Plus Size Waist Trainers Size

A celebrity waist trainer like Ann Chery will be quick to prescribe a waist trainer for weight loss. They can help to shrink your waist and even help you lose weight. An ideal waist trainer needs to be worn 8-10 hours a day for weeks to months to produce results, and usually require healthy foods and exercise to shape the body. In this article, we will share all the important info about plus-size waist trainers.

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Plus Size Waist Trainer Size
Plus Size Waist Trainer Size (on Amazon)

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What are waist trainers?

A waist trainer (also called a waist trimmer) is an undergarment made up of thick but soft fabric and spiral steel boning or plastic boning. Worn around the midsection, it’s cinched up with a lacing system, rows of hooks, or Velcro closures. It’s intended to be worn much more tightly than a girdle or shaping underwear to give you a fabulous figure.

Here’s a Review of the Best Waist Trainers

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Why is a good size important?

Waist trainers are tight-fitting corsets worn for specific periods to purport to reshape your midsection by force. They are used to reshape the belly bulges of a postpartum belly.

The right size waist cincher for a plus-size woman is not necessarily from the larger sizes. Never select the size you would prefer to be instead of the size that actually fits your waist measurements.

There is no point getting a waist trainer corset and not having it fit at all. Inapt size of a body waist trainer for women will not be able to complement the natural curves of a plus size lady.

When a trainer is too tight, it will narrow your lung capacity and obstruct your breathing to the point where it can be dangerous. Because of low oxygen levels, you will then start to feel dizzy and nauseated. When a trainer is too loose, it just won’t “train” anything.

Plus Size Waist Trainer Size Chart for men and women

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Labeled SizeWaist (In)Waist (Cm)

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How To Choose The Right Waist Trainer

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You need to measure your natural waist size. You can measure your natural waist size one inch above your belly button. Once measured, always choose a corset 3-4 inches (7.6 – 10.2 cm) smaller than your natural waist to achieve hourglass figures. 

Using your current waist measurement from the steps listed below, check our chart for waist trainers and pick a waist trainer size 1-2 inches ( 2.4 to 5.1 cm) away from your waist measurements. There are a few categories of waist trainers but each one can enhance the natural body shape of a wide diversity of women. 

For everyday wear of just a few hours daily wear, the typical celebrity waist trainer will recommend a steel type bust waist trainer that is almost the actual waist size of the woman. This is to induce high compression levels and thermal activity.

For extended wear almost 24/7, there will be slight changes to the waist training & corseting regimen. Sometimes waist trimmer belts made of flexible steel bones coated by an elastic material are preferred for extended wear.

If a plus-size woman must wear a bust waist trainer as daily wear for extended periods, then it is highly recommended that she gets a latex cincher for weight loss.

Waist cinchers are a type of trainer for weight loss and are usually equipped with adjustable shoulder straps and a zipper closure or a hook-and-eye closure with rows of hooks. These weight loss trainers help stop further deposits of belly fat and might be a useful tool on a weight loss journey.

Natural latex compression waist trainers can be in different vest styles with spiral steel bones.

How To Take Measurements For Waist Trainer

How do I know my waist trainer size?

  1. Find the top of your hip bone.
  2. Find the bottom of your ribs.
  3. Place a tape measure in between these two areas and wrap it over your belly button, around your natural waistline. Don’t let it be slack but not too tight either.
  4. Note the numbers at the point the tape overlaps and subtracts the smaller number from the bigger number.

If you don’t have a flexible measurement tool you can also use a piece of string to measure. Wrap the length of the string around your waist and mark the closest two points of overlap. Place the string against any measuring tool.

Here are Some Tips on How to Measure Your Body for Waist Trainer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do waist trainers work for plus size?

Yes, they do. Latex cinchers are more suitable for workouts (workout bands, in particular) and are generally more versatile for styling underneath a variety of outfits.

Steel-boned corsets will give the most dramatic hourglass curves and tend to be more durable. Some plus-size women prefer corsets because they are built to last.

Can plus-size waist trainers be comfortable?

Yes, they can be comfortable and they should be comfortable. They should be tight, but shouldn’t pinch or cause discomfort. If a waist trainer causes discomfort, take it off and consider going up a size. Your body should become accustomed to it surprisingly fast, and quickly feel more natural every time you put it on. 

Can plus size waist trainers be worn under clothes?

Yes, they can and should be worn under clothes. Waist trainers are to be worn under your clothes. There is no need to wear them over your clothes. The only time you may consider thin underwear like a camisole or a semi vest is if you need extra fabric to prevent rashes or friction between the waist trainer and your skin.

What is the best waist trainer for plus size?

There are several great choices of plus-size waist trainers. Based on product descriptions and reviews from plus-sized women; best-selling plus-size waist trainers include Lady Slim Belly Band, Fajas Colombiana Latex Waist Trainer, AnNido postpartum belly wrap, and YIANNA Women’s Underbust Latex Sport Girdle Waist Trainer Corsets Hourglass Body Shaper.


Expensive and high-quality waist trainers quickly show results, but any plus-sized woman can pick from a wide collection of waist trainers available on the market.

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