Women’s Plus Size Clothing Size Chart and sizing conversion

Plus-size clothing is designed to accommodate women with bigger bodies than typical. Many people express themselves via style and fashion, and wearing attractive clothes can help them feel more confident. However, while designing clothing for women, many designers overlook larger body types and sizes, making it difficult for plus-size women to obtain trendy clothing options. Even when plus-size women find clothing, it is frequently outdated and limited, making it difficult for them to keep up with contemporary trends (skip straight to the women’s plus-size clothing size chart).

Fortunately, the fashion industry is recognizing its errors, and more and more designers are beginning to create a wide range of clothing for plus-size women. Many women around the world, however, still struggle to find the right apparel due to a lack of standardized sizing guides, since merchants and designers fail to ensure that goods on clothing racks are the correct size.

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Plus size women’s clothing sizes table of content

Plus size women's clothing size Chart - Clothing - Women
Conversion table Plus size women’s clothing size Chart – Clothing – Women

What is a women’s plus size clothing and why is a women’s plus size clothing size chart important?

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A plus-size clothing size chart for women helps curvy women choose the correct size dresses or maxi dress, pants, comfy T-shirts, cardigan styles, skirts, blouses, casual dress, and shirts, depending on the occasion or event (fancy event, formal event, athletic wear everyday wear), based on their body dimensions rather than relying just on the clothing retailer. It’s especially beneficial when buying clothes online because it eliminates the time and frustration of having to return items that don’t fit after they’ve been purchased.

A plus-size chart (with international and united states sizing) for women is included in this article. It also offers answers to frequently asked questions and instructions on using the chart by taking accurate body measurements.

Outfit Ideas for Curvy Women (video)

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Women’s Plus Size Clothing Size Chart

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Women’s Plus Size Belt Size Chart

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International SizingUS Belt sizingWaist (in, cm)
L33-3531-33’’ 79-84cm
XL35-3734”- 35” 86 – 89cm
2XL37-3835”- 36” 89 – 91cm
3XL38-4036”- 38” 91 – 96cm
4XL40-4338”-41” 96 – 104cm
5XL43-4641”-44” 104 – 112cm
6XL45-4943”-47” 109 – 119cm
7XL47-5145”-49” 114 – 124cm
8XL53-5551-53’’ 130-135cm

Women’s Plus Size Jeans Size Chart

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US SizingInternational SizingWaist (in, cm)Hip (in, cm)
12W0X33’’ 84cm42’’ 107cm
14W1X35’’ 89cm44’’ 112cm
16W1X37’’ 94cm46’’ 117cm
18W2X39’’ 99cm48’’ 122cm
20W2X41’’ 104cm50’’ 127cm
22W3X43’’ 109cm52’’ 132cm
24W3X45’’ 114cm54’’ 137cm
26W4X47’’ 119cm56’’ 142cm
28W4X49’’ 124cm58’’ 147cm
30W5X51 129cm60 152cm
32W5X53 135cm62 157cm

Women’s Plus Size Top or Shirt Size Chart

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International SizingUS SizingBust (in, cm)Waist (in, cm)Arm/Sleeve (in, cm)
M1037-38’’ 94-96cm30-31’’ 76-79cm32 82cm
L1238-40’’ 96-102cm32-33’’ 81-84cm32.5 83cm
L1441-42’’ 102-107cm34-35’’ 86-89cm33 84cm
XL1642-43’’ 107-109cm35-36’’ 89-91cm33.5 85cm
2XL1844-45’’ 112-114cm37-38’’ 94-96cm34 86cm
3XL2046-48’’ 117-122cm39-40’’ 99-101cm34.5 87cm
4XL2247-49’’ 120-124cm41-45’’ 102-114cm35 88cm
5XL2450-52’’ 127-132cm46-50’’ 117-127cm35.5 89cm
6XL2652-54’’ 132-137cm50-52’’ 127-132cm36 90cm

How to Choose the Right Women’s Plus Size Clothing

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When purchasing clothing, proper sizing is critical to ensure that it is not too tight or too loose, but just right for comfort and sexiness. You will need the following items to measure yourself for a plus-size garment:

  • A measuring tape
  • A full-length mirror
  • A well-fitting pants

The bust size, waist size, and hip size are the three most crucial clothing measures.

The Bust Size

Measure the widest region of your chest with the measuring tape around your back at band level. To avoid measurement errors, make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the ground.

Take a deep breath in and out and check that the tape is securely fastened to your body; it should not be excessively tight or fall off. In inches, round up to the next whole number.

The Waist Size

In the position where your pants are generally worn, measure around your body. Make sure your measuring tape is level with the ground. Another method is to take the circumference of a pair of well-fitting jeans’ waistline.

The Hips Size

Remove your clothing, place your feet together, and snugly wrap a soft measuring tape around the broadest part of your hips. Your hip measurement is where the end of the tape meets the remaining length. To achieve the most exact measurements, you may need a full-length mirror.

More about how to measure your body (plus-size) explained in the video

HOW TO MEASURE YOURSELF for plus size bodies and big bellied babes! by FatGirlFlow

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the women’s plus-size clothing brands?

Women’s plus-size clothing brands specialize in producing plus-size women’s apparel, such as dresses, trousers, skirts, shirts, blouses, and other items for larger women. These brands were created in response to the ongoing lack of trendy clothing for plus-size women. Brands like Torrid, Asos, Old Navy, Amazon basics, have a lot to offer.

Where to shop for plus-size women’s clothing brands?

Many women’s fashion brands specialize in plus-size apparel (including casual clothing such as ovan ersized printed T-shirt and professional clothing) for larger women. Zelie for She, Mara Hoffmann, ASOS curve, and Ganni are among them. Many diverse-owned brands also offered fashionable and affordable prices for plus-size clothes for women.


Hopefully, you found this information on plus-size clothing size charts for women to be helpful. Always take your exact body measurements before purchasing clothing online; never make assumptions about your body size.

Many people use style and fashion to express themselves, and dressing attractively can make them feel more confident. Plus size clothing for women is made to fit women who have larger bodies than average, plus size fashion has just lately been popular in the fashion industry as the need for stylish clothes for plus size women has become more obvious.

Then, when designing women’s apparel, many designers disregard larger body types and sizes, making it harder for plus-size women to find fashionable attire. Even when plus-size women find clothing, it is often outdated and limited.

Fortunately, the fashion industry is learning from its mistakes, and many designers are creating clothing for plus-size women. However, many women worldwide continue to struggle to obtain the proper clothing due to a lack of standardized sizing recommendations. This article includes a plus-size chart for women. It also includes answers to some often asked questions and directions for using the chart by taking precise body measurements.

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