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Not all bras provide good support. The larger the cup size and the heavier the bust, the more difficult it is to find the optimal bra. Fortunately, there are a few tricks to help you. Here’s what to keep in mind when buying a bra for the larger and heavier bust. Discover all in the Bra Plus Size chart. As many as 75% of women wear the wrong size bra, imagine women looking for plus sizes in bras.

“A bra should feel comfortable, regardless of the bust size.”

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Plus size Bras : Check the straps as well as the cup size

When looking for a plus-sized Bra it’s not an easy task to find the right-sized bra.
A large bust also carries weight! A very large bust can weigh up to 4 kg and needs a good stable bra that can help lift and support the bust and relieve the back and neck. This places demands on your bra, but there are more factors that determine how much support a bra can provide. It is not uncommon for women with a heavy bust to look mainly at the shoulder straps and how wide they are. Then they check whether the model is available in their cup size and in that case they buy the bra.

There’s a dedicated post about all the steps we suggest in chosing and buying your or your daughters’ first bra and make it a great experience here

The Bra Plus Size Size chart : step by step

How to Measure your bra size when looking for plus sizes?

Simple, measuring your bra size with a heavy bust is the same as looking for small-sized bras.

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Stand in front of the mirror with a tape measure

    Preferably while wearing a bra that fits you well. It might be a good idea to ask a friend to help you measure.

Step 1:

Measure around the rib cage, just below the bust.
– Measuring in Inches? Go to the closest even number and add 4 = The Band Size
– Measuring in centimeter? Go up or down to closest multiple of 5 = The Band Size

Step 2:

Measure under the arm around the center of the bust.

Determine the Bra band size:

Measurement in inches23″-25″25″-27″27″-29″29″-31″31″-33″33″-35″
Your US/UK band size is:283032343638
Measurement in cm58 – 62 cm63 – 67 cm68 – 72 cm73 – 77 cm78 – 82 cm83 – 87 cm
Your EU band size is:606570758085
Small Bras or the first Bra Band Size Chart in centimeter and inches

Note that many teenager and kids bras don’t mention the cup size as there is not much cup to fill yet.
The first bra for your daughter or teenager might be found only with Band Size indication alone.

Determine the Bra cup size:

The difference between the Bust size (the biggest measurement) and the Rib Cage (or underbust) size makes the Cup size of your first bra.

in Inches
in centimeters
0″-1/2″0-1,3 cmAAAAAA
1/2″ – 1″1,3-2,6 cmAAA
2″5.1 cmBBB
3″7.6 cmCCC
4″10.2 cmDDD
5″12.7 cmDD or EDDE
6″15.2 cmDDD or FEF

1: Band size

Pull the tape measure around your chest, just below your underarms. Hold the tape measure so it is firm against your body, but not squeezing you. This measurement is your band size. If you get an odd number, round up.

2: Bust measurement

Now measure loosely around the fullest part of your bustline.

3: Calculate cup size

Subtract your band size from your bust measurement to find your cup size. Match the number to this cup size chart to determine your cup size.


Let’s say your bust measurement is 51 inches and your band size is 46 inches. 51-46=5, so using the chart below, you are a DD cup. You will want to shop for size 46DD bras.

1″= A5″= DD9″= I
2″= B6″= DDD & F10″= J
3″= C7″= G11″= K
4″= D8″= H

Size guide for bras in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL

Now the bra size is determined, you might come accross many soft and strapless bras in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL. For teens and younger girls the Cup size will help figuring your international Size in buying the correct bra.

A – BS
B – CM
C – DL

One more thing:

If you haven’t measured yourself for a year or more, your bra size may have changed. Exercise, aging, pregnancy, and weight gain or loss can affect your bra size. Pick a month and try to remember to measure during that month every year.

International Plus Size bra size converter

Different sizing used across the globe can be confusing! Find below an easy to use Bra Size Converter.
Do you want to check which bra size corresponds to the French or UK size? You want to buy a very nice Italian design bra for your daughter but only know the US size of your teenager?
Check your size in the below table.
The Cup sizes (A, B, C etc.) are the same in all sizes

International Band Size Chart including Plus Sized Bras


International Cup Size Chart including Plus Size Bras


Japan / HKG
New Zealand

Example: if you’re a French size 90B, your European size is 75B, your Australian Size is 12B, and your UK size is 34B.

Plus Size Bra fit checklist

Now that you know your right bra size, let’s double-check that your bras are fitting you correctly.

Bra Size Check: Band

The band is the main support feature of your bra, so it is important that it fits well. When you buy a new bra, fit it to the loosest row of hooks, so you can tighten it as the elastic loosens over time and washings.

  • Is the band secure but not too tight? If you can’t fit a finger between the bra band and your body, the bra is too tight.
  • Is the band too loose? If there are gaps at the bottom of the cup, the band is too loose and the bra will ride up.

Bra Size Check: Center Gore

  • Does the center gore (the area between the cups) lie flat?
  • Can you stick a finger under the center gore? The center gore should be tighter than that to keep your breasts from slipping out the bottom.

Bra Size Check: Cups

  • Are there “empty spots” in the cups of your bra? The cups should look full and smooth. If there are pockets in the fit, you need a smaller cup size.
  • Is there spillage on the sides (under your arms) or over the top of the cups? If so, you need a larger cup size or a bra design with more cup coverage and/or higher sides.
  • If you wear an underwire bra, is the underwire flat against your chest? If the underwire is riding up, you need a larger cup size. If it is pinching or poking, you need to buy a new bra.

Bra Size Check: Straps

Look for adjustable straps so you can tighten the strap over time as the elastic loosens.

  • Do the straps rest comfortably on your shoulders without pinching or digging? You don’t want to see a reddish strap imprint when you take your bra off at the end of the day. Adjust the straps, switch to convertible straps, or try a different band size.
  • Do the straps slip off your shoulders? If adjusting the straps doesn’t fix the problem, toss the bra. Either the elastic has lost it or you need a different size.

Try different brands to get your best fit

Not all bra brands fit the same way. You may find bras in several brands that fit you wonderfully, but they probably won’t all be the same size.

Plus Bra sizing explained

Plus size bra sizing explained by Holly

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