Plus Size Charts And Styling Guide

Ideally, even if a woman knows her clothing size, it is always important to use a measuring tape to measure the bust size, waist size, and low hip size. All info is combined in helpful plus size charts and styling guide. This helps when purchasing outfits from different manufacturers. In fact, sizing experts recommend body measurement as different clothing manufacturers produce pants with a difference in inches. To be sincere, it could be hurting if you don’t get a perfect size for yourself. 

In this article, we have prepared well-researched plus size charts and a styling guide for you. You will also find a comprehensive size chart that will guide you when purchasing the different girl’s garments. 

Discover Different Plus Size Charts 

Before we demystify the different girl’s clothing plus size, it is significant that we have the actual measurement of the body. The table below shows the different sizes of bust, waist, and low hip depending on the body type. The body size chart will help determine if you will purchase a loose fit or a tight fit clothing. 

For the enhanced range of clothing and a variety of fits such as sweaters, shorts, capris, skirts, jackets, pants, signature t jeans, straight fit jeans, curvy fit jeans, and dresses you should always review the size chart below depending on your body type. 

SIZEBUST in (CM and Inches)WAIST in (CM and Inches)LOW HIP in (CM and Inches)
1038 cm 14.9606 inches 32 cm 12.5984 inches40.5 cm 15.94488 inches
1240 cm 15.748 inches34 cm 13.3858 inches42.5 cm 16.73228 inches
1442 cm 16.5354 inches36 cm 14.1732 inches44.5 cm 17.51969 inches
1644 cm 17.3228 inches38 cm 14.9606 inches46.5 cm 18.30709
1846 cm 18.1102 inches40 cm 15.748 inches48.5 cm 19.09449 inches
2048 cm 18.8976 inches42 cm 16.5354 inches50.5 cm 19.88189 inches
2250 cm 19.685 inches44 cm 17.3228 inches52.5 cm 20.66929
2452 cm 20.4724 inches46 cm 18.1102 inches54.5 cm 21.45669 inches
2654 cm 21.2598 inches48 cm 18.8976 inches56.5 cm 22.24409 inches
2856 cm 22.0472 inches50 cm 19.685 inches58.5 cm 23.0315 inches
3058 cm 22.8346 inches52 cm 20.4724 inches60.5 cm 23.8189 inches
3260 cm 23.622 inches54 cm 21.2598 inches62.5 cm 24.6063 inches
3462 cm 24.4094 inches56 cm 22.0472 inches64.5 cm 25.3937 inches
3664 cm 25.1969 inches58 cm 22.8346 inches66.5 cm 26.1811 inches
3866 cm 25.9843 inches60 cm 23.622 inches68.5 cm 26.9685 inches
4068 cm 26.7717 inches62 cm 24.4094 inches70.5 cm 27.75591 inches

How to measure your bust size

Using a measuring tape start measuring from the lower part of your armpit moving around the chest. You will have an accurate size bust measurement.

 How to measure your Waist size

Using a measuring tape to measure the natural waist is easy, even if you have gorgeous curves. Stand straight and use a soft tape measure by placing it below the rib cage but above the belly. Measure the smallest area of the waist. 

How to measure the lower hip size

For consistent measurement stand on your feet wrap the soft tape measure around your lower hip. Ensure you keep the tape straight to avoid any incorrect measurement. 

Bra Size Chart. 

As a matter of fact, you need a perfect size bra to ensure that you feel comfortable and your girl’s clothes – size look awesome specifically the tops. 

Measuring the Bra Size.

Using a tape measure, wrap it below the breast here you will get the band size or the band measurement, then use the same measuring tape measure around the breast to get the bust size.  Read a full detailed plus bra sizing how to here

To get the bra size minus the band size from the bust size. The result will be the cup size. The bra size will be your band size + cup size. It is also important to consider the division between the chest or from breast to breast. 

1 inch or 2.54 cm = A Cup2 Inch or 5.08 cm  – B Cup3 Inch or 7.62 cm = C Cup4 Inch or 10.16 cm= D Cup
5 Inch or 12.7 cm= DD Cup6 Inch or 15.24 cm = DDD Cup7 Inch or 17.78 cm = F Cup8 Inch or 20.32 cm = G Cup
9 Inch or 22.86 cm = H Cup10 Inch or 25.4 cm= I Cup 11 Inch or 27.94 cm = J Cup12 Inch or 30.48 cm = K Cup

Sports Bra Size Chart and Bralet Sizes Chart. 

In the size chart below we shall have a look at the different sports bra sizes and accurate bracelet sizes. 

SizeBust Size in CM and InchesBra Size
1239 – 41.5 cm 15.3543 – 16.33858 inches38B
14/1640 – 45.5 cm 15.748 – 17.91339 inches38C,40C
18/2044 – 49 cm 17.3228 – 19.2913 inches40D,42D
22/2447.5 – 52.5 cm 18.70079 – 20.66929 inches 42DD,44DD
26/2851 – 56 cm 20.0787 – 22.0472 inches 44DDD,46DDD
30/3255 – 60 cm 21.6535 – 23.622 inches46F,48F

Panties plus Size Chart. 

To ensure you get the perfect size of your pantie you need to review our well-researched pantie size chart below. 

