Rv Size Chart – A Guide To Choosing RVs and Campers

Ideally, campers and RVs are lovebirds. Camping addicts are always confused, wondering which recreational vehicle to purchase. There are different classes of RVs today, and choosing your favorite can be hectic. That is why we have created a deeply researched RV size chart to help you out. 

There is a wide range of popular models of RVs which can improve your camping experience in everyday life. Don’t dilly-dally to find your excellent choice. If you don’t want the living space to be in the same vehicle, then tow a trailer. 

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(Recreational Vehicle)RV Size Chart 

Here we depict the travel trailer length in feet and cm, weight in pounds and kgs, and the number of people who can occupy the sleeping space. A travel trailer can have limited passenger space and can only be used by the family, for example, a 10-12 feet trailer. For a 39-40 feet travel trailer, you can include friends.  

Trailer Length in Feet and CMWeight in Pounds and KgsSleeps
10-12 feet1250-1300 pounds 566.9905-589.6701 kgs2-5
14-15feet1500-1650 pounds 680.3886-748.4274 kgs2-5
16-18 feet2200-2300 pounds 997.9032-1043.262 kgs2-5
18-22 feet2500-2750 pounds 1133.981-1247.379 kgs4-7
24-26 feet3600-4100 pounds 1632.933-1859.729 kgs4-7
28-30 feet4300-4900 pounds 1950.447-2222.603 kgs4-7
32-38 feet7200-8500 pounds 3265.865-3855.535 kgs9-12
39-40 feet7690-10495 pounds 3488.125-4760.4519 kgs9-12

Recreational Vehicles (RV) in different Models

Class A Size Chart

If you attended American schools you probably understand that A’s are the best grades. This is the same with Class A motorhomes. Class A motorhomes are actually the best RVs to purchase due to their super quality and features. They are luxurious and have a range in length of 29ft – 45 ft with every facility you would like inbuilt. 

The Class A motorhomes are however expensive to purchase. Below is the Class A size chart. 

ModelLength in Feet and CM
Winnebago Grand Tour42-46 feet 1280.16-1402.08 cm
Newmar Essex45 feet 1371.6 cm
Forest River Berkshire38-42 feet 1158.24-1280.16 cm
Thor Palazzo34-38 feet 1036.32-1158.24 cm

Class B Size Chart

The Class B RVs are smaller compared to Class A but they are mobile and compact. They can easily maneuver anywhere. They also attract lower accommodation fees compared to Class A. 

Even though Class B has limited amenities and limited passenger space many Rvers continue to love them. In fact, they can only onboard two people. They overlook all this because Class B is very mobile. The fuel consumption of Class B RVs is low hence saving the fuel costs. To be precise you can only compare them to the common vans. They tend to save lots of bucks during your outdoor adventure. 

ModelLength in Feet and CM
Hymer Akiv18-22 feet 548.64-670.56 cm
Winnebago Grand Tour18-22 feet 548.64-670.56 cm
Coachmen Galleria24 feet 731.52 cm
Airstream Interstage Grand Tour22-26 feet 670.56-792.48 cm

Class C Size Chart

Like Class A the Class C motorhomes are pretty luxurious. Did you know that you can have a Class C motorhome for your camping while spending a few hundred dollars? It is possible, as many Class C motorhome owners prefer to rent out their RVs to get some bucks to cater for maintenance and ownership. 

The advantages of Class C motorhomes are overwhelming, as it has up to eight sleeps, they are pocket-friendly, and you don’t have to tow the Class C motorhome with a truck. 

ModelLength in Feet and CM
Jayco Greyhawk Prestige30-34 feet 914.4-1036.32 cm
Winnebago Minnie Winnie22-26 feet 670.56-792.48 cm
Taffin Wayfarer25-27 feet 762-822.96 cm
Thor Motor Coach Quantum30-34 feet 914.4-1036.32 cm

Recreational Vehicle Fifth Wheel Trailer Length 

It is a towable RV trailer with no engine hence increasing the living space. In fact, it is very easy to pull and requires a heavy-duty truck. There are 32ft, 34ft, and 36 ft long fifth-wheel trailers Find the fifth wheel length in feet and cm. 

ModelLength in Feet and CM
Coachmen Chaparral33-41 feet 1005.84-1249.68 cm
Redwood RV Redwood36-41 feet 1097.28-1249.68 cm
Forest River Cardinal34-41 feet 1036.32-1249.68 cm
DRV Luxury Suits34-44 feet 1036.32-1341.12 cm

Recreational Vehicle Overview

The table below shows the overview of the recreational vehicle with the length depicted in Feet and cm. 

