Costume Plus Size Fitting Guide and Tips for men and women

A Costume Plus size is made for curvy bodies and is a great way to show off your wilder side. The selection is endless – from sexy supervillains to traditional outfits such as pirates and witches. Whatever your taste, you will find a costume to fit your needs.

Costume plus size are special costumes designed mostly for plus-sized women and men. For women, plus-size costumes are more than just fancy dress outfits.

They range in size e.g plus size costumes 4x, plus size Halloween costumes 5xetc.  A great way to find the perfect costume is to research before going shopping.

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Plus size Costume Plus Size Chart
Women’s Costume Plus Size Chart

Plus Size Costume Chart

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When buying a plus-sized costume, the size chart should match your measurements. Using size charts will help you determine the right size for your body type. A good costume will fit you perfectly.

For example, a child’s size will be an XL, and an adult will be an XXL. Children’s costumes are cut to fit rounder body shapes and will be shorter than adult sizes. Therefore, you should purchase an appropriate size. As an adult, you should order a costume based on your height.

It is important to remember that seasonal costumes will often run small. This means that you should purchase a plus-sized costume. Check the girth measurement, as this will tell you how to buy a larger costume. 

Here are some chart examples;

Costumes for plus-size ladies (Female adults)

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Extra Small32-3481-8622-2456-6165165
STD (Medium)36-3891-9727-3069-7665165
Plus Size42-44107-11235-3890-9765165

Costumes for plus-size men

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SizesChest Waist Height 
Small (38-40)40101.63486.3670177.8
Medium (40-42)42106.683691.4470177.8
Large (42-44)44111.763896.5270177.8
X-Large (44-46)46116.8440101.670177.8
One Size (fits up to)44111.763896.5270177.8
L/XLPlus XXL (48-52)52132.0848121.9270177.8

Plus-sized costumes are also great for parties. The wide variety of colors and styles means you can dress up for the occasion. Examples include plus size Halloween costumes for couples, plus size Halloween costumes for torrid, Ursula costumes, Harley Quinn costumes, Velma costumes, etc.

You can wear a variety of accessories with a plus-sized costume, including jewelry. Using the right jewelry will spice up your look and make you look even more seductive. But color and pattern should be considered before purchasing. A beautiful plus-size costume will turn heads. The right choice will make you feel great.

Why It Is Important to Know the Right Size Before You Buy a Costume

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Knowing the size of a plus-size costume before buying one is important. However, if you know how to measure yourself, you can find a costume that fits well. 

To determine your size, measure your bust, waist, and hips at the widest part. Make sure to measure from the armpit to the floor. Men should take their chest, neck, and waist measurements. You can also measure their inseams. Always check the size chart when purchasing a costume. You can also get a larger or smaller dress if you want to show off your cleavage.

If you want to buy a plus-size costume for a special occasion, you should consider buying a classic one that you can wear again. This will save you the trouble of buying a new one every now and then. And you can use the same costume for other occasions if it still fits. Just remember to take the measurements of your belly and hips before you make your purchase. 

Here’s Some Halloween Costume Inspiration (video)

AMAZON Plus Size Halloween Costumes 2019 by Sarah Rae Vargas

How to Choose the Right Size Costume

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Choosing the right plus-size costume is easier than you might think. You just have to know what body shape you have. If you have full hips and long lean legs, you’ll want to wear a figure-flattering costume to flaunt those features! Luckily, there are plenty of plus-size costumes for women. From witches to spooky ghosts, there are many choices to choose from.

When choosing a costume, remember how much of your body you want to show, the theme you want, how much you want to spend, and how comfortable you will be in it.

The best costume for you

If you are looking for the perfect plus-size Halloween costume, you should consider several factors before you make your purchase. Depending on the party’s theme, some costumes may be too revealing for you. This is particularly true if you are a large woman or have an extra-large bust. 

A figure-flattering costume will accentuate your natural curves, revealing your lean legs and full hips. Besides the costume itself, you can also consider accessories that will make your outfit complete. A wide selection of plus-size Halloween shoes is available for women, so check out the size charts. Whether you want to go as a witch, a ghoul, or a spooky ghost, you will be sure to find the right one.

The best plus Size costume can steal the show! Not only is it high quality, but many of these costumes are designed to be worn several times. You can be a Renaissance queen, a fairy princess, or a witch! There are plenty of options to choose from! You can also find extended sizes, which ensure proper fit and maintain quality. 

How to measure, how to find your size costume

Whether you are looking for costumes for Halloween or any other occasion, having the right measurements is very important when it comes to finding the right costume plus size for you. Take measurements around the bust, waist, and hips. For men, measure the inseam (the part from armpit to floor). 

Your bust measurement should be about two to three inches larger than your high or low bust.  First, measure your full bust by placing the measuring tape across your back. Make sure that the tape does not pinch or be too tight. 

Be sure to wear form-fitting clothing that you can easily get into. Don’t pull the tape too tight; leave some wiggle room. For the bust measurement, you should hold the measuring tape to the fullest part of your bust, which is about eight to ten inches down from your waist. 

Then, measure the hips. They should be 21-23cm/8-9″ below the waist. 

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More designers and retailers are offering plus-size costumes to fit curvier figures. A plus-size costume isn’t just a regular size that is made larger. It is specifically designed to flatter a larger body.

When shopping online, read the sizing information carefully and consider the accessories included. If you’re shopping for a Halloween costume, you might want to go with a traditional one, but plenty of costumes can fit your needs.

Check the size chart to ensure you buy the correct size and style. Whether it is a regular, large, or extra-large size, the measurements are important. Some retailers only offer straight sizes for plus-size women.

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