Size Waist in CM and InchesLow Hip CM and Inches 
1234 cm 13.3858 inches42.5 cm 16.73228 inches
14/1636-38 cm 14.1732 – 14.9606 inches44.5-46.5 cm 17.51969 – 18.30709 inches
18/2040-42 cm 15.748 – 16.5354 inches48.5-50.5 cm 19.09449 – 19.88189 inches
22/2444-46 cm 17.3228 – 18.1102 inches52.5-54.5 cm 20.66929 – 21.45669 inches 
26/2848-50 cm 18.8976 – 19.685 inches 56.5-58.5 cm 22.24409 – 23.0315 inches 
30/3252-54 cm 20.4724 – 21.2598 inches60.5-62.5 cm 23.8189 – 24.6063 inches 
34/36 56-58 cm 22.0472 – 22.8346 inches 64.5-66.5 cm 25.3937 – 26.1811 inches 

Babydolls Size Chart. 

SizeCup SizeBust in CM and InchesWaist in CM and Inches Low Hip in CM and Inches Comparable Cup Size 
14/1638C40-42 cm 15.748-16.5354 inches34-36 cm 13.3858-14.1732 inches 42-44 cm 16.5354-17.3228 inches40B/36D/34DD
18/2040D44-46 cm 17.3228-18.1102 inches38-40 cm 14.9606-15.748 inches46-48 cm 18.1102-18.8976 inches42C/38DD/36DDD
22/2442DD48-50 cm 18.8976-19.685 inches42-44 cm 16.5354-17.3228 inches 50-52 cm 19.685-20.4724 inches46C/44D/40DDD
26/2844DD52-54 cm 20.4724-21.2598 inches46-48 cm 18.1102-18.8976 inches54-56 cm 21.2598-22.0472 inches46D/42DDD
26/2844DDD52-54 cm 20.4724-21.2598 inches46-48 cm 18.1102- 18.8976 inches54-56 cm 21.2598-22.0472 inches 46DD

Swim Top, Bottom, and, and Cover-Ups Size Charts. 

Here we have created charts for plus sizes of swim top, swim bottom, and swim cover-ups. 

Swim Top Size Chart. 

SizeBust in CM and InchesBra Size
1239-41.5 cm 15.3543-16.33858 inches 38B
1440.5-43 cm 15.94488-16.9291 inches 38C
1643-45.5 cm 16.9291-17.91339 inches 40C
1844-46.5 cm 17.3228-18.30709 inches 40D
2046.5-49 cm 18.30709-19.2913 inches42D
2247.5-50 cm 18.70079-19.685 inches 42DD
2450-52.5 cm 19.685-20.66929 inches 44DD
2651-53.5 cm 20.0787-21.06299 inches44DDD
2853.5-56 cm 21.06299-22.0472 inches46DDD
3055-57.5 cm 21.6535-22.6378 inches46F

Swim Bottom Size Chart. 

SizeWaist in CM and Inches Low Hip in CM and Inches
1234 cm 13.3858 inches42.5 cm 16.73228 inches 
1436 cm 14.1732 inches44.5 cm 17.51969 inches
1638 cm 14.9606 inches46.5 cm 18.30709 inches
1840 cm 15.748 inches 48.5 cm 19.09449 inches
2042 cm 16.5354 inches50.5 cm 19.88189 inches 
2244 cm 17.3228 inches52.5 cm 20.66929 inches
2446 cm 18.1102 inches54.5 cm 21.45669 inches
2648 cm 18.8976 inches 56.5 cm 22.24409 inches
2850 cm 19.685 inches 58.5 cm 23.0315 inches 
3052 cm 20.4724 inches60.5 cm 23.8189 inches 
3254 cm 21.2598 inches 62.5 cm 24.6063 inches 

Swim Cover-Ups Size Chart. 

SizeBust in CM and Inches Low Hip in CM and Inches 
14/1642-44 cm 16.5354-17.3228 inches44.5-46.5 cm 17.51969-18.30709 inches
18/2046-48 cm 18.1102-18.8976 inches48.5-50.5 cm 19.09449-19.88189 inches
22/2450-54 cm 19.685-21.2598 inches52.5-54.5 cm 20.66929-21.45669 inches 
26/2856-58 cm 22.0472-22.8346 inches 56.5-58.5 cm 22.24409-23.0315 inches
30/3260-62 cm 23.622-24.4094 inches60.5-62.5 cm 23.8189-24.6063 inches

Tips for Plus Size Women – Style Advice. 

1. Understand your body measurement. 

For plus-size women, measuring your bust, waist, and hip using measuring tape so that one can get the actual measurement to ensure you purchase the standard sizes of garments from brand to brand is critical. Having the accurate size measurement will make it easy for you to use the size chart and our size guide. 

2. Always clutch your body. 

Embracing your body type is always significant. It will help you appreciate who you are either hourglass, inverted triangle, or apple, and help you get specific sizes of clothes using our apparel size chart. 

3. Appreciate your body type.

If you don’t appreciate your body type, no one else will ever do so. Different body types require a different type of sizing, therefore understanding your body type helps get an accurate sizing of your clothing. 

4. Identify your perfect color palette.

Depending on your skin, eyes, and hair some colors will always complement your appearance.

5. Get inspiration from other plus-size women. 

Never get baffled to observe what other plus-size women are doing. Observe their dress code and come back to the sizing chart and try to find out your correct size dress from our size guide. 

6. Follow plus-size influencers, bloggers, and communities on social media. 

In this world of technology, always keep following the plus-size influencers, bloggers, and join communities on social media to find out the piece styles available and also get style advice. 


In reality, plus-size women and girls can have sleepless nights trying to figure out which is the perfect size garment to purchase at retail price. These plus-size charts and styling guides will help you get the correct body measurements. It is easier today to get all sizes of apparel from different brands which can fit your body from tight fit to loose fit with the guidance of our size chart.

If you enjoyed reading our size charts and styling guides feel free to leave a comment below.  

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