Birch Mattress Sizing guide

In May 2019, Helix created a separate brand, Birch, which offers a hybrid mattress made up of springs, Talalay latex, wool, and a cotton beanie.  The Birch is truly a hybrid bed-in-a-box with eco-friendly construction: it layers a natural cotton cover on top of Talalay wool and latex comfort layers and a service layer made of individually wrapped springs. Check the below Birch Mattress Sizing guide.

Materials allow the bed to sleep exceptionally cool.


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Although Birch only sells one specific mattress, customers have customization choices. If you want a firmer mattress, the first Birch is the go-to. People who want a softer mattress using a plush comfort layer can purchase a cushion cover. This inclusion is what makes it one of the best pillow-top mattresses.

Size of Birch Mattresses

The birch mattress has a fairly affordable price compared to the average hybrid model. The birch mattress is available in the six standard mattress dimensions. However, Birch does not offer a large double, king, or California king-size bed, so you may want to consider another model if you and your partner share an adjustable box spring. There are no add-ons for this mattress, but Birch does allow customers to purchase accidental damage insurance. This protection plan covers the mattress against damage that is not considered a defect under the standard warranty. Accidental damage insurance costs vary depending on the mattress size you choose.

Dimensions for all sizes of birch mattresses are shown below.

Birch Mattress SizesDimensionsWeightThickness
Birch Twin Size39″ x 75″63 lbs11”
Birch Twin XL Size39″ x 8067 lbs11”
Birch Full Size53″ x 75″87 lbs11”
Birch Queen Size60″ x 80″105 lbs11”
Birch King Size76″ x 80131 lbs11”
Birch California King Size72″ x 84″130 lbs11”
Birch Mattress sizing Guide

The Birch mattress is considered a hybrid model. Hybrids are designed with thick comfort layers and pocket-spring support cores that promote a balance of cushioning, contour, support, and responsiveness. This general design sets them apart from traditional springs, most of which conform to a minimum and feel exceptionally bouncy.

The Birch mattress starts with a layer of organic and natural wool batting. Fleece doesn’t contour around the body like foam or latex, so you’ll notice some softness without the body cradle. Wool is also a very breathable material with moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool overnight.

Underneath the top fleece, layer is a layer of Talalay natural latex. This component provides visible contours as your body sinks into the fleece layer. The latex is also ventilated with small holes to promote air circulation near the mattress surface for additional cooling. The latex has obtained certifications from many institutions. These include OEKO-TEX, which certifies that the mattress does not contain dangerous chemicals or toxins; the Eco-Institut, which certifies that the mattress does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs); and the Rainforest Alliance, which certifies that the mattress materials have been harvested in a sustainable manner.

The birch mattress also includes a sturdy support core made up of individually pocketed springs. For extra reinforcement, thicker springs are placed along the perimeter to minimize sagging when sitting or sleeping near the edges of the mattress. The coils also boost air circulation to support the mattress maintain a cool temperature. An extra layer of organic/natural wool batting serves as a base layer for extra support.

Birch Mattresses Features

Motion isolation

Motion isolation refers to how a mattress absorbs the movement of sleepers and prevents that movement from spreading to other areas of the bed. Responsive mattresses tend to generate more motion transfer, which can be disruptive for sleepers. Models that excel at motion isolation will eliminate most, if not all, of the motion transfer. The birch mattress falls in the middle of this spectrum. Wool fleece and latex layers absorb a bit of movement, but not to the same extent as adaptive polyfoam and memory foam. The latex is also quite responsive and the coil system adds extra bounce to the surface. If you and/or your sleeping partner tend to wake up due to slight movements in the bed, the birch mattress may be too disruptive. However, the mattress does absorb some movement and the transfer of movement shouldn’t be too excessive for most when either of you is moving around in bed.

