My Daughters’ first bra

When should my daughter start wearing a bra?

What’s the perfect age for my daughters’ first bra? As soon as the breasts start growing and getting curved, small (sometimes very tender) bumps below the nipples, is typically when girls start wearing training bras.
As girls are susceptible at that age, you can also check if their girlfriends are already wearing a bra. Then you know you will get the question pretty fast.
Is your daughter very active or complains when doing her favorite sports, you can consider looking for the first bra.
When a girl can fill a B cup is when you can start buying a standard bra.

Buying the first bra for your daughter is a big thing

As we preach on online shopping, this product you can consider buying in a real store.
If you plan to buy it online, make yourself comfortable together with your daughter and buy that first bra together! Give your daughter confidence and make it a memorable ‘First Bra Shopping’ event by scouting through options together at the comfort of your home or in the store, make it a real mother-daughter moment (or father-daughter moment). This is a milestone and hopefully, your daughter will look back at it to be a pleasant one.

The First bra : A Beginner bra, A trainer bra or a Bralette

The first bra is commonly termed as a ‘beginner’ or ‘trainer’ bra. All are types of Bralettes.
Bralettes tend to be non-wired and give lighter support than a regular bra; however, wired styles also exist on the market. It’s not recommended to start with a wired first bra for your daughter. Bralettes come in lots of guises, and in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll be sure to find one that works well.

This bralette’s real purpose is to provide coverage for the budding nipples and lets your daughter get used to wearing an additional piece of clothing.

How to Measure the first bra size?

Step 1:

Measure around the rib cage, just below the bust.
– Measuring in Inches? Go to the closest even number and add 4 = The Band Size
– Measuring in centimeter? Go up or down to closest multiple of 5 = The Band Size

Step 2:

Measure under the arm around the center of the bust.

My daughters’ first Bra Size chart

Determine the Bra band size:

Measurement in inches23″-25″25″-27″27″-29″29″-31″31″-33″33″-35″
Your US/UK band size is:283032343638
Measurement in cm58 – 62 cm63 – 67 cm68 – 72 cm73 – 77 cm78 – 82 cm83 – 87 cm
Your EU band size is:606570758085
Small Bras or your daughters’ first Bra Band Size Chart in centimeter and inches

Note that many teenager and kids bras don’t mention the cup size as there is not much cup to fill yet.
The first bra for your daughter or teenager might be found only with Band Size indication alone.

Determine the Bra cup size:

The difference between the Bust size (biggest measurement) and the Rib Cage (or underbust) size makes the Cup size of your Daughters’ first bra.

in Inches
in centimeters
0″-1/2″0-1,3 cmAAAAAA
1/2″ – 1″1,3-2,6 cmAAA
2″5.1 cmBBB
3″7.6 cmCCC
4″10.2 cmDDD
5″12.7 cmDD or EDDE
6″15.2 cmDDD or FEF

Size guide for bras in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL

Now the bra size is determined, you might come accross many soft and strapless bras in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL. For teens and younger girls the Cup size will help figuring your international Size in buying the correct bra.

A – BS
B – CM
C – DL

International first bra size converter

Different sizing used across the globe can be confusing! Find below an easy to use Bra Size Converter.
Do you want to check which bra size corresponds to the French or UK size? You want to buy a very nice Italian design bra for your daughter but only know the US size of your teenager?
Check your size in the below table.
The Cup sizes (A, B, C etc.) are the same in all sizes


Japan / HKG
New Zealand

Example: if you’re a French size 90B, your European size is 75B, your Australian Size is 12B, and your UK size is 34B.

Didn’t find your size?

Top tips for choosing the first bra for your daughter

Choosing the right bra size is as important as choosing the right shape. The bra must support the bust properly first and foremost.

How should my daughter’s first bra fit?

Chose the right bra size and fit it properly to be comfortable. Not only is a badly fitted bra ugly but it can also affect your health. A good fitting bra is comfortable and the aim is you don’t feel like you’re wearing one. First focus on the correct size, choose the shape later.

Adjusting straps to suit my shape

We’re not all the same length between our shoulders and our bust. For maximum comfort and balance, adjust the straps to suit your build. An easy thing to do is to check they’re not too tight: if you can put your finger between the shoulder and strap once adjusted then it means it fits properly. If you have a large bust, choose a model with wide straps for better support.

Does my bra suit my bust?

Have you tried to adjust your bra and it still doesn’t feel right? If you feel like you’re wearing a bra, and you’re sure about your size, then it’s the shape that needs to be adjusted.

The bra band goes up at the back

The band is the most important part of your bra. Adjust the length of the straps a bit to stop it going up.
The bra bands still go up? Your bra is too big. Choose a bra with a smaller band size but don’t change the cup size.

The cups on my bra are loose

Your bust isn’t properly supported when you feel they’re not properly supported.
The cups are loose or the top of the cup doesn’t touch your skin. The chosen size is too big. To resolve the situation, choose a model with a smaller band size and cup size.

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