Bed Size Chart – Measurements And Dimension for king, queen,… beds

Did you know that 60% of the world population prefer the full-size queen-size mattress for their beds? This is because it’s neither too small nor too large for single sleepers and is a perfect choice for couples. Besides the softness and texture, mattress size is one of the greatest factors to consider while shopping for the perfect size of a mattress. The good thing about mattresses is that there is a wide choice of mattresses based on the width and height, depending on your bed size.

A bed size chart plays a crucial role in helping you to ensure you are buying the correct mattress size. 

Bed Size Chart: What is the Right Bed Size?

The right size of a bed should be big enough for you and your partner (if available of course) to lie with your hands behind the head and your elbows should not be touching. The length of the bed also should leave an allowance of 10 centimeters longer than the tallest person who will be sleeping on it.

Please use the bed size chart to compare and select sizes

Bed SizeDimensions  Suitable For
King 76 X 80193 X 203Couples in need of optimum personal sleeping space.
Queen60 X 80152 X 203Couples with no need for lots of sleeping space. Great also for single sleepers.
Full54 X 74″137 X 188Single sleeper/those with children or pets/ couples with no need for lots of at leg room.
California King72 X 84183 X 213Tall persons
Twin XL38 X 8096 X 203Kids, taller adults, those keen on using adjustable bed frame
Twin38 X 7596 X 190Kids who have outgrown their cribs, single adults staying in smaller apartments. Great for daybed/ bunk bed.

European Bed Size Chart

 BedW x L (CM)W x L (INCHES)
Single/Twin 90 x 200 35 x 79
Single Extra Long 90 x 210 35 x 83
Small Double120 x 200 47 x 79
Double140 x 200 55 x 79
King 160 x 200 63 x 79
Grand King 180 x 20071 x 79

UK Bed Size Chart

BedW x L (INCHES)W x L (CM)
Grand King 71 x 79180  x 200
King 60 x 78152 x 198
Double 53 x 75135 x 190
Single35.5  x 7590  x 190 

There are three common bed standard dimensions depending on the country or state.

  • UK or Ireland bed standard sizes
  • US best standard sizes
  • European bed standard sizes

One of the factors to consider while shopping for a bed is the size of your room and the shape. Budget and personal preferences also come in handy during shopping for a bed.

In this article, we’re going to guide you on the perfect bed size and how to go about it.

Why is a bed size chart important during shopping for a bed?

  • With a bed size chart, you will be able to shop comfortably for the perfect bed without much strain.
  • You will also be able to plan out your room according to your preference from the guide from the bed size chart.
  • A bed size chart will help you avoid inconvenience for instance where a bed wears out after a short while or is not stable or strong enough for you and your partner.
  • Depending on the size and texture of your mattress a bedside chat will be able to guide you on the right bed to match with it.
  • A bed size chart will help you to choose the right mattress for the bed depending on your personal preferences and purpose.
  •  You will also choose a perfect bed size and shape depending on the shape of your bedroom
  • You can easily estimate sizes for your kids’ rooms according to their heights
  • You can easily estimate the right size of bed for the guest bedroom.

What are the most important measurements that determine the size of a bed?

You spend a good part of your day in bed, so you might as well want to invest in a good size bed as it will determine your comfort. The wrong bed size whether in length or width has a great impact on your sleep quality and even the appearance of your bed and bedroom generally. It is always great to use a size chart to avoid several inconveniences and disappointments.

There are different size options that you can always choose from including standard king size bed, twin bed size, single bed size, double size bed, king bed size, queen bed size, super single bed, Olympic queen,  bed for recreational vehicles, full-sized bed, super king, cal king size bed, etc. 

Here are some of the crucial size dimensions to consider while shopping for a bed, and how to take measurements. 

Bed Height

Height is important because it determines the distance from the floor to where the bed starts. Some beds are designed in such a way that you can adjust the height so this might really not be such a big deal for such beds. While measuring in inches, start from the bottom where it rests on the springboard to the top just where the edges of the mattress finish. Include a pillow too if you have to. The measurements can be done using a meter rule or a measuring tape.

Bed Width

The width is equally important. Still, in inches, measure the width from side to side while including the springboard and note down the measurements.

