Nolah Mattress Dimension Guide

Are you currently looking for a new mattress? If you’re someone who’s slept on a conventional mattress for a long time, you might want to treat yourself to an updated mattress. It has always been difficult to find a good mattress at an affordable price. A clear and easy-to-use Nolah Mattress Dimension Guide was made to make your choice easier and buy the correct sized Nolah mattress. Traditionally, foam mattresses have always come at a higher price. Nolah Mattresses is the same as a luxury Mattress like Saatva Mattresses or Tempur Pedic Mattress, it also is one the most famous polyurethane mattress in the industry.

Provides excellent pressure relief for all sleepers, but is especially well-suited for side sleepers


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Nolah Mattress sells two versions, their flagship product, the Nolah Original, as well as their signature double-sided Nolah. Nolah prides itself on buying luxury mattresses for a third of the price compared to mattress retail stores. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at these brand new mattress manufacturers: Nolah Mattress. Read on to learn more about this high-quality and very affordable premium mattress.

Nolah Mattress Features

AirFoam is a big part of the Nolahs brand due to its own patented poly-foam. AirFoam is the best layer in Nolah mattresses is also heat neutral, so it soothes body heat and wicks away moisture, resulting in more comfortable and uninterrupted sleep. In thermal mapping performance reviews, Nolah maintained AirFoam pressure relieved 4 times more effective than memory foam with other viscoelastic substances. Additionally, Nolah claims their memory is 300% more durable than premium memory foam. The CoolFresh Nolah mattress base foam includes CoolFresh technologies, which means it’s countless microscopic air capsules for increased breathability. In this way, the mattress will not retain excess heat, which can interrupt sleep. Nolah Mattress Dimension Size, height and weight is determined in the below mattress size charts.

The Basics Both Nolah mattresses all have the following trade policies:

  • 120 Night Sleep Trial – With the Sleep Trial, you can test your mattress in your protected home. Nolah will give you the choice to opt-out of this trial period and save up to one mattress, but you cannot return the mattress after using it.
  • Lifetime Warranty – The mattress warranty covers manufacturing defects and sags over 3cm thick. During the first 15 decades of this warranty, Nolah covers repair, replacement, and transportation costs. After the first 15 years are over, Nolah charges a pro-rated and shipping and handling charge for repairs, as well as a 50% pro-rated fee to obtain a replacement mattress.
  • Shipping and Returns Free – The Nolah mattresses are provided within days, and even if you are not satisfied with your purchase, Nolah donated or recycled the back mattress.

Nolah Mattresses Original Dimensions

The Nolah Original mattress is the flagship and most popular version of Nolah. The mattress includes three layers of foam and a thick supportive covering to keep your spine aligned. With the healthy alignment of the spine, problems such as joint and back pain can decrease. Nolah Original has a moderate firmness, although consumer reviews say it feels a bit softer than a legitimate moderate. Since the mattresses are softer for plus-size sleepers and firmer for short sleepers, the Nolah Original mattress might be too soft for plus-size sleepers. On the other hand, the mattress should work well for small and medium sleepers. The Nolah Original mattress provides excellent support for back sleepers and keeps their spine neutral. It distributes the weight well, which means that sleepers will not experience a build-up of stress in a specific location. Small stomach sleepers may encounter the Nolah Original company enough for them, however, medium-sized sleepers are unlikely to be comfortable. Although the sleeping tummy around the Nolah Original does not create pressure factors, the mattress is too soft and sleepers will sink into their mattress. Sinking causes the spine to bend, making the lower spine worse.

Nolah Mattress Original Size Chart

Twin38″ x 75″10”
Twin XL38″ x 8010”
Full54″ x 75″10”
Queen60″ x 80″10”
King76″ x 8010”
California King72″ x 84″10”
Nolah Mattress Dimension Guide: Nolah Original Mattress Size


Nolah Signature Mattresses 

The Nolah Signature is also the alternative to the luxury Nolah mattress, although it is more expensive than the Nolah Original, it’s own double-sided. Additionally, instead of the Nolah Originals Tencel cover, the Nolah Signature comes with a natural cotton cover. Nolah has designed the Signature mattress to adapt to all sleeping arrangements. Therefore, if you change places frequently or know how much hardness you need, you have two choices of stability: firm and soft. While full foam mattresses can sometimes be a bit too rocking for plus-size sleepers, the firm side of this Nolah Signature is still a fantastic alternative for plus-size side and back sleepers who wish to have a full foam mattress. Considering that the mattress is 12 inches and four layers, the mattress is durable and will continue for a long time regardless of the user. The mattress has edge support, due to the elevation, and can respond to your movements. The Nolah Signature 30cm mattress has four distinct layers, each playing an important role in promoting better sleep. Many of these diapers contain proprietary substances that you won’t find in another new mattress. With an average score of 4.8 out of 5 stars, it’s safe to say that the construction of this Nolah Signature mattress is superior to many different mattresses. The Nolah Signature 12 mattress is equipped with a natural cotton cover that promotes comfortable sleep. There are no harsh chemicals that can trigger allergies or unpleasant gassing. The cover makes the mattress much more breathable, it wicks away moisture and will help keep you cool during the evening. With the cover is only the ideal depth to allow you to feel the comfortable foam underneath but not too narrow to serve no real purpose in the general sense of the mattress. The Nolah mattress is very comfortable. The best thing about this mattress is how soft it feels. Manufacturer Nolah Signature 12 is one of the nicest mattress materials you can buy, it’s all the comfort of memory foam, with no heat retention. You will find that when it comes to getting a foam mattress, the Nolah mattress breathes exceptionally well, making it a great choice for people who overheat.

