Standard Size of Bedroom: All You Need to Know

Because adults spend 1/3 of their day on average in the bedroom, this space needs to be spacious and comfy. From the bedroom window, closet space, bathroom, and bedroom door sizes. All should match or surpass the standard dimensions to create an immersive experience for you (skip straight to the Standard Size of Bedroom Size Chart).

Standard Size of Bedroom: All You Need to Know
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The standard bedroom refers to the traditional or average size of a bedroom in square feet or meters squared. Typically, it should accommodate a bed, bedside table, and other essential pieces of furniture.

So, why do you need the right standard bedroom size?

With the right standard bedroom size, you can set all your preferred furniture and items and leave extra space for easy movement. Moreover, a standard bedroom usually has standard window sizes for easy emergency exit. This enhances your safety in case of accidents like fire.

Want to learn more about common sizes for bedrooms? Let’s delve in!

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Standard Size of Bedroom Table of Content

Standard Size of Bedroom Size Chart

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Standard Room Size Chart

Large6.71 × 8.53 m 22 × 28 ft57.24 m2 616 sqft
Medium4.88 × 6.01 m  16 × 20 ft29.33 m2 320 sqft 
Small3.66 × 5.49 m  12 x 18 ft20 m2 216 sqft
Very Small3.05 × 3.66 m  10 × 12 ft11.16 m2 120 sqft

Standard Size Bedroom Size Chart

Room SizeDimensionsArea
Minimum Size Bedroom9 ft x 9 ft 2.74 m x 2.74 m81 sqft 7.51 m2
Medium Size Bedroom12 ft x 12 ft 3.65 m x 3.65 m144 sqft 13.32 m2
Large Size Bedroom16 ft x 18 ft 4.87 x 5.48 m288 sqft 26.69 m2

Minimum Bedroom Dimensions by Bed Size Chart

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BedBed SizeMinimum Bedroom Size
Crib2.5 by 4.5 ft 0.76 by 1.37 m8 by 10 ft 2.44 by 3.06 m
Bunk Bed2.5 by 6 ft 0.76 by 1.8 m8 by 10 ft 2.44 by 3.06 m
Twin-Size Bed3.25 by 6.25 ft 0.99 by 1.90 m8 by 10 ft 2.44 by 3.06 m
Full-Sized Bed4.5 by 6.25 ft 1.37 by 1.90 m9 by 10 ft 2.74 by 3.06 m
Queen-Size Bed5 by 6.6 ft 1.52 by 2.01 m10 by 11 ft 3.06 by 3.35 m
King-Size Bed6.3 by 6.6 ft 1.92 by 2.01 m 6 by 7 ft 1.83 by 2.13 m10 by 12 ft

Bedrooms Comparison Size Charts

Bedroom TypeSmallMediumLarge
Master bedroom12 x 14 ft 3.66 x 4.27 m14 x 20 ft 4.27 x 6.09 m16 x 24 ft 4.88 x 7.32 m
Bedrooms10 x 10 ft 3.05 x 3.05 m12 x 12 ft 3.66 x 3.66 m14 x 16 ft 4.27 x 4.88 m
Guest Bedroom10 x 12 ft 3.05 x 3.66 m12 x 14 ft 3.66 x 4.27 m12 x 18 ft 3.66 x 5.49 m

Standard Room Comparison Size Chart

RoomSmallMedium Large 
Master bedroom 12 x 14 ft 3.66 x 4.27 m 14 x 20 ft 4.27 x 6.09 m 16 x 24 ft 4.88 x 7.32 m 
Powder Room4 × 4 ft 1.22 × 1.22 m5 × 5 ft  1.52 × 1.52 m6 × 6 ft 1.83 × 1.83 m 
Great Room16 × 18 ft 4.88 × 5.49 m18 × 24 ft 5.49 × 7.32 m 20 × 28 ft 6.1 × 8.53 m 
Living Room12 × 18 ft  3.66 × 5.49 m16 × 20 ft 4.88 × 6.1 m 22 × 28 ft  6.71 × 8.53 m
Dining Room10 × 12 ft 3.04 x 3.65 m 12 × 16 ft 3.65 x 4.87 m 14 x 18 ft 4.26 x 5.49 m 
Family Room12 x 16 ft  3.65 x 4.87 m14 x 20 ft  4.26 x  6.09 m16 x 24 ft  4.87 x 7.31 ft
Guest Bedroom10 x 12 ft 3.05 x 3.66 m12 x 14 ft 3.66 x 4.27 m  12 x 18 ft 3.66 x 5.49 m 
Recreation Room12 x 18 ft  3.65 x 5.48 m16 x 24 ft 4.87 x 7.31 m 18 x 30 ft 5.48 x 9.14 m 
Media Room10 x 14 ft  3.04 x 4.26 m12 x 16 ft  3.65 x 4.87 m14 x 20 ft  4.26 x  6.09 m
Kitchen Room5 x 10 ft  1.52 x 3.04 m10 x 16 ft 3.04 x 4.87 m 12 x 20 ft 3.65 x 6.09 m 
Laundry Room3 x 6 ft  0.91 x 2.28 m6 x 8 ft 2.28 x 2.44 m 8 x 10 ft  2.44 x 3.04 m
Utility Room5 x 6 ft 1.52 x 2.28 m 6 x 8 ft  2.28 x 2.44 m8 x 10 ft  2.44 x 3.04 m
Garage12 x 20 ft 3.65 x 6.09 m 20 x 20 ft  6.0009 x 6.09 m24 x 24 ft  7.31 x 7.31 m
Workshop6 x 8 ft  2.28 x 2.44 m8 x 10 ft   2.44 x 3.04 m12 x 16 ft 3.65 x 4.87 m 
Bedroom10 x 10 ft 3.05 x 3.05 m 12 x 12 ft 3.66 x 3.66 m 14 x 16 ft 4.27 x 4.88 m 
Storage Room6 x 6 ft  2.28 x 2.28 m8 x 10 ft  2.44 x 3.04 m12 x 14 ft 3.65 x 4.26 m 
Home Office Room8 x 10 ft 2.44 x 3.04 m 12 x 14 ft 3.65 x 4.26 m 14 x 18 ft  4.26 x 5.48 m
Walk-in Closet4 x 6 ft 1.22 x 1.83 m 6 x 6 ft 1.83 x 1.83 m 6 x 8 ft  1.83 x 2.44 m
Master Bathroom6 x 9 ft  1.83 x 2.74 m8 x 12 ft 2.44 x 3.65 m 10 x 16 ft 3.04 x 4.87 m 
Guest Bathroom5 x 9 ft 1.52 x 2.74 m 6 x 10 ft 1.83 x 3.04 m7 x 12 ft 2.14 x 3.65 m
Study Room10 x 10 ft 3.04 x 3.04 m12 x 12 ft 3.65 x 3.65 m 14 x 16 ft 4.27 x 4.87 m 
Library12 x 12 ft 3.65 x 3.65 m14 x 18 ft 4.27 x 5.48 m16 x 20 ft 4.87 x 6.10 m

