you’ll need to check out size 1/0, which is pronounced as “one-aught.” Going beyond this size won’t be necessary unless you are fishing for larger game like paddlefish, catfish or other huge-size species. Once you start using aught sizes, the larger the number, the larger the hook.

You should use the charts in the previous section to identify the treble number of your hook if you’ve already bought one.  

How to Choose the Right Treble Hook Size Chart

The success of your fishing sessions depends on getting the right treble hook size. Choosing from the wide range of fishing hook sizes can feel tricky, but it’ll be much easier with the right considerations in mind. So, let’s discuss how to choose the best treble hook size below.

1. Fish Species

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all treble hook. Plus, different fish species grow to different sizes, so you’ll need to match a particular fish with a specific treble hook size. For instance, if you use a large hook to catch a small fish, your catch efficiency will be low. The hook’s size should also match the strength of the fish to avoid situations where the fish gets away after eating the bait. 

Here’s a brief overview of the ideal hook sizes for different fish. 

  • Trout – size 8 -12 
  • Bass – size 4 – 8 
  • Catfish – size 4 -6
  • Salmon – size 1/0 – 4/0
  • Carp – size 4 – 8 

If you have another species in mind, check out the table in the chart section for more options. 

2. Size of Bait

The size of bait you use is another essential consideration when looking for the right hook size. The bait will need to correspond to the size of the hook to ensure you catch the right size of fish. If you use large bait for small fish, the fish could eat the bait without getting hooked.

Alternatively, using small bait for larger fish could lead to fewer catches than you were hoping for after a day’s worth of fishing.

The bait and hook should be small enough for the fish to bite to ensure you have a productive fishing time. Plus, the bait should cover the hooks well enough to avoid scaring the fish away.  

3. Fishing Conditions

The environmental conditions on the day you’ll be fishing can also affect your fishing sessions. This is because the behavior of fish is influenced by changes in water temperature, light, and other factors. As such, you’ll need to pay attention to the conditions in your surroundings before going fishing. 

Treble hook sizes explained (video)

Treble hook sizes explained by John Crews

The Best Treble Hook Style for You

Treble hook size example
Treble hook size example

Treble hooks come in different styles. Let’s discuss them below to find out the best fit for your needs. 

1. Standard shank treble fishing hook

This common hook style features a treble with a proportional shank, bend, and gap. If you plan to use a large lure, this is an ideal choice since it’ll prevent the entanglement of the hooks with underwater vegetation. Additionally, these treble hooks go deeper into the water for faster catches. 

2. Short shank treble fishing hook

This one is similar to a standard shank treble but comes with a shorter shank. The hooks maintain a low profile while keeping close to the lure. It’s an excellent pick for those fishing in places with underwater plants and weeds. 

3. Round bend treble fishing hook

Unlike standard trebles, which are relatively oval in shape, the round bend treble features a smooth curved bend. You can use this one for fishing in the deeper parts of the lake or river. 

4. Extra-wide gap treble fishing hook

In this treble, there’s a wide gap shape between the hook and the shank. As such, it can help you control an angry fish because the hooks are further from the lure than they are in standard trebles. The angle of the hooks in wide gap hooks ensures the fish is locked in place and will prevent it from spitting the hook out. There’s a higher risk of snugging with this style of hook. 

5. Standard wire treble fishing hook

This type of treble fishing hook can easily penetrate the mouth of a fish because it uses a thin, light wire. Different from single hook trebles, which use the strength of one hook, these trebles distribute the weight on every point that hooks into the fish.

6. 2X/Heavy wire treble fishing hook

These trebles are heavy, and you should only use them with huge lures and baits that aren’t affected by the extra weight. Since these trebles are stronger than the standard options, they are ideal for large fish. So if you are fishing common freshwater predators that can put up a fight, this is the treble style you need. 

7. Feathered/bladed treble fishing hook

Are you looking for a way to make your lure stealthy? Then the feathered treble fishing hook is the choice for you. As the name suggests, these trebles come with feathers surrounding the shank to hide the hook from the line of sight of lingering fish. As a result, this treble style can help you land more strikes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know what size treble hook to get?

The main things to think about when choosing your treble hook include the species of fish, type of lure, and the size of the bait. 

2. What are the different sizes of treble hooks?

Treble hooks come in a variety of sizes measuring from down up. This means the largest hook size is size 1, while the smallest is size 20. 

3. What size hook is bigger 4 or 6?

A size 4 treble hook is bigger than a size 6. 

4. Which is larger fish hook 1 or 32?

Size 1 is the biggest hook, while 32 is much smaller.

5. How big is a #2 treble hook?

A size 2 treble hook measures about 26 millimeters or 1.03 inches in length. 

6. What size treble hooks are on a Rapala?

You can use sizes 4, 6, and 8 on a Rapala fishing lure

7. What size treble hooks are on most crankbaits?

Size 4 treble hooks are the most commonly used on crankbait models. 

8. What size hook is best for coarse fishing?

You should use hooks between sizes 10 and 14 for coarse fishing since they are smaller. They can hook more bites, provide a firmer grip and are less visible to fish. 

9. What is the difference between size 1 and 1/0 hooks?

While a size 1 hook is the large option in the #1-32 range, 1/0 hooks are larger-sized treble hooks and are ranked in ascending order. 


Fishing is among the most enjoyable things to do with friends and family. If you want to take your angling skills to the next level, you should use the best equipment. The size of your treble hook could mean the difference between consistent success or failure in fishing. With the right treble hook size, you can become an efficient angler who doesn’t ever miss a catch. 

The sizes of treble hooks appear in descending order, with size 1 as the largest and size 20 as the smallest. If you want larger than size 1, you’ll have to check out the 1/0, which comes in an entirely different range of larger hook sizes. 

If you have any questions about this topic, leave a comment below, and we’ll give you the guidance you need. 

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