Yoga Ball Size Chart for Exercising or for Your Office

Yoga balls or birthing balls are a collection of simple soft elastic ball, filled with air. The Yoga ball size diameter of this inflated ball usually ranges from 35 (14 inches) to 85 centimeters (34 inches). The balance ball is a ball constructed of soft elastic plastic typically in 5 diameters of 10-centimeter increments, from 35 centimeters (14 inches) to 85 centimeters (34 inches), and filled with air. The air pressure is changed by removing a valve stem and either filling with air or letting the ball deflate. A higher air pressure might be needed by a yogi with a high body weight. Just like the 75-cm ball the 55-cm ball is a full-size exercise ball.

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A yoga ball is known by various other names, for instance: balance ball, birth ball, body ball, fitness ball, gym ball, gymnastic ball, physioball, pilates ball, Pezzi ball, stability ball, Swedish ball, Swiss ball, therapy ball, peanut ball. From their development as physical therapy in a clinical setting, balance balls are now used in athletic training, as part of a general fitness routine and incorporation in alternative exercises such as yoga.

Table of Content of Yoga Ball Size Chart

Yoga With Balls

A proper size peanut ball does more than increase the core strength of a pregnant woman or serve as a flat surface or bench for exercises.

The proper size of balance balls on all sizing charts of all brands of exercise balls and burst-resistant yoga balls focuses on keeping the thighs parallel, similar to when seated in the starting position on a weight bench or when in the starting position on a bike ride. The larger size balls are anti-burst balance balls that can withstand heavier weights during the dynamic stretches of an exercise routine. However, the extra weight of a heavier ball makes it compulsory to get an alternative inflation tool and to avoid an unstable surface. Based on the sizing guidelines of these fitness tools, exercise ball sizes for full-body ball workout are usually as follows.

Yoga Ball size for exercise or sitting
Yoga Ball size for exercise or sitting by Amazon

Yoga Ball Size Comparison

The 34-inch ball: This is a 85-cm ball that has been built to serve as a makeshift bench for exercises. The ball is anywhere between 33 to 35 inches tall. The 85-cm ball is a larger ball size than almost any other inflated ball size and is the largest among the yoga ball chairs. Yoga ball chairs are just some sort of active chair. Larger size anti-burst balance balls with an unsupported core always have a body weight limit that is set at about 300-pound weight limit. They may be used like a typical chair to support the body in exercises done or even to just sit at a desk. Yoga ball chair benefits are many, but one drawback is the inability to be comfortable on an unstable surface. This is mostly due to the unsupported core of a ball expandable furniture. Next in line is the 30-inch ball (75-cm ball). When in the correct position, such as the basic forward fold, the 30-inch ball is a burst-resistant ball is the best size to enhance abdominal strength.

The 26-inch ball (65-cm ball) is next in line and the majority of users fall into this segment of the sizing chart. This ball is always more than 25 inches tall regardless of the color option. 26-inch ball is available with many color choices and is the most popular among pregnant women. This durable exercise ball is sometimes called the bender ball and is best for a a typical personal trainer will reccommend it for exercises that are include a push-up position or a constrained position.

The 22-inch ball (55-cm ball) must be more than 20 inches tall but never up to 24 Inches tall. This option is a cheaper exercise ball on the chart for exercise balls.

The18-inch ball is a 45-cm exercise ball for swing speeds. David Kirsch is a celeb trainer whose efficiency is well respected, and he has never prescribed anything below 18-inch exercise balls. The 18-inch ball is a type ball with a lower static weight limit, wide color option and is usually made of eco-friendly materials. The 45-cm exercise ball is only 18 inches tall and is therefore a good birth ball. Eco-friendlier exercise ball materials are preferred by every personal trainer and celeb trainer like David Kirsch. Part of the reason being that the balls can easily be cleaned with a mild soap and they reduce the risk of injury (ankle injuries, back pain, etc). This makes the 18-inch exercise ball a good choice of physio ball among the circle of a cheaper exercise ball. Ball manufacturers put a lot of attention on the 18-inch ball and we can call it the entry level of burst-resistant yoga balls and multiple inch exercise balls.

Low on the sizing guidelines of any simple selection guide for anti-burst exercise balls are the 16-pound balls like the Power Systems Versaball stability ball, which is a popular choice exercise ball – yoga for kettlebell weight ball sizes exercise. The SCP exercise ball, power systems Versaball stability ball and the Barre ball are burst-resistant yoga balls that make great yoga ball chairs. This ball is as good as a barre ball (bender ball) when used as a ball for swing speeds. 

The final installment on the sizing guidelines of a burst-resistant ball is the 9-inch barre ball (bender ball). These anti-burst balls can withstand up to 600 pounds of pressure.