Pressure Relief

If you frequently feel pressure in your shoulders, lower back, hips, and other areas of the body, your mattress may be at least partly to blame. The best pressure-relieving mattress will keep your body on an even plane without sinking too much under the areas where you are carrying more weight. The birch mattress does not contour very tightly, as the wool batting layer is not particularly adaptive. While the latex conforms to a noticeable extent, you won’t feel the same body embrace that the foam does. That said, the mattress offers great support and should not sink too far under the torso and hips. This makes the birch mattress well suited for people who weigh 130 pounds or more regardless of their sleeping position, although back sleepers are likely to feel more comfortable.

Temperature control

The Birch mattress includes various components that promote cooling and temperature neutrality. The woolen batting layer is very breathable and also has natural moisture-wicking properties. The latex is also ventilated with small holes, which maintains the flow of air to the surface of the mattress.

The coil system also plays a role in heat control. Like ventilated latex, coils promote even air currents that help stabilize the bed’s core temperature. The mattress also has a GOTS certified organic cotton cover which is also very breathable. The bed has a medium-firm feel and should not sink excessively. This means that you will feel more air on the surface. In contrast, beds that conform tightly and sink deeply tend to absorb more body heat. Above-average temperature control is a common feature of hybrid latex models. If you have a warm sleep, the birch mattress will probably provide you with enough cooling to allow you to rest comfortably in your bed.

Edge Support

As you get on and off most mattresses, you’ll notice at least a slight sag along the edges. Some beds have sturdy support components that prevent you from sinking too far. Others will sink to a problematic extent. Depending on how well the edges of the mattress are supported, you may find it difficult to get in and out of bed, or you may feel less secure sleeping near the perimeter.

The Birch mattress offers very good edge support. This can mainly be attributed to two factors. For one thing, the mattress has a medium firm feel and doesn’t conform very closely, so you will notice very little drop to the surface.

The other factor is the bed’s supportive core, as the springs usually provide the best edge support. The Birch mattress takes it a step further with its zoned support layer which has thicker springs along the perimeter and longer springs. thin under your body. This ensures minimal sagging along the edges and more comfort for your body. Even if you weigh over 230 pounds, edge support shouldn’t be a major issue with this mattress.

Ease of movement

Feeling “trapped by the mattress” is a common complaint among those with softer beds. If the comfort layers dig in excessively, you will likely have difficulty getting in and out of bed. Changing sleeping positions can also be somewhat difficult. The birch mattress is easy to move thanks to its construction. The latex layer has a naturally responsive feel to keep you on a consistent plane as you move across the surface. The coils also provide solid support. People who weigh over 230 pounds will likely notice more falls on this mattress, but not to a problematic extent. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Birch Mattress

Q: Should I turn over a birch mattress?

Ans: No-Birch mattresses are not designed to flip. The order of the layers is important for the performance and comfort of the mattress.

Q: Are Birch mattresses eco-friendly?

Ans: Yes! Birch mattress material is made of four main materials of nature: wool, latex,cotton, steel. You can also explore the material on the website. The foam used in Birch mattresses is non-toxic and does not emit gas at all.

Q: Do Birch mattresses need a foundation?

Ans: Good question! Although the foundation is not mandatory, mattress support systems are highly recommended. It is recommended to use bunky boards with box springs or support systems with hard, flat, thick plates. No matter which supports system you choose, the slat spacing should not be more than 5 inches apart. This can increase and invalidate the warranty.

Q: What if I don’t like my Birch mattress?

Ans: If you decide that you do not like the Birch mattress during the first 100-day sleep evaluation period, you can return it and get a full refund. Birch Mattress asks customers to test the mattress for at least a month before returning it, because it often takes weeks for customers to determine if the mattress is suitable for them.

Q: Can I finance Birch mattresses?

Ans: Yes! Helix provides financing for Birch mattresses through Klarna and Zibby, so you can get them easily. However, Klarna is not available to customers in West Virginia, Iowa or New Hampshire.

Conclusion of the Birch Mattress Sizing Guide

Purchasing a new mattress or bed is a huge investment. You want quality at a reasonable price while not compromising on comfort. You and your family deserve the best, with respect for the planet, that is why Helix created birch Mattress and spent years researching and designing a cool-down organic mattress that sleeps cooler and offer stronger support than other mattresses. The Birch Natural Mattress comes in sizes; Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

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