Bed Length

This is often the longest part of the mattress and often very important as the body lies alongside the bed’s length. To measure hold the end of a tape measure straight from the head of the mattress to the foot and record the measurements. You can repeat the same for the springboard. 

Remember it is very important to take measurements for the box spring frame as well as the mattress size.

Common Standard Bed Sizes

When choosing a bed size, just like standard mattress sizes, you should always consider the bed dimension that works best for you. Your sleeping position, the size of your room, and the type of sleeper you are also important factors to consider during the hunt for the correct bed size. One thing you need to know is that the popular bed sizes math the popular mattress sizes. 

There are different standard bed sizes that you can always choose from, which include; 

  • Twin bed
  • Twin extra long bed
  • full queen bed
  • full king bed
  • California king bed

Twin size bed

A twin size bed is for a twin size bed mattress (twin size mattresses). These types of beds are most suitable for guest bedrooms as they serve a single adult. They are also great for children’s rooms especially for kids who share a bedroom (take note couples with children). Twin mattresses and beds alike are not suited for a sleeping partner hence are made for a single person, single sleeper, single child, etc. Twin size beds are also cheap and easily available and are the best bet for a small room with limited space.

Twin extra long bed

The twin extra long beds, also known as (XL) are slightly longer than the average twin beds. They are best suited for a mattress approximately 80 inches in height, befitting single sleepers and taller people. They are designed for people who are 6 feet or taller. This is a common size in any college dorm as teenagers and young adults, especially men, tend to be taller.  This is considered the most comfortable bed for tall people.

Full-size bed

Full-size beds are also known as double beds. They are usually fit for mattresses measuring 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length (full-size mattress). This is among the popular bed sizes for teens’ bedrooms due to its narrow size. The full-size bed is wide enough for two sleepers depending on the sleeping style of each individual, but also a perfect fit for a single sleeper.

Queen size bed

This is the most common bed size, of course, suited for a queen-size mattress which measures 80 inches in length and is 60 inches wide for queen beds which are a popular size. Queen size mattresses are approximately 16 inches narrower than the king-size bed. This type of bed can comfortably accommodate 2 people without any discomfort hence making it the most common popular choice for many. It still leaves a little extra space for that stubborn pet or a child.

  • Width: 60” – 152 cm
  • Depth: 9”-12” – 22.9-30.5 cm
  • Length: 80” – 203 cm
  • Area: 33.33 ft² | 3.09 m²
  • US: 60″ x 80” – 152 cm x 203 cm
  • Australia: 153 cm x 203 cm
  • New Zealand: 153 cm x 203 cm

King size bed

King-sized beds are the largest types of beds available, effectively matched with a king-size mattress (largest mattress size or king mattress), a few inches wider than the queen size. The king-size bed is ideal for sleeping with a partner and leaves plenty of sleeping space around for those who like to toss and turn around while asleep. The king-size bed dimensions for the mattress are 80 inches long and 76 inches wide. It offers quite some ample legroom to spread wide and enjoy your sleep. 

  • Width: 76″ – 193 cm
  • Depth: 9”-12” – 22.9-30.5 cm
  • Length: 80” – 203 cm
  • Area: 42.22 ft² – 3.92 m²
  • US: 76″ x 80” | 193 cm x 203 cm
  • Brazil: 193 cm x 203 cm (King)

The king bed requires extra bedroom floor space compared to other beds hence fits well in a large bedroom or master bedroom. If you need more inches of space then this is your best bet.

Just like the king-size bed, the king-size mattresses are also the most expensive compared to other mattresses due to their size. The approximate retail price is approximately $1200, which is $200 higher than the queen size.

California king bed (cal king)

The California king bed, also known as the cal king, is the XL version of a king-size bed. It is the largest bed size. The befitting mattress is 84 inches long and 72 inches wide, it is longer than the usual king-size bed. This type of bed is suited to taller individuals who need extra space. It is best fitted in a master bedroom that is rectangular in size to match the bed and mattress shape. The California king bed (cal king) is also great for those couples who choose to sleep with a pet at the bottom of the bed as there is extra space.

Just for the quick mention, the most common mattress sizes available in markets include double mattresses, king-sized mattresses, queen mattresses (queen mattress or queen-sized mattresses), twin mattresses (twin size mattress), double size mattresses, single mattresses, crib size mattresses (crib mattresses), Olympic queen size mattress, larger mattress, split king. Just like for bed size, a mattress size chart or sizing chart (mattress size guide)is essential to find the ideal size or perfect mattress size for you. Important to note that these (mattress type or bed type) might change from country to country. 

