Birkenstock Work Shoes for professionals

Birkenstock Work Shoes for professionals: Size charts and Fitting guides

Discover all you need to know about Birkenstock Work shoes for professionals for your daily work routine: Size-Charts, fitting guides & tips.

In certain environments, you can use normal Birkenstock shoes as well. These shoes offer great comfort but are aware they don’t offer the protection you need like non-slip features, toe protection, or ESD functionalities.

How to measure your size for Birkenstock Work shoes and Safety shoes

Discover a handy description How to measure your foot link.
Probably you don’t feel like reading or quickly want to measure your feet.

How to try on safety shoes or safety boots?

  1. Completely lace-up your footwear. (when you’re looking for clogs or sandals you can skip this step)
  2. Walk around briefly in your new footwear to feel and check the comfort.
  3. Ensure the boot/shoe and your foot bend in the same place.
  4. Pay attention if you don’t feel the protective toecap in the bending zone. (only in case of protective and safety footwear)
  5. The boot/shoe arch and your foot arch should line up perfectly.
  6. Your heel should be feeling well supported and sufficient grip in the heel cup. (when you’re looking for clogs or sandals you can skip this step)
  7. Make sure you have enough toe space (your toes shouldn’t touch the end)

BIRKENSTOCK offers most of its models in two widths: a standard width for normal feet and a narrow width for smaller feet. Also, many models are adjustable. You can use the straps and buckles on BIRKENSTOCK sandals and shoes to adjust them individually to fit your foot. This ensures a high level of comfort. Check when buying for the below symbols

birkenstock regular narrow size charts

– Regular Fit = normal width
– Narrow Fit = narrow width

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Birkenstock Work Shoes Size Chart

354 – 4.5 Women223227
365 – 5.5 Women228234
376 – 6.5 Women235242
387 – 7.5 Women
5 – 5.5 Men
398 – 8.5 Women
6 – 6.5 Men
409 – 9.5 Women
7 – 7.5 Men
4110 – 10.5 Women
8 – 8.5 Men
4211 – 11.5 Women
9 – 9.5 Men
4312 – 12.5 Women
10 – 10.5 Men
4411 – 11.5 Men283289
4512 – 12.5 Men290297
4613 – 13.5 Men298302
4714 – 14.5 Men303307
4815 – 15.5 Men308314
4916 – 16.5 Men315322
5017 – 17.5 Men323327
The only complete Birkenstock Size Chart with Conversion between Metric / Imperial Length and US + EU Sizes

Birkenstock Shoes Size Chart: Width


Birkenstock Work Shoes Technical features

Non-slip or Slip Resistant

Non-slip soles for a secure step: Working in a hospital, in a nursing home, in food service, or in a kitchen puts a lot of stress on workers’ feet. When there’s no industrial protection needed, these type of jobs require shoes are called Occupational shoes.
These jobs are usually done for a lifetime. Good work shoes not only ensure that their feet will feel as comfortable as possible throughout the workday – but they also help prevent work accidents and posture problems. Those who stand or walk a lot as part of their job need to look for an anatomically shaped footbed and a good fit.

A flexible, soft outsole that supports the natural rolling motion of the foot and offers a firm grip – even on slippery surfaces, such as tiled floors – is especially important. To meet the needs of these workers, BIRKENSTOCK has developed the super-grip sole.

Birkenstock supergrip outsole size charts
Birkenstock Super-Grip Outsole

The special sole for jobs that involve a lot of standing or moving is comprised of two components: The nonslip, oil- and grease-resistant sole made of high-quality rubber gives the shoes the grip they need; the sole meets the standards of EN ISO 20347. The shock-absorbing midsole made of ultralight, very flexible EVA automatically smooths out slight irregularities in the floor and reduces the impact on joints. So the super-grip sole is particularly suitable for daily use in hospitals, care facilities, kitchens, and the foodservice industry.

Standards in Birkenstock Work and Safety Shoes

At the end of the 1990s, uniform standards for safety, protective and occupational footwear were introduced. Occupational footwear refers to all shoes that have nonslip, anti-static, or similar features and that generally do not have special toe protection.

  • EN ISO 20345: Specifications for safety footwear
  • EN ISO 20346: Specifications for protective footwear
  • EN ISO 20347: Specifications for occupational footwear

BIRKENSTOCK professional models with soles that are explicitly designated as nonslip meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • SRA: Nonslip on ceramic tiles with cleaning agents
  • SRB: Nonslip on steel floors with glycerin
  • SRC: Nonslip on ceramic floors with cleaning agents and steel floors with glycerin

Birkenstock Work Shoes: Professions and use

  • Medical/Care Professions
  • Kitchen And Food Services
  • Food Industry
  • Industry/skilled trades
  • Garden

The dedicated Birkenstock Size Charts:

Birkenstock adjust buckle for great fitting
Birkenstock : adjust for the best fitting

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