Nolah Signature Mattress Size Chart

Twin38″ x 75″12”
Twin XL38″ x 8012”
Full54″ x 75″12”
Queen60″ x 80″12”
King76″ x 8012”
California King72″ x 84″12”
Nolah Mattress Dimension Guide: Nolah Signature Mattress Size

Nolah Evolution Mattresses 

The Nolah Evolution 38cm mattress has an average firmness level that is just a hair’s breadth of what is considered a true moderate. The Nolah Evolution features a high-tech design that unites the ArcticTex cooling fibers of the blanket, the graphite infused AirFoamICE of the comfortable liner and the Eco Service coils. The fibers of the covers will transport heat away from the body, and the AirFoamICE also offers better heat dissipation; we were impressed that the lid remained cool to the touch during our lab tests. But perhaps, above all, the center of sturdy springs will promote breathability and air circulation throughout the mattress. For different mattresses with cooling characteristics, take a look at the best mattress for sexy sleepers. The Nolah Evolution is an excellent choice for mixed sleepers that weigh less than 104 kg and that mainly swing between the sides and back. Blend sleepers will appreciate the spring rebound, which greatly facilitates maneuvering in the mattress. If you are a mixed sleeper who spends time in your tummy, you can choose a mattress that is a little sexier than the Nolah Evolution 38cm. The Nolah Evolution is touted as a luxury mattress with high-tech features. It offers the whistles and bells of a luxury mattress, such as a European-style pillow top, custom-designed foam to increase heating, excess coating for edge support, and a support coil center of high technology, which allows it to cool without harsh chemicals. Based on the caliber of the beds, the materials, and the complete design, the bride and groom say this is a fantastic selection for luxury buyers willing to invest the money in a high-quality mattress. 

Nolah Evolution Mattress Size Chart

Twin38″ x 75″15”
Twin XL38″ x 8015”
Full54″ x 75″15”
Queen60″ x 80″15”
King76″ x 8015”
California King72″ x 84″15”
Nolah Mattress Dimension Guide: Nolah Evolution Mattress Size

Nolah Mattress Dimension Comparison

SizeNolah 10″ Original
Dimensions (Inches)
Nolah 12” Signature
Dimensions (Inches)
Total sleep
Space per
Ideal for:
Twin38”x75”x10”38”x75”x12”20ft²38”Guest rooms, preteens and small children 2+ years.
Twin XL38”x80”x10”38”x80”x12”21ft²38”Adjustable beds, college dorm rooms, guest rooms, and pre-teen rooms.
Full54”x75”x10”54”x75”x12”28ft²27″Small-bodied people or one child with a pet.
Queen60”x80”x10”60”x80”x12”33ft²30″Singles who enjoy a lot of space or couples who like to snuggle.
King76”x80”x10”76”x80”x12”42ft²38″A couple who likes to stretch out while sleeping and allow a pet on their bed.
California King72”x84”x10”72”x84”x12″42ft²36″A person over 6ft tall or to fit a narrow room. For those who need extra length rather than width.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nolah Mattress

How do I know which mattress is best for me?

Which mattress is best for you depend on a number of factors. Of course, your physique plays an important role, but allergies and physical complaints are also important when choosing a mattress. You should choose your mattress depending on what you like in the areas of ventilation and support, comfort and lying comfort, temperature and climate, hygiene and washability, allergies, and irritations. The best thing to do is to visit an online Nolah store or specialist dealer near you and let our experts advice you personally.

Q: Should I Buy The Nolah Mattress?

If you are trying to buy a new mattress, the very first thing you want to check is your financing. You should also consider other aspects such as your pain level and the position in which you sleep. If you can manage to cover a Nolah mattress, it is not easy to consider a much better choice. You will get a breathable and comfortable mattress that also has a selection of different benefits and features. In addition, you will find a lifetime warranty and the ability to test the mattress for 120 days without risk. You’ll also be helping to save the environment with every mattress you buy, in which few mattress manufacturers participate.

Q: Could You Twist The Evolution Of Nolah?

No, the Nolah Evolution is not meant to be reversed. Foam layers are simply designed to work on one side. If you want to extend the life of your mattress, consider rotating the mattress from head to toe rather than turning it over.

Q: What Are Nolah Mattresses Made Of?

