Weighted Blanket Size Charts for Adults and Children

Right off the bat, let us start with what are weighted blankets? Weighted blankets are therapeutic blankets that weigh between 5 and 40 pounds. The pressure from the extra weight mimics a therapeutic technique called pressure therapy. Find the correct weighted blanket size and weight in the below size charts, organized by your dimensions and those of the bed you or your child sleep in.

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Weighted blankets use deep pressure touch stimulation to stimulate the production of a mood-boosting hormone (serotonin), reduce the stress hormone (cortisol), and increase levels of melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep. This always help improve overall sleep quality. Deep touch pressure stimulation uses pressure to relax the entire body. This gentle pressure models the experience of being held or hugged.

Table of Content of Weighted Blanket Size Charts

A Cuddle In Your Sleep

Weighted blankets are durable blankets that are designed to be a heavier blanket than regular blankets. There are two styles of weighted blankets: knitted and duvet style. A duvet cover weighted blankets add weight using inorganic fillers like plastic beads or micro glass beads, ball bearings, plastic pellets, plastic poly pellets or other heavy fill. Knitted weighted blankets are woven using dense yarn and one might refer to the yarn or wool as an organic filler. A weighted blanket can benefit people with a variety of disorders with its gentle pressure, including bipolar disorder, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), down syndrome , and, as we’ve seen, anxiety disorders. After resting beneath a 30-pound blanket for 5 minutes, 63 percent of participants reported feeling less anxious.  According to research, weighted blankets helped to significantly improve sleep by reducing wake-up intervals, the time it takes to fall asleep, and extending the maximum hours of sleep. The benefits of weighted blankets are many, but let us go through a few.

Regular Comforter: Weighted blankets are said to work in the same way a tight swaddle helps newborns feel snug and cozy. Many people find these blankets help them doze off more quickly by promoting a sense of security.

Ease Stress and Soothe Anxiety: Unlike normal blankets, a weighted blanket may help manage feelings of stress and anxiety. Since stress and anxiety often interfere with sleep, the benefits of a weighted blanket may translate to better sleep for those suffering from stressful thoughts.

Improved Sleep Quality: Many occupational therapists of mental health reccommend these blankets for individuals with sensory disorders like restless leg syndrome. Weighted blankets use deep pressure touch stimulation to relax children with disorders and even counter the effect of certain health issues of an elderly person.

Calm The Individual: An overactive nervous system can lead to sensory issues like anxiety, hyperactivity, rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, and shortness of breath, which are not conducive to sleep. By enhancing an even amount of weight distribution and gentle pressure across the body, weighted blankets may calm the fight-or-flight response and activate the relaxing parasympathetic nervous system in preparation for sleep.

Size Chart Of Weighted Blankets For Adults

The weighted blanket weight chart below will help you pick the right blanket for adults. Just weigh yourself and pick a right-sized blanket.

Body Weight (Ibs)Body Weight (Kg)Blanket (Ibs)Blanket (Kg)

Weighted Blanket Size For Bed Dimensions

Apart from the range of weight, there is also a wide range of size options and a variety of styles. Weighted blankets are smaller than typical blankets and a single size 20-pound blanket for a single person is only 41 inches wide and 60 inches long. The standard size of a twin-size weighted blanket for adults is always more than 6 feet tall. Queen size mattresses and king size mattresses are at least 8 feet tall and 7 feet wide. A correct size can be guessed from the weighted blanket size chart further below.

Size Chart Of Weighted Blankets For Bed Sizes

Bed SizeWeighted Blanket Dimensions (Inches)Weighted Blanket Dimensions (Cm)

Weighted Blankets For Children Size chart

Never ever use a cotton cover weighted blanket on a baby or toddler. It is recommended that you get one that is 10% of your body weight; nevertheless, in the case of children, never assume that any blanket will suffice. If a baby is pinned down by a weighted blanket, they cannot assist themselves, or move freely. The longer they are trapped beneath it, the less air they can breathe. This might ultimately lead to choking. Despite what some people believe, sleep specialists advise against using them on newborns and even older children with certain developmental problems.

