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For the most part, picking the right tent for your outdoor event, be it camping, a road trip, a wedding, or a party, depends on your size needs, and requirements. You’ll always need a spacious tent to fit everyone (skip straight to the tent size chart).

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That’s not all. You will also require a model that suits your particular event, meaning you’ll need a tent with the right height, length, width, and capacity and sizable enough to fit all accessories. With all this considered, you’ll need a tent size chart.

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Tent Size Chart Table of Contents

Tent size charts

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A tent size chart is a tabulation model that specifies the dimensions of a tent and indicates the most suitable number of people, items, and purpose for the tent according to its size.

If you are in any doubt concerning the appropriate tent size, worry no more because we aim to answer all your questions.

Here is some helpful information about different tent sizes, the various brands that offer them, and how to pick suitable tent sizes for your specific needs.

Tent size chart for wedding (seated guests)

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Imperial   Metric   
Number of GuestsSeating OnlyWith Bar and BuffetWith Dance Floor and DJDance Floor SizeSeating OnlyWith Bar and BuffetWith Dance Floor and DJDance Floor Size
4020′ x 20′20′ x 30′20′ x 40′9′ x 12′50.8 x 50.850.8 x 76.250.8 x 101.622.86 x 30.48
 400 sq ft600 sq ft800 sq ft 2580.64 m²3870.96 m²5161.28 m² 
6020′ x 30′20′ x 40′20′ x 50′12′ x 12′50.8 x 76.250.8 x 101.650.8 x 12730.48 x 30.48
 600 sq ft800 sq ft1000 sq ft 3870.96 m²5161.28 m²6451.6 m² 
8020′ x 40′20′ x 50′30′ x 40′12′ x 15′50.8 x 101.650.8 x 12776.2 x 101.630.48 x 38.1
 800 sq ft1000 sq ft1200 sq ft 5161.28 m²6451.6 m²7741.92 m² 
9030′ x 30′30′ x 40′30′ x 50′12′ x 16′76.2 x 76.276.2 x 101.676.2 x 12730.48 x 40.64
 900 sq ft1200 sq ft1500 sq ft 5806.44 m²7741.92 m²9677.4 m² 
10020′ x 50′30′ x 40′40′ x 40′16′ x 15′50.8 x 12776.2 x 101.6101.6 x 101.640.64 x 38.140.64 x 38.1
 1000 sq ft1200 sq ft1600 sq ft 6451.6 m²7741.92 m²10322.56 m² 
12030′ x 40′30′ x 50′30′ x 60′16′ x 18′76.2 x 101.676.2 x 12776.2 x 152.440.64 x 45.72
 1200 sq ft1500 sq ft1800 sq ft 7741.92 m²9677.4 m²11612.88 m² 
18030′ x 60′40′ x 60′40′ x 80′20′ x 21′76.2 x 152.4101.6 x 152.4101.6 x 203.250.8 x 53.34
 1800 sq ft2400 sq ft3200 sq ft 11612.88 m²15483.84 m²20645.12 m² 
24040′ x 60′40′ x 80′60′ x 60′21′ x 24′ 101.6 x 203.2152.4 x 152.453.34 x 60.96
 2400 sq ft3200 sq ft3600 sq ft 15483.84 m²20645.12 m²23225.76 m² 
32040′ x 80′40′ x 100′60′ x 120′24′ x 32′101.6 x 203.2101.6 x 254152.4 x 304.860.96 x 81.28
 3200 sq ft4000 sq ft7200 sq ft 20645.12 m²25806.4 m²38709.6 m² 

 Tent size chart (different tables)

Area No.of guests   
sq ftStanding with
Seated at
rectangle tables
Seated at
round tables
Seated in rows
(theatre style)

Tent size chart for camping and road trip

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Camping and road trips require a tent size chart along the roadway and a tent size chart along the road trip. The tent size chart along the road illustrates different tent types, dimensions, and the average number of occupants and luggage suitable for each.

When choosing these tents, always consider the number of occupants and the amount of luggage to be fitted in the tent.

Generally, camping tents are categorized according to capacity, with the smallest being 1P or one-person tents. A 1P tent is lightweight. It weighs between 2 to 4 pounds but is only standard for one person. The tent has a floor space of around 20 square feet, which best suits solo backpackers with light baggage.

There are several camping tent sizes after 1P tents, but the largest in the camping size charts are the 10P to 12P designs.

These tents have spacious floor spaces ranging between 80 to 120 square feet and weigh between 18 to 23 pounds. Despite their weights, large camping tents have tall center heights of up to 115 inches, meaning their occupants can walk and stretch while upright. These tents can also accommodate 8 to 12 adult people.

Learn more about how to pick the right tent (video)

What Type of Tent is BEST? Family Camping Tent Guide For Beginners by Lone Crow Adventures

Camping tent size chart

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CapacityDimensions Center Height Weight 
2 Person90” x 50”228.6 – 12742”106.683.311.5025
88” x 42”223.52 – 106.6838”96.522.491.1340
3 Person96” x 84”243.84 – 213.3650”1277.613.4586
92” x 80”233.68 – 203.246”116.845.242.3814
4 Person108” x 84”274.32 – 213.3659”149.867.983.6287
100” x 86”254 – 218.4460”152.416.847.6544
6 Person120” x 120”304.8 – 304.884”213.3621.089.5821
120” x 108”304.8 – 274.3272”182.8824.811.16

Tent size chart for wedding

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tent size chart for weddings
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We advise customers to consider the tent size chart for weddings to find the right tent sizes for their wedding events. Most wedding tents are 10×10 to 40×100 sizes. 10×10 tents measure 100 square feet while 40×100 designs contain 4000 square feet.