Which Factors Influence the Decision on Which Bed to Buy?

Here are some of the most important factors to consider while shopping for a new bed.


Determining which type of material suits you might prove to be quite a task. Therefore the easiest and the best way to know the material you prefer over the other is to test the bed and mattress before you buy it.

Nowadays most bed retailers offer the option of testing a mattress before buying. You can actually hire a bed tester who will test the bed professionally and give you reviews. Be sure to check out a retailer that offers bed testing services before purchase.


A good quality bed could take years before you feel the need to replace it. If you get a poor-quality bed, on the other hand, you could be forced to replace it within a few months. It is, therefore, necessary to check the warranty of the bed and have a clue of how long the bed can last without the usual wear and tear.

While at it, it is important to note the resistance of the bed to different kinds of stains. This is because regular stains may be a great reason why your bed might not last long.


Different bed sizes and qualities vary when it comes to the price tag. The question of how much you are willing to spend is dependent on several factors such as bed size, lifestyle preferences, mattress preferences, the choice for families,  bedroom space, sizes of mattresses, safety rails, and quality of the bed. Whichever size or type you go for, it definitely has got to be cost-effective. 

Before you embark on the bed hunting journey, make sure you have set aside a good amount of money that you’re willing to spend.  This is because you might have underestimated the price of your favorite bed or you might find that the bed shop store has a different price tag from the one you estimated. Remember, a high price often comes with comfort. A very cheap bed may not be durable and could cost you more due to frequent replacements.

Personal preferences

While everyone wants to advise you on the best and ideal bed, always go for your specific individual preference for optimal satisfaction. For instance, how big do you require your bed to be, what is your desired personal sleeping space, do you prefer ample space (feet of space)? How wide do you like your bed? All these questions are a great influence while settling for an ideal bed. Some people weigh more than others, others suffer from conditions such as arthritis and back pain, others need special mattresses e.g. for pregnant women or people living with disabilities. More personal preference options for the ideal choice or comfortable choice might be determined by factors like shorter sleepers, restless sleeper, individual sleepers,  light sleeper, adult couple, taller adults, adult living, the choice for guest rooms, blind user, prone users, bedroom furniture, cost of accessories, extra legroom, cognitive disabilities. 

Mattress thickness

Depending on the prices, mattresses vary significantly in thickness. Innerspring models and foam mattresses are quite thinner compared to airbed and hybrid models which are quite thick. The thickness of a mattress will also influence the type of bed you might want to buy.

Some people do not prefer thick mattresses because they seem quite high when placed on the bed, while others think thin mattresses are uncomfortable. However, very thin mattresses do not last for a long time unless they are used in kids’ beds. This will keep you making unnecessary trips to the mattress store when you could avoid that by buying a relatively thick mattress.

Climate or weather

The climate or weather conditions of the area are some of the uncommon factors that people skip while shopping for an ideal bed. In hot areas, for instance, people prefer firm mattresses made from synthetic material as they retain less heat compared to natural fibers like cotton. However synthetic material slides on the surface hence do not give a good grip on the bedsheets. In this case, a mattress cover would be ideal.

Soft mattresses retain more heat in the air spaces on the materials used to make them and are preferred in cold areas. The type of mattress also depends on the insulation of the bedroom. The outside environment may be cold but the bedroom could be insulated hence warmer.

Remember, personal preference comes top before everything else. However, it should be matched with other factors in the hunt for a good choice of bed.

If you require a larger size bed, do not hesitate to go for it. Arm yourself with a bed size chart and get going. Go for adjustable bed frames if unsure of the springboard to settle for.


Did you enjoy this bed sizing guide? How was your experience while shopping for a bed? Do you use a bed size guide, mattress sizing guide or do you just go shopping randomly? Remember to always pay attention to the trial period and please avoid risky color combinations. You can also go for custom sizes, meaning the exact size you buy will be customized specifically for you.  Consult a medical professional if the reason for customization is medical.  The National Sleep Foundation has lots of resources. 

Let us know all this in the comments section and please feel welcome to share this with your friends across social media. Wishing you a restful night’s sleep. 

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