Kids blanket is a wise investment. Weight option for kids fall under the lighter blanket segment. A regular blanket for kids usually come with a cotton lining and the outer layer is usually made of breathable cotton. The lighter weight also means that they are more washing machine washable. Check the charts below to have the right idea of the weights of blankets for kids.

Body Weight (Ibs)Body Weight (Kg)Blanket (Ibs)Blanket (Kg)

How heavy should a weighted blanket be for a couple?

For a couple sharing a weighted blanket, it’s ideal to have a weight of around 7.5% of their combined body weight.

How heavy should a weighted blanket be for a child?

A child’s weighted blanket should weigh 10% or less of the child’s body weight.

What size weighted blanket should I use?

It’s recommended to buy a weighted blanket that is 10 percent of your body weight. A 50-inch by 72-inch weighted blanket will be just the right size to accommodate one person sleeping in a full-size bed.

How do you calculate weighted blankets?

The ideal weighted blanket is 10 percent of your body weight so that it fits your frame. For children or older adults, the formula is 10 percent of body weight plus 1 to 2 pounds.

Is it ok to use a weighted blanket every night?

Yes, adults and older children can use weighted blankets every night for sleeping throughout the night but younger children (10 years and below) should not use it for more than 30 minutes every night. 

Remember, the right weighted blanket for an adult must not be more than 10 percent the weight of the adult. If you weigh 200 pounds, then your weighted blanket must not weigh more than 20 pounds.

How To Choose The Right Weighted Blanket Size

The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a weighted blanket is a concert called “the weight percent rule”. The rule of thumb is that for an adult, make sure you choose a blanket with a weighted blanket weight that weighs 10 percent of the body weight of the person. Larger blankets like king-size blankets might be called a gravity blankets. A gravity blanket is not ideal in a warm climate as it might lead to mobility issues under the excess weight.

These 10-pound blankets may be rather heavy on your body, so it may take some time to get used to them. The weight of these blankets necessitates the use of layering. As a result, they may be a menace in a warm climate. If you’re used to heavy blankets, go ahead and welcome a weighted blanket onto your bed. These blankets are usually medically recommended, therefore they aren’t your typical blankets. There are several manufacturers and product-related variables that contribute to their high cost. When it comes to producing these blankets, only the best raw materials are utilized, which are also quite expensive. Producing these blankets takes a long time and requires the best labor, manpower, packaging, and fillers. Some blankets even add amethyst, clear quartz, and rose quartz as weights for their calming and soothing effects. The blanket’s outside is quilted and double stitched to give it a smooth feel and ensure that it stays put. Weighted blankets can be dangerous since they can exacerbate respiratory problems owing to the blanket’s pressure and tightness on the body. Especially if it is near the lungs. People with claustrophobia may be triggered by the engulfing sensation induced by the blanket’s tightness and weight. Despite its benefits, some people may find weighted blankets to be detrimental to their health. So, patients with sleep apnea are strongly advised to stay away from these blankets. Sleep apnea is a respiratory condition that causes people to stop breathing for brief periods of time while sleeping.

If you’re shopping for a child, it’s recommended to find a weighted blanket that is 10 percent of their body weight, plus one to two pounds.

Weighted Blanket sizes explained

Choosing the right weighted blanket size by Ch Mela


There is no other way to put it, you can improve your sleep by getting a good hug as you sleep. A cuddle, even if a fake one, goes a long way. Adults and older children can use weighted blankets as the uppermost bed cover or for relaxing and short naps during the day. The blankets are safe to use for sleeping throughout the night. However, if you have persistent sleep problems you should talk with a doctor. Only he can best assess their situation and determine whether a weighted blanket could be an effective part of a comprehensive treatment approach. 

Leave a comment and let us know how your experience with weighted blankets have been so far, also, feel free to ask any question.

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