ModelLength in Feet and CM
2020 Keystone Passport32 feet 11 inches 1003.3 cm
2019 Keystone Springdale32 feet 1 inch 977.9 cm
2019 Heartland Mallard30 feet 4 inches 924.56 cm
2019 Coleman Lantern32 feet 8 inches 995.68 cm
2019 Outdoor RV Creek Side25 feet 7 inches 779.78 cm

How much does a travel trailer cost? 

In case you want to purchase a smaller trailer or the largest trailers with extra sleeping space and lots of storage space, we have done some research to determine the trailer cost and we have found an excellent option for American expedition vehicles. 

There are cheap trailers with limited amenities, no cooking facilities, lack bath facilities, has limited passenger space, and limited living space, and they are valued at as low as $11,000. However, there is a popular choice of larger motorhomes with ultra-modern basic amenities and can be valued at up to $150,000. They come along with laundry facilities, air conditioners, and bathroom facility just to mention. 

Below are the costs of travels trailers for American expedition vehicles, there are others we believe we left out but these are cost effective. 

  1. Coleman CTS17FQWE – $11,000
  2. Coleman CTS235QBWE – $13,000
  3. Starcraft AR-ONE 20BHLE – $15,000
  4. Jayco Jayflight 145RB Baja – $14,000
  5. Coleman CTS262BHWE – $17,000
  6. Forest River Gray Wolf 24RK – $18,500
  7. Rockwood Mini Lite 2109S – $22,000
  8. Shadow Cruiser 195WBS – $19,000
  9. Jayco Jay Flight 23RB – $23,000
  10. Rockwood Mini Lite 2504s’ – $24,000
  11. Keystone Cougar 24SABWE – $25,000
  12. Forest River Vibe 268RKS – $29,000
  13. Heartland Mallard IDM29 – $23,500
  14. Forest River Wildcat 28RKX – $32,000
  15. Jayco White Hawk 28DSBH – $35,000
  16. Keystone Outback 326RL – $35000

Factor to consider when purchasing an RV. 


You need to take time and conduct internet research and take your time before purchasing an RV. Also, consider visiting the local dealership to find out the available RV deals. You can also visit the truck manufacturer website to determine the starting price. 

Watching RV Shows. 

There are a few sites such as RV Miles which has a listing of the available deals in Canada and United States. There is excellent option for even larger models and mid-size option presented by salesmen. Attend a series of shows and talk to different salesmen before deciding on the complete solution. 

Read Reviews. 

If for instance, you found a company selling RVs online it is advisable that you consider reading the reviews of previous customers before deciding to spend your bucks. 

Conducting Inspection 

Before making any payment always ensure that you have conducted an inspection of the RV to ensure that it is not faulty. 

Private Sellers. 

If probably you know someone who is selling his or her own RV, it is advisable that you consider purchasing it. This is because you probably have been seeing the person drive the RV. It instills confidence that the RV isn’t damaged at all. 

In-depth Research. 

In reality, purchasing an RV blindly without conducting any research is foolish. If probably you are so busy you can consider hiring a researcher to help you with the research work, however, this would take you a few hours a week for 2 weeks so that you can make a sober decision. 

Avoid Purchasing RVs from West East Coast. 

Due to that the salty water the RVs are usually corroded and at times damaged by water and can have molds. It is unlikely that you will find a faulty RV on the coast.

Correct Timing

It is always advisable to check out when you purchase an RV. During the early winter when people are not going out for camping a truck manufacturer will offer great discounts. This also happens at the end of summer. 

Consider Fuel Consumption. 

As a matter of fact, a heavy-duty truck will consume a lot of fuel increasing fuel costs. It is therefore advisable you conduct an inspection to understand the fuel consumption of different RVs before making a decision to purchase. 


Like purchasing any other kind of vehicle, while purchasing an Rv it is important that you ask for the warranty cover. Don’t be overexcited by the fitting in the RV. In case any part is faulty and you have already paid it will be expensive to replace the parts on your own. 

Make a revisit to the factory or company. 

It is advisable that you make a few visits to the factory to ascertain that the RV is in proper shape and that all the fittings are done correctly to match your camping style. 


In this RV size chart guide, we have put up a well-researched manuscript for campers who are planning to purchase a new or old recreational vehicle. We have included the imperial metrics of the length and weight of the different RVs available for purchase in the market. To be precise, buying an RV can be a DIY activity if you have read through this guide vividly. You should never be baffled about purchasing an RV, but you need to be careful not to purchase a faulty RV which will, in turn, cost you more to take it to the garage. 

If you enjoyed reading this RV chart guide it is our humble request that you take time to leave a comment below. 

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