Nolah mattresses are created in the United States. Nolah Sleep contains eight factories across the country, which rewards you in more ways than you do. First, it allows mattresses to reach your door quickly. Second, since these beds come straight to a door, Nolah will continue to keep their costs low.

What size of bed will fit my room?

Ideally, you want a bed that will comfortably hold your body but also gives you walking space around the bed. However, some sleep spaces just have a bed while storage is in another room. Whatever your bedroom set up is, the first step will be to measure your space. A compact room should fit a Twin size bed while a medium room could fit a Full-size bed. The important factor is no matter what size space you’re working with, there will be a Nolah AirFoam™ mattress to fit.

Which mattress size will suit me?

You want a mattress that comfortably holds your entire body (no feet hanging off the bed) while giving you a little wiggle room. Many of us tend to move around a lot during the night. Therefore, require a little extra space. Also, consider if the mattress is just for you (Twin, Twin XL) or will you be sharing the bed? (Full, California King, King, Queen) will be better.

What size bed is perfect for a couple to share?

A Queen size bed will be quite snug for a couple. However, if you have a decent-sized space in your room or want more bed real estate (for starfish sleepers) Opt for a King or California King size bed. A couple needs individual sleep space for adequate rest and recuperation.

Is a Full-size bed suitable for a couple?

Many couples will find a Full-size bed too narrow for their sleep needs. While it may suit the occasional night, couples will feel much more comfortable in a King or California King size bed.

Will a Queen mattress fit on a Full bed frame?

No, a Full bed frame is too small for a Queen mattress. Always match your bed frame to your mattress because you want your mattress to lay flat as possible. An inadequate sleep space could result in injury, sore joints, and muscle stiffness.

What size sheets will fit a bed that is made up of two Twin beds pushed together?

If you have two Twin beds pushed together, it’s best to dress the beds individually because finding bed clothes that fit adequately will be an impossible task. Use two Twin size sheets but a Full-size comforter will suffice. With two Twin XL beds pushed together, any sheets above King size should fit.

What are two Twin beds equal to?

Two Twin beds that are pushed together are inadequate for a couple because one regular Twin bed is 38×75 inches while a regular King bed (recommended for a couple) is 76×80 inches.

Can two Twin beds be made into a King size bed?

Two Twin XL beds can be equal in size to a King but two regular Twin beds do not equal a King because they are shorter in length.

Can two people sleep soundly in a Full-size bed?

A Full-size bed is suitable for a single sleeper only, a couple will find a Full-size bed quite uncomfortable as they will not be able to move around. A Full-size bed is adequate for a child or one adult and their pet.

What is the largest bed size available?

The biggest bed available is the California King, at 72 inches wide by 84 inches in length, a couple with small children or pets will fit comfortably in a California King size bed.

How high should a bed be?

The average bed height today is around 25 inches. This height allows your feet to be firmly planted on the floor when seated on the edge of your mattress. A modern platform bed is roughly 18 inches high. Any bed higher than this will require you to jump in and off the bed and could result in injury.

How thinck should a mattress be?

During our 3 years of research developing Nolah AirFoam™ mattresses, we found a 10-inch to 12-inch mattress the most comfortable sizes. With this in mind, we developed our 10″ Original and 12″ Signature AirFoam mattresses that offer various levels of firmness, tailored to you.

Is the right bed size beneficial to a happy and healthy marriage?

A healthy sleep cycle is paramount to our physical and mental wellbeing. If a couple is sharing too small a sleep space, it will not provide adequate rest and recuperation. We are more prone to arguments with our partners’ after a bad night’s rest. Depending on your sleep status (are you cuddles or starfish?) the correct bed size will benefit a couple greatly. Choose the California King for the most space available, choose the King size if you’re more cuddly sleepers. You’re guaranteed to find the right size mattress for you at Nolah.Buy 10″ Original Queen Mattress

About Nolah Mattresses

For the typical consumer, a Tempurpedic mattress is very expensive. With the advancement in e-commerce, there are more companies in today’s market and increased competition. Along with the increasing competition, organizations are selling unconventional mattresses at lower prices than ever before. To top it off, the only assortment of mattresses available on the internet has exploded. This makes the industry extremely competitive, you will get a selection of other benefits that can make buying a mattress much more attractive than you originally thought.

Nolah is a Colorado-based consumer-direct sleep technology company. Nolah specializes in full foam mattresses, but instead of going with conventional memory foam, they’ve crafted their patented poly-foam technologies, AirFoam, to create a more breathable and inviting mattress.

We hope the Nolah Mattress Dimension Guide was helpfull to get your mattress size questions answered.

Conclusion of Nolah Mattress Dimension Guide

Purchasing a new mattress or bed is a huge investment. You want quality at a reasonable price while not compromising on comfort. You and your family deserve the best, that is why Nolah Mattresses spent over 3 years researching and designing the Nolah AirFoam™ mattresses that sleep cooler and offer 4 times stronger support than memory foam mattresses. The Nolah 10” Original and Nolah 12” Signature mattresses come in sizes; Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.