How To Choose the Right Standard Size for a Bedroom

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With three bedroom sizes to choose from, you’re perhaps wondering which will suit your needs best. Well, here are factors to consider before settling for a small, medium, or large size bedroom

1. Standard Size of Bedroom with Attached Bathroom

Looking for a bedroom with an attached bathroom? This requires a large room with enough floor space to accommodate a bathroom. Compared to a separate bedroom, such designs usually surpass the standard heights and follow more sophisticated floor plans.

Hence, if you want a bedroom with a bathroom, you should go for bedrooms with large dimensions. The larger the bathroom, the more bedroom space you need to match the desired bathroom size!

2. Bed Size

Your bedroom space should accommodate your preferred bed. For example, suppose you are using a Queen bed; you will need a minimum bedroom size of 10 ft by 11 ft or 110 square feet. However, if you have a King bed, you will need a larger bedroom, 10 ft by 12 ft or 120 square feet.

Following these dimensions requirements will leave you enough space to move. However, if you plan to add more pieces of furniture, you may need to adjust your floor plans with an additional foot or so.

3. Occupants

When choosing a bedroom size, you need to consider the number of occupants. For instance, a small bedroom can offer a comfortable stay for one person. Hence, you may need to bear with the limited living space if you are sharing the room with another person. The most suitable bedroom size for two is a medium-sized one, which measures 12 by 12 ft or 144 square feet.

Suppose you need a room for your kids; its measurements will be determined by the number of children you have. However, if you have limited space, you can improvise with furniture that is friendly to small living spaces.

Alternatively, you can get a standard size 3-bedroom apartment or one with more bedrooms to offer enough space for all your kids.

4. Affordability

Enjoying a large space can be fun. First, however, you must evaluate whether you can comfortably pay for the room. Hence, besides considering the number of occupants and bed size you want, you should confirm whether your budget can pay for that 16 by 18 ft or 288-square feet room.

If not, you may have to choose between a small or medium-sized bedroom that won’t stress you financially. All you need to do is adopt best practices for small living, for instance, getting a smaller bed or using pieces of furniture that occupy less space.

Learn more about Bedroom Dimensions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 12×12 bedroom small?

A 12 by 12 ft bedroom is considered to be a medium-sized bedroom. Typically a small bedroom measures 9 by 9 ft or 81 square feet.

What is a nice size bedroom?

A nice bedroom accommodates all the furniture you need and leaves you enough space to move and do different tasks. This will ensure you have a great relaxing time.

A nice size bedroom should also accommodate all the occupants sharing the living space and be affordable to ensure you don’t strain financially.

What is the minimum size for a bedroom?

Depending on your bed size, the minimum size for a bedroom is 8 y 10 ft or 80 square feet. This type of bedroom can easily fit a bunk bed measuring 2.5 by 6 ft, a twin bed of 3.25 by 6.25 or a crib measuring 2.5 by 4. 5 ft.

Suppose you have a full-size bed; you need a minimum bedroom size of 9 by 10 ft. For a Queen Size bed and a King-size bed, you should get a bedroom measuring 10 by 11 ft and 10 by 12 ft, respectively.

Is a 10×10 bedroom a good size?

A 10 by 10 bedroom is good for all beds except queen-size and king-size beds. With these types of beds, you will have to squeeze yourself into the limited space left once you set them on the.

Can a king-size bed fit in a 12×12 room?

Yes, a king-size bed can fit in a 12 x 12 ft bedroom as the minimum bedroom size that can accommodate this type of bed is 10 by 12 ft. However, if you need a lot of space left around your bed, you need to get an apartment with bedrooms measuring 14 by 20 ft or 16 by 24 ft.


A bedroom offers a living space where you can zone out or have some private time. Hence, you must choose the right size to ensure it accommodates all your essentials, including your preferred bed size, classic bed frame, storage bench, accent chair, and bedside table.

To choose the right bedroom size, you should consider your bed measurements, the number of occupants, and the need for a bathroom. You should also consider the room’s affordability as you don’t want to strain financially.

Suppose you get stuck choosing the right bedroom size; feel free to ask for help in the comments below. Our professional will help you find the best bedroom size for you and your loved ones!

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