Homecoming Dress Plus Size Guide for Girl’s on a Night Out!

A homecoming dress is the one teenage girls in the US wear on prom night. Most expert fashion stylists say it’s hard to produce plus-size dresses because doing it right is expensive. As such, ordering a prom dress online feels tricky for most people since there isn’t a definitive way to know whether the dress will fit (skip straight to homecoming dress plus size charts). 

Luckily, we’ve assembled everything you need to know to choose the right dress size in this post. This will ensure you order the right homecoming dress plus-size.

Homecoming Dress Plus Size Guide for Girl's on a Night Out! size-charts.com
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Table of Content of Homecoming Dress Plus Size

Homecoming Dress Plus Size Chart

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It’s important to note that most brands and designers have their own sizing system, which means there isn’t a standard size chart for plus-size prom dresses. However, you can use this one for comparison. 

Sizes in inches:

1443 inches38 inches46 inches
1645 inches40 inches48 inches
1847 inches42 inches50 inches
2049 inches44 inches52 inches
2251 inches46 inches54 inches
2453 inches48 inches56 inches
2655 inches50 inches58 inches
2857 inches52 inches60 inches
3059 inches54 inches62 inches
3261 inches56 inches64 inches
3463 inches58 inches66 inches
3665 inches60 inches68 inches
3867 inches62 inches70 inches
4069 inches64 inches72 inches

Homecoming Dress sizes in cm:

14109.2 cm96.5 cm116.8 cm
16114.3 cm101.6 cm121.9 cm
18119.3 cm106.7 cm127 cm
20124.5 cm111.8 cm132.1 cm
22129.5 cm116.8 cm137.1 cm
24134.6 cm121.9 cm142.2 cm
26139.7 cm127 cm147.3 cm
28144.8 cm132.1 cm152.4 cm
30149.9 cm137.1 cm157.5 cm
32154.9 cm142.2 cm162.6 cm
34160 cm147.3 cm167.6 cm
36165.1 cm152.4 cm172.7 cm
38170.1 cm157.5 cm177.8 cm
40175.3 cm162.6 cm182.9 cm

Homecoming Prom dress plus size chart in alpha sizing

XS or 031.52335.5
XS or 1/232 1/52436.5
S or 3/433.52537.5
S or 5/634.52638.5
M or 7/835.52739.5
M or 9/1036.52840.5
L or 11/1237.52941.5
L or 13/1438.53042.5
XL or 15/164031.544
XXL or 17/184233.546
XXL or 19/204435.548
XXXL or 21/224637.550
XXXL or 23/244839.552

How to Choose the Right Size Prom Dresses

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Finding the right plus-size prom dress can feel impossible, especially when looking for options online. Luckily, you can learn how to measure your size below to avoid the hassle of returning a dress because it didn’t deliver a good fit. There are two steps to knowing the perfect dress size: taking body measurements and checking the size charts. 

You’ll need a soft tape measure and a place you can record your measurements, like a book or your phone. Since it’s important to keep your body relaxed during the process, you should get someone else to help with taking the measurements.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Bust – you need to measure around the fullest part of the bust. Ensure the tape measure goes under the arms and across your back as you keep it parallel to the ground. Keep the tape measure close to the body but not too tight for a close fit.
  • Waist – take the tape measure around the narrowest part of your abdomen, right under your ribs. Remember to keep the tape relaxed as you measure your natural waistline along your navel. 
  • Hips – Find the curviest point of the hips and measure around it with the tape coming to the crotch. Keeping the legs close together will ensure the measurement is more accurate. 

Once you’ve taken these down, go back to the size charts and check out what your ideal size prom night dress is. Different brands will offer different sizing charts but as long as you have your body measurements, finding the right size will be easy. 

If your measurements are falling in between two sizes, go with the larger size. In case the store doesn’t have a return policy, you can always have a formal dress designer adjust it. 

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The Best Plus Size Homecoming Dress for You

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When looking for a stunning dress for prom, there are more considerations to make in addition to the size. Let’s discuss them below. 

Dress color

The color of your dress can make or break your appearance on prom night. However, your preference is the main determinant of the color you choose. You can go with bright colors if you want a fun and happy appearance or dull colors to set a formal tone. 

Some of the most popular options include:

  • Light blue prom dresses
  • Red prom dresses
  • Royal blue prom dresses
  • Black prom dresses
  • Pink prom dresses
  • Green prom dresses


If you are visiting a physical store, it can be easy to have fun with fabrics since you can see the actual fabrics used to make the dress. However, when buying or renting a plus-size dress online, you can’t touch the fabric to know if you want it. So, you should go with materials that are familiar and bring out the best version of you. 

If you want a luxurious feel, you can go with a silk or velvet prom dress. But if you want to feel more flexible, you could choose a chiffon prom dress. Eventually, it comes down to what you like. 


This is something that most people fail to account for. You need to determine the ideal length of your dress to avoid difficulties when walking around or dancing. 


The style of your dress is another crucial factor to consider. Your prom night isn’t a regular occasion, so you need to make it as special as possible by taking a stunning style. If you aren’t comfortable showing skin, you can go with full-figure dresses, but if you want to showcase your legs, you can choose a more revealing option. 

A curvy teen will look more beautiful in a dress that highlights their shape. That’s why we recommend choosing curvy prom dresses to showcase your flattering figure. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best prom dress style for plus size?

Ball gown prom dresses are a classic and a favorite for many. However, the best style for you primarily depends on preference. 

Where can you buy/rent cheap plus-size homecoming dresses?

Some of the places you can buy plus-size homecoming dresses include:

If you’d rather rent than buy a prom dress, you can try out the following online stores.


Finding the best prom dress is a huge task for any teenage girl. The stakes go even higher if you are a plus-size since finding a fitting choice is harder. You can find the right size for your dress by taking your body measurements and using them on the sizing charts provided by the brand you want. 

If you’ve found the information in this article helpful, feel free to say so below. You can also pose any questions related to this topic, and we’ll answer you as soon as possible. 

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