Apart from the sizes mentioned above, an inflatable ball can be in the form of mini exercise balls. This is just an extra ball that can be used for basic exercises like those that require advanced arm balance. A soccer ball size chart is good guide to picking the correct size ball of these mini exercise balls. Using  a soccer ball size chart you can pick a durable exercise ball with good enough static weight limit that agrees with the body weight limit of almost any exercise routine from a detailed exercise guide. The simple selection guide of any exercise guide is primarily focused on achieving dynamic stretches of all exercise routine with the lowest possible risk of injury.  Ball sizesexercise of the finger can be performed by mini exercise balls that are typical on the sizing chart of golf balls. This last type of ball might be just three inches tall.

A simple rule of thumb by ball manufacturers is to produce a burst-resistant ball with a body weight limit that makes the ball a correct size ball for pilates, birthing, therapy, barre ball and good choice for physio ball for swing speeds. The correct shoe size of a proper pair of an athletic shoe is important during an exercise routine because the entire shoe carries a specific portion of your weight when you are in a constrained position. It will be silly to make a proper choice of physio ball among the anti-burst exercise balls on sizing guidelines and then increase your risk of injury from a burst-resistant ball because of the wrong footwear.

Yoga Ball Size Guide

The yoga ball is a piece of fitness equipment that allows the core muscles of the upper body to align in a correct position. The correct ball size is expressed as a measure of ball height taken when the swiss ball is measured on a flat surface.

The true test of the dynamic stretches of this type of ball is any exercise routine with an extra weight of a constrained position like a push-up position or a yogi in the correct position that reduces the risk of injury, especially an ankle injury.

Yoga Ball Size Chart For Exercise

The right size for your yoga ball is very dependent on your ergonomic height. With your thighs parallel, larger size balance balls make a great weight bench. A 55-cm ball is the correct exercise ball size of the larger half of a peanut ball. Due to its therapeutic aid during pelvic contractions, it has been termed a “birth ball”. A peanut ball is simply a birth ball made of two varied inch exercise balls.

Birthing balls are great for physical therapy and is an important piece of fitness equipment. Balance balls such as a bender ball are reccomended by physical therapists for pilates, birthing, therapy and upper body ball sizes exercise. As a rule of thumb, the sizing chart for exercise balls that we have provided along with the basic guidelines above can serve as a simple selection guide as long as you remain within the body weight limit and static weight limit of the sizing guidelines (300-pound weight limit).

User Height (In)User Height (Cm)Ball Size (Cm)Ball Size (In)
For KidsFor Kids4518
< 5’31605522
5’4 – 5’10163-1796526
5’11 – 6’4180-1937530
> 6’41938534

Yoga Ball Size Chart For Desk

This type of ball can be used as an active chair or weight bench. While the barre ball (bender ball) is a good type ball for swing speeds, the 18-inch ball (45-cm exercise ball), 26-inch ball, 30-inch ball, and 85-cm ball provide the best yoga Ball chair benefits.

The 65-Cm ball is the most common size for exercise purposes and is the only size that is recommended by fitness professionals for desks. As a rule of thumb, the 90-degree rule states that with your thighs parallel, your knees should be about 10cm (4in) lower than your hips when you sit on balance balls. If you are tall or heavy, the correct exercise ball size for you would be a larger ball.

Desk Height (In)Desk Height (Cm)Ball Size (Cm)Ball Size (In)

What weight can a Yoga Ball hold?

Most standard Yoga balls have a weight limit of 250 pounds or 125 kilos, but some may go up to 300 pounds (150 kilos). If your weight exceeds a ball’s weight limit, using it can hold some risks, including the possibility of the ball bursting while in use.

What is the standard size of a yoga ball?

The yoga ball or an exercise ball is a simple soft elastic ball, filled with air. The diameter of a yoga ball usually ranges from 14 to 34 inches (35 to 85 centimetres).

What size ball should I sit on at work?

  • Measure your current chair
  • Choose a diameter of the ball be about 4 inches (10.2 cm) higher than your current chair.
  • If you are of average weight and you are under 5’3″ (160 cm), chose a 55 cm (21.7 inch) diameter exercise ball.

Yoga Ball Sizing Explained

finding the right yoga ball size by Michelle Kenway


Exercise ball sizes affect the outcome of full-body exercises. The average proportion of this piece of equipment is in relation with body heights of users. Measure your height and use the exercise ball size chart above to estimate the correct size ball for your full-body exercises.  

The correct shoe size of an athletic shoe plays an important role in carrying the extra weight and thereby reducing the risk of injury. However, even a cheaper exercise ball like a SCP exercise ball or burst-resistant yoga balls like the Power Systems Versaball stability ball and a durable exercise ball like golf balls are a wonderful option to reduce ankle injuries.

Exercise ball – yoga is supervised by sizing guidelines for pilates, birthing, therapy, and the exercise guide for ball sizesexercise. The body weight limit of of each ball matters and is seldom over the 300-pound weight limit. Low inch exercises balls and burst-resistant ball for swing speeds, like the power systems VersaBall stability ball is a lower level cheaper exercise ball that can easily be picked on a soccer ball size chart.

Let us know what you think about the correct size ball.

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