Jet Ski Size: Which Size Should You Go For?

Also known as a water scooter, a jet ski is a watercraft that riders sit or stand on, similar to a boat. Manufacturers offer riders a wide variety of these recreational models, including the Sea-Doo model, Flagship model, Kawasaki jet ski SX-R, and Kawasaki Ultra (skip straight to the Jet Ski Size).  

You can choose the brand and model you want depending on your experience, passenger capacity, and fuel capacity. This will allow you to enjoy a great time with your loved ones without worrying about the fuel shortage or sturdiness of your PWC.  

Jet Ski Size: Which Size Should You Go For?
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So, why should I get the right jet ski size for me or my loved one?  

The right jet ski is designed for you to perform all your favorite water tricks with ease. It has large fuel tanks to carry energy throughout your competition duration or adventure. You are also assured of durability and minimum fuel competition with the right jet ski model size.

Here are some jet ski size charts to help you choose the best for you and your loved ones!

Jump right into the Frequently Asked Questions

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Jet Ski Size Table of Contents

Jet Ski Size Chart

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Average Jet Ski Dimensions

Jet Ski CategoryLengthWidth  Height 
Stand-Up80 – 105 in 203.2 – 266.7 cm26 – 30 in 66.0 – 76.2 cm26 – 33 in 66.0 – 83.8 cm
Rec-Lite110 – 125 in 279.4 – 317.5 cm44 – 47 in 111.8 – 119.4 cm41 – 45 in 104.1 – 114.3 cm
Recreation125 – 133 in 317.5 – 337.8 cm48 – 50 in 121.9 – 127.0 cm44 – 46 in 111.8 – 116.8 cm
Performance130 – 133 in 330.2 – 337.8 cm47 – 50 in 119.4 – 127.0 cm45 – 47 in 114.3 – 119.4 cm
Luxury135 – 140 in 342.9 – 355.6 cm47 – 50 in 119.4 – 127.0 cm45 – 48 in 114.3 – 121.9 cm

Water Scooter / Jet Ski Size Chart

Skier Weight26-30 mph Boat Dimensions30-34 mph Boat Dimensions34-36 mph Boat       Dimensions
60 – 100 lbs. 27.2 – 45.4 kgs59 – 63 in 149.9 – 160.0 cm59 – 63 in 149.9 – 160.0 cm59 – 63 in 149.9 – 160.0 cm
95 – 125 lbs. 43.1 – 56.7 kgs62 – 64 in 157.5 – 162.6 cm62 – 63 in 157.5 – 160.0 cm62 – 63 in 157.5 – 160.0 cm
115 – 140 lbs. 52.2 – 63.5 kgs64 – 66 in 162.6 – 167.6 cm63 – 66 in 160.0 – 167.6 cm63 – 65 in 160.0 – 165.1 cm
135 – 160 lbs. 61.2 – 72.6 kgs66 – 67 in 167.6 – 170.2 cm65 – 66 in 165.1 – 167.6 cm64 – 66 in 162.6 – 167.6 cm
150 – 180 lbs. 68.0 – 81.6 kgs67 – 68 in 170.2 – 172.7 cm66 – 67 in 167.6 – 170.2 cm65 – 67 in 165.1 – 170.2 cm
170 – 200 lbs. 77.1 – 90.7 kgs68 – 72 in 172.7 – 182.9 cm67 – 68 in 170.2 – 172.7 cm66 – 68 in 167.6 – 172.7 cm
190 – 215 lbs. 86.2 – 97.5 kgs72 in 182.9 cm68 – 72 in 172.2 – 182.9 cm67 – 68 in 170.2 – 172.2 cm
210 lbs & up 95.3 kg and above72 in 182.9 cm68 – 72 in 172.2 – 182.0 cm68 – 72 in 172.2 – 182.0 cm

How to Choose the Right Jet Ski Size

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Whether you like performing water sports in deep or shallow water, here are a few factors to help you choose the best jet ski size for you:

1. Type of Jet Ski

There are different types of jet skis, including stand-up models, Rec-lite, recreational, performance, and luxury.

Stand-Up Model

Stand-up jet skis are the smallest in the market and are commonly referred to as dirt bikes. With an average size of 80 to 105 inches (203.2 – 266.7 cm)
long and 26 to 33 inches (66.0 – 83.8 cm) in height, this jet ski type offers you a passenger capacity of 1 person.

