Plus Size Corsets Sizing Guide

Every woman deserves a beautiful corset that matches their body type. Thanks to women’s plus-size corsets, they come in a wide range; whether you need a waist trainer or to show off your killer curves, this sexy lingerie does it all. Discover the detailed Plus size corsets sizing charts, tips and much more.

If you just recall you have a special event to attend in a day or two, you can grab your Victorian corset online. You only need to check the select options and their measurements to ensure you have an easy time wearing one.

Plus Size Corsets Sizing Guide
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What Is a Plus-Size Corset?

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Also known as curvy corsets, plus-size corsets are tightly fitting undergarments that support and train the torso into the desired shape. This lingerie extends below your chest to the hips. Usually, they are designed for women with voluptuous curves. Besides being sexy lingerie, plus-size corsets support injured or weak backs.

Finding a beautiful corset can be an uphill battle as you have to consider the size and type that matches your body type. So, why do you need a good plus-size corset?

The right size waist trainer corset progressively adjusts your body’s shape as it fits you comfortably. It does not interfere with your normal living, for instance, breathing, walking, and standing. It allows you to perform different tasks without challenges.

Hence, choosing a corset that fits your fuller figure is essential. Below is how to find the ideal steel boning corset for your size.

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How To Choose the Right Plus Size Corset

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Plus size corsets sizing chart

Whether you are looking for women’s plus-size or plus-size bridal corsets and bustiers, you can find a suitable size from this table.

Manufacturer SizeUK/AUUSBustWaistUpper HipLow Hip
S4 – 62 – 430 – 32 inches 76 – 80 cm22 – 24 inches 56 – 60 cm32 – 34 inches 80 – 84 cm36 inches 91.44 cm
M6 – 84 – 632 – 34 inches 81 – 86 cm24 – 26 inches 61 – 66 cm34 – 36 inches 86 – 91 cm38 – 40 inches 97 – 102 cm
L8 – 106 – 834 – 36 inches 86 – 91 cm26 – 28 inches 66 – 71 cm36 – 38 inches 91 – 97 cm40 – 42 inches 102 – 107 cm
XL10 – 128 – 1036 – 38 inches 91 – 97 cm28 – 30 inches 71 – 76 cm38 – 40 inches 97 – 102 cm42 – 44 inches 107 – 112 cm
XXL12 – 1410 – 1238 – 40 inches 97 – 101cm30 – 32 inches 76 – 81 cm40 – 42 inches 102 – 107 cm44 – 46 inches 112 – 117 cm
3XL14 – 1612 – 1440 – 42 inches 102 -107 cm32 – 34 inches 81 – 86 cm42 – 44 inches 107 – 112 cm46 – 48 inches 117 – 122 cm
4XL16 -1814 – 1642 – 44 inches 107 – 112 cm34 – 36 inches 86 – 91 cm44 – 46 inches 112 – 117 cm48 – 50 inches 122 – 127 cm
5XL18 – 2016 – 1844 – 46 inches 112 – 117 cm36 – 38 inches 91 – 97 cm46 – 48 inches 117 -122 cm50 – 52 inches 127 – 132 cm
6XL20 – 2218 – 2046 – 48 inches 117 – 122 cm38 – 40 inches 97 – 100 cm48 – 50 inches 122 – 127 cm52 – 54 inches 132 -137 cm
7XL22 – 2420 – 2248 – 50 inches 122 – 127 cm40 – 42 inches 102 – 107 cm50 – 52 inches 127 – 132 cm54 – 56 inches 137 – 142 cm

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Are you looking for plus-size corsets near me? If it’s your first time interacting with corsets, you can find the perfect plus-size corsets for everyday wear using your waist size. This will help you grab a comfy black corset that will allow you to achieve a gorgeous look while enjoying the special event.

Some companies offer plus size corsets afterpay options to allow you to fit the garment before purchasing it. So, whether you want a corset wedding dress or a corset underbust top, you’re guaranteed the right size before spending any cash.

How to Measure for a Plus Size Corsets explained (video)

Corset 101: How to Measure for a Corset with plus sized tips! by Orchard Corset

Frequently Asked Questions

Can corsets be worn every day?

Yes, you can wear your underbust corset all day. However, you need to start fitting the right size corset dress for one hour and gradually increase the period daily. Once you feel comfortable in your gold corset, you can have it on for 8 hours or more a day.

What is a plus-size steel-boned corset?

This lingerie has adjustable laces, allowing the undergarment to be cinched. It helps reshape your body gradually. Unlike the custom corset tops, the boned mesh curves corset contains a strong and flexible fabric reinforced with steel rods.

These materials make it sturdy and supportive while reshaping your torso. Depending on the body part you want to adjust, you can choose bust corsets or boned underbust corsets.

Which type of corset is best for me?

The market provides a wide range of sizes and materials for you to choose from. Whether you’re searching for plus-size corsets lane Bryant or plus-size white corsets and bustiers, you need to ensure it feels comfortable when you fit it.

Some people feel more relaxed in boned mermaid corsets, while others prefer those with black cotton twill lining. Unless you’re allergic or reactive to specific material, you can wear any corset design you desire.

What size is a 32 in a corset?

A size 32 in a corset refers to a medium (M) manufacturer’s size. In the United Kingdom and Australia, it is size 4; in the US, it is identified as size 2. A 32-size corset has a waist that measures 24 inches and a hip size of 34 inches.

What size is an XL corset?

XL corset ranges between sizes 28 and 30 inches, usually 10 to 12 in the UK and AU or 8 to 10 in the United States. Its measurements are between 36 to 38 inches for the bust, 28 to 30 for the waist, and 38 to 40 for the hips.

What size am I in a corset?

When searching for your corset size, you should consider your waist size. For instance, if your waist size is between 38 and 40, your corset size ranges from US size 18 to 20. So you can choose from any of those sizes considering your waist measurement. Suppose your waist is 30, you can fit in perfectly in a size 10 (US ) or size 12 (UK or AU).


Are you searching for plus-size corsets nearby? Corset makers offer numerous corset plus-size designs, colors, and materials, making it difficult for you to get the right corset style. Depending on your waist measurements, you can grab a size 34 – 52 inches or 38 – 50 inches. These are more suitable and comfy for curvy body types.

Suppose you’re looking for a color that will blend in with your clothes, and working on a tight budget, you can grab a white corset and a black mesh corset. Corset size consultation service also helps secure you the best lingerie for your special event.

Do you have a question about corset size or color? Consult our experts in the comments below; they can help you create an amazing corset story.

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