10×10 tents are perfect for a few guests, usually not exceeding 15 for a stand-up ceremony such as a cocktail event or theater performance. This tent accommodates 10 guests seated around one table.

On the other hand, the 40×100 tent contains enough space for 600 guests attending a stand-up event. The same floor space will accommodate 400 guests seated surrounding 40 round tables.

Specific areas within the wedding tent will take up varying floor spaces. The DJ booth, a 60-inch round table, a buffet table, and a bar take 100 square feet each.

A 72-inch round table takes up 120 square feet, while banquet tables with six to eight seats require 80 to 90 square feet. If you plan to include a dancing floor for the guests, you’ll need to account for 2 to 4 square feet for each guest.

The tent size chart above the ground pool

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Most tents above ground pools are dome-shaped and are available in different sizes to fit on top of rectangular, circular, or oval pools. Companies such as SunnyTent offer medium, large, and extra-large tents for above-ground swimming pools.

In addition, they have comprehensive size charts that show their customers the size and height of their swimming pool and the perfect tent to go with the respective dimensions.

Tent size chart against chairs

tent size for parties
Image Source: A Practical Wedding

The tent size chart against chairs indicates the number of chairs to be fitted under each tent alongside the available floor space for different tent sizes.

The number of chairs under a tent will depend on the type, size, availability, and placement of tables and other items as well as the presence of a bar or dancing floor.

For example, a 10×10 tent will fit 16 to 20 chairs in a stand-up arrangement without tables. The same tent will accommodate ten chairs when 60-inch round tables are added to the setup.

Tent size charts against different brands

If you are looking to hire or purchase a tent, don’t worry because there are various online brands you can contact. These brands provide relevant size charts and satisfactory tent designs.

For example, you can compare a tent size chart against Syracuse, a brand that offers exquisite rental services for large parties, graduations, sports events, weddings, corporate events, and trade fairs.

Customers can also check their events on a tent size chart against Furman, or a tent size chart against the crest.

Furman University offers a variety of tent options, from small sizes designed for tailgating parties to bigger sizes with chairs and canopy tents. The crest is another reliable organizer with professional tent options.

Aside from delivering and installing elegant tents, Crest provides additional services such as flooring and decorating your tent with silk ceilings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you figure out what size tent you need?

You can determine the right tent size by examining a specific tent size chart for your event. The tent size chart will tell you whether the tent you prefer is best suited for camping, wedding, or other celebrations.

Also, the tent size chart will also help account for other variables, such as luggage, chairs, and tables that occupy part of the floor space, the total number of people, and their sleeping, movement, dancing, standing, or sitting arrangements.

If you are unsure about the right tent size, make sure to consult the online or local brand providing the tent.

How wide is a 2-person tent?

A 2-person tent is around 7 feet long and 5 feet wide. More spacious 2P tents measure 7 feet long and 7 feet wide, and the largest are 230cm long and 160cm wide.

A 2P tent offers a sitting height of not more than 100cm. Even though these tents were designed for 2 people, most of them feel pretty tight when occupied by two individuals.

However, 2-person tents will fit two regular sleeping pads, each measuring no more than 45 centimeters wide. The excess lengths of these tents will leave some space around your head or feet for stuffing small luggage.

How big is a 20×40 tent?

The 20×40 tent provides 800 square feet of floor space. The interior is spacious enough to accommodate 64 people if 8 people sit at each 60-inch round table.

This tent can host 100 guests seated as an audience and 120 people standing for a party. You will need a minimum area of 20 feet by 44 feet to install this tent. You’ll also need a clear height of 12 inches, 6 feet, to raise the tent without obstructions because the tent is 12 feet tall.

Is a 4-person tent big enough?

This tent is big enough for two people with extra luggage but pretty uncomfortable for four adults. A 4-person tent has a floor space of 60 to 75 square feet because most 4P designs measure 8 feet long and 8 feet wide.

Therefore, if an average adult takes up 25 square feet, it is conclusive to say that the 4-person tent will adequately accommodate three people.

Is a 6-person tent big enough for a family of 4?

A 6-person tent is a perfect size for a family of 4 because it provides ample space for sleeping and luggage. Nonetheless, this depends on the sleeping arrangement, the quantity of luggage, and whether air mattresses are being used (they take up more space).

6P tents offer between 90 and 125 square feet and measure 6 feet high, big and tall enough for four people to sleep, move around, and stand.

Most of these tents are 10-11 feet long and 10-11 feet wide, while other rectangular models can measure 12 feet long and 8 feet wide.

What is a good tent for 6 people?

A 10-person tent is the best choice for 6 people. You may think the 10P size is too large, but if you plan to sleep comfortably and ensure every occupant keeps their belongings and tent gear, it is the most suitable and convenient model for 6 people.

Can 4 people sleep in 3 personal tent?

A 3-person tent is small for 4 people. 3P tents can accommodate 2 people plus their luggage but won’t provide enough space for 3 or 4 people. 4 people should sleep in a 6-person tent because it provides extra space for keeping gear and personal effects.


Picking tent sizes for expeditions and celebrations is quite challenging, but the right tent size chart presents an effective solution. These comparison charts come in various aspects, each designed according to the intended occasion to provide a fast, easy, and cost-effective answer to your needs.

With the right size chart, you need not worry about how big your tent should be to fit everyone. And as this guide explains, always ensure you make proper references to the relevant tent size charts to save time and money.

Otherwise, we hope this resource has helped you and we wish you an enjoyable, fulfilling tent-shopping experience.

Got any questions to ask? No problem. Please ask in the comments section.

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