Sweetnight Mattress size and dimensions (easy size charts included)

It may seem a lot that we care so much about the size of our mattress. Think about it, how much of a mattress do you really need? How large should it be? How thick should it be? Should I get a hybrid mattress? All explained in our expert review on Sweetnight mattress size charts.

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Fortunately, you are not alone on your journey of mattress. Mattress plays a very important role in the amount of sleep you get, on how good our night rests will be. The firmness of the mattress plays an important role on how much rest we get. High-density foam is important for proper motion transfer. Many people experience back pain or other types of pain after sleeping on a nonhybrid mattress due to poor pressure relief.

When the mattress does not support your body weights properly, your spine gets bent unnaturally. Before buying the industry-standard sizes, take the time to think about the type of sleepers that you and your family are.

For heavyweight back sleepers, aim for a medium-firm mattress. On a firmness level of 1 to 10, around 6 to 7. Heavyweight side sleepers should aim for something softer. A stomach sleeper on the other hand should go for a firmer option than the previous two. A firmer mattress option is also great for plus-sized sleepers. Apart from the firmness scale, airflow, financing solution and physical size are the next greatest factors about your mattress.

Flippable sweetnight Mattress size queen king full
Flippable sweetnight Mattress size

How To Choose The Right Sweet Night Mattress Size

Mattress sizes are measured in breadth by length. It doesn’t matter which of the two dimensions is measured or mentioned before the other. The larger one is always the length. Although 200cm (79″) length is the most common length sold, lengths of 210cm (83″) or 220cm (87″) can be purchased by special order. The longer beds are usually for taller sleepers. It is generally recommended that your mattress should be at least 20 centimeters (about 8 inches) more than your height. Certain sizes have popular nicknames in different parts of the world.

The right mattress size for your baby

If you have a baby, it is best to choose from box mattresses that fits the dimensions of the crib. These kinds of mattresses will last until the baby turns into a toddler. Keep in mind that baby mattress should be firm for optimal comfort.

Once your baby outgrows the crib and moves to a bed, this is where things get interesting. You could continue using the old crib mattress until your child is bigger.

Make sure to check if the mattress is still in good condition – inspect for physical flaws and definitely bugs. If you decide to change mattress a great choice would be to opt for a full mattress, alternatively, you could consider a twin for a single sleeper. This would be the most economic choice, due to a 10-year warranty, a good single sleeper can last your child until he/she is ready to leave the house.

For yourself, you need to make your choice based on the types of sleepers you and/or your spouse are, the sleep positions, body type and body weights of how many people or pets will be sleeping on the bed with you. Don’t rely on the names of mattress sizes, always check the dimensions on the product label to guarantee you get what you need. Different manufacturers from different countries use different product details. Average sleepers can use the table below as a guide of size choices.

Sweet Night Mattress thickness

The thickness of the mattress affects how long it lasts, how much body heat of the upper body it can absorb, versatility, type of mattress toppers to use, and its use as a secondary surface. Thicker ones last longer for heavyweight side sleepers and provide better pressure relief. They usually include a gel memory foam layer. The thickest mattresses may have heavy metal frames, steel coils or pocketed coils in them along with the gel memory foam layer. They can be a hybrid mattress or a density support foam. these are the best for restless partners. However, thinner ones are versatile mattresses with better airflow but are not hybrid mattresses. Versatile mattresses are usually an all-foam bed of gel infusion designed with a floral print. They can be a high-density support foam that give average sleepers a classic memory foam feel.

Lightweight sleepers with low pressure build-up and little partner disturbance can easily find comfort on a thin layer of foam.

The general terms for the thickest mattresses are as follows:

  1. 2 to 5inches: Low profile.
  2. 5 to 8inches: Slim.
  3. 8 to12 inches:Standard.
  4. 12 to16 inches: Thick or deep.
  5. More than 16inches: Extra thick or extra deep.
Sunkiss 10” King Memory Foam MattressSunkiss 12” Queen Memory Foam MattressTranquil Queen Adjustable Bed FrameTranquil Split California King Adjustable Bed FrameIsland 10” Full Hybrid MattressIsland 12” Queen Hybrid Mattress
TypeMemory foam mattressMemory foam mattressAdjustable Bed FrameAdjustable Bed FrameHybrid mattressHybrid mattress
Thickness10 Inch12 Inch//10 Inch12 Inch
Available StyleTwin/Full/Queen/KingQueen/KingTwin XL/Full/Queen/Split California KingTwin XL/Full/Queen/Split California KingFull/Queen/KingQueen/King

Sheet dimensions for Sweetnight Mattresses

Expert and dedicated Bed Sheet dimensions are explained in a full detailed sheet size chart

Discover in the below size chart the mattress and bed sizes which will inform you about the correct bedsheet sizes

Bed SizeMattress
size (in)
size (cm)
sheet size
sheet size
cover size
Twin38” x 75”96.5 x 190.5 cmTwinTwinTwin
Twin XL38” x 80”96.5 x 203 cmTwin XLTwin,
Twin XL
Full53” x 75”134.5 x 190.5 cmFullFull, QueenFull, Queen
Queen60” x 80”152.5 x 203 cmQueenQueenQueen
King76” x 80”193 x 203 cmKingKing,
72” x 84”183 x 213 cmCal-KingKing,

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Sweet Night Mattress Size Chart:

The table below is the dimensions of all the mattresses of Sweet Night. Take note that in the UK, the “Queen” size is called “King” while the “Little King” is called “Super King”.

Name Of SizeDimensions (Inches)Dimensions (Centimeters)
Small Single30×7575×190
Twin XL38×8097×200
Small Double47×75120×190
 Full/Double XL54×80135×200
Queen 60×80150×200
Little King70×80180×200
California King72×84183×215
Wyoming King84×84215×215
Super Caesar84×110213×274
Alaska King108×108265×265

Sweetnight Mattress size explained

Sweetnight Mattress size review by experts The Slumber Yard


A good mattress is a good night’s rest and there are only three cures in the good doctor’s book; a good meal, a good laugh, and a good rest. Sweetnight mattresses offer a broad range of mattresses for each type of sleeper, single or couple. The perfect Sweetnight Mattress size depends on your own situation and preference. A Twin is good enough for a single sleeper. While plus-sized sleepers need a firmer mattress option that is generally bigger. A good choice for combination sleepers is anything above King size. Alaskan King remains the best choice for combination sleepers.

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