This jet ski type is unsuitable for beginners, especially in rough water. However, experienced riders can maneuver and perform several tricks.

The stand-up model is a great buy if you are looking for a jet ski model that will allow you to execute advanced tricks.

Rec-Lite Watercrafts

With an average length of 110 to 125 inches (279.4 – 317.5 cm) and a height of 41 to 45 inches (104.1 – 114.3 cm), the Rec-Lite jet ski offers 1 space for passengers. Typically, you can ride them when sitting, unlike the stand-up model.

Moreover, this jet ski is lightweight and compact, allowing you to move it without difficulty. The Rec-Lite model is also ideal if you need an affordable PWC with minimal fuel consumption.

However, they can only cover specific distances; hence they can limit your adventure.

Recreational Vehicles

The recreation jet ski is the most average-sized, with a length of 125 to 133 inches (317.5 – 337.8 cm), a width of 48 to 50 inches (121.9 – 127.0 cm), and a height of 44 to 46 inches (111.8 – 116.8 cm).

It can carry three passengers, making it suitable for a small family to adventure. So if you are working on a tight budget and still want to have your whole family on one PWC, recreational jet ski models are ideal.

Performance Jet Ski

These jet skis boast the most supercharged engines. They are sit-down jet skis with high measurements, including a length of 130 to 133 inches (330.2 – 337.8 cm) and a height of 45 to 47 inches (114.3 – 119.4 cm).

If you are an adrenaline junkie, this is the ideal jet ski. It helps you zoom through the waterways at a very high speed.

Luxury Model

Looking for a PWC that will give you the high-speed thrill while offering convenient seats? The luxury jet skis provide you with comfort and powerful engines, allowing you to adventure in style.

Moreover, their size is on the higher side; hence they can accommodate more passengers. They have essential features that allow you to go for long distances.

2. Fuel Consumption

Major manufacturers focus on creating jet skis that perform exceptionally. However, when choosing a jet, you must consider its fuel consumption. You don’t want to spend all your vacation funds on buying fuel.

Some of the most economical water scooters are the Rec-Lite models. It consumes less fuel while offering you a seat to ride on, unlike luxury models, which can be costly.

3. Affordability

Whether you prefer medium or larger models, you need stand-up PWCs matching your budget. You can view your favorite brand and competitor models. Here are Kawasaki prices & values and Sea-Doo Fish Pro jet skis prices.

Nevertheless, if you prefer a more thrilling experience and can afford the luxury jet skis, Waverunner and other major manufacturers got you covered with powerful water scooters. 

4. Accessories

Your jet ski accessories determine how much fun you can have. For instance, a luxury water scooter has all the features supporting long-distance adventure, including an ample fuel tank and a powerful engine.

Consequently, when purchasing a jet ski, evaluate the jet ski trolley, hitch, winch, and receiver lock. Don’t forget to check the jet ski’s Ratchet strap and ball.

Learn more about how to choose the right Jet Ski Size and More (video)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of a jet ski trailer?

Typically, single jet ski trailers measure 140 to 180 inches long and 50 to 56 inches wide. However, double trailers are wider, boasting a length of 170 to 230 inches and a width of 92 to 108 inches.

How are jet skis measured?

When measuring jet skis, manufacturers usually consider the deepest point of the hull and the waterline. These dimensions vary from one model to another, depending on the type and brand.

How long is a stand-up jet ski?

A stand-up’s average length dimensions vary between 80 – 105 in or 203.2 – 266.7 cm.

How long is a 2-seater jet ski?

The average measurement of a 2-seater jet ski is 125-130 inches long, 45-50 inches wide, and 45 inches tall.

What are the dimensions of a WaveRunner?

The Yamaha WaveRunner EX Sport has an overall length of 10.3 ft or 3.14 m, a width of 44.5 in or 1.13 cm, and a height of 44.5 inches or 1.13 m.

Can you sit down on a jet ski?

Yes, you can sit on sit-down jet skis such as Rec-Lite models. However, stand-up models are designed to ride when standing.


Are you planning for a family vacation on your favorite beach? Getting the right jet ski size can enhance your holiday experience. All you need to do is check the weight or seat capacity requirements on the size chart, and you will get the appropriate PWC.

And suppose you get stuck choosing the type or accessories, don’t hesitate to ask for help in the comments below. Our experts will guide you through the different jet skis’ dimensions!

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