Female Blazer Jacket Size Chart And Fit Guide

Female blazers have made a great comeback in the 21st century as one of the stylish ways to accentuate business casual or even official outfits. They were traditionally known as boyfriend jackets and were slightly larger than one’s size to insinuate that they have been borrowed from men. You need a female blazer, jacket size chart to find your fitting. 

In today’s woman world, a casual or official look is not complete without a female blazer. They give an outfit that is authentic, and outstanding, authoritative, and classic in style. For you to get the ideal body fit, you require a female blazer, jacket size chart, and fit guide. 

Men’s Blazer Jacket size charts are handled here

Female Blazer Jacket Size Chart

It would be so confusing to go for a blazer or jacket shopping without a size guide as regular sizes might be misleading. You need to know the exact body measurements of different parts of your torso for you to get the correct fit. A larger jacket with excess fabric, for example, will drop off the shoulders while a smaller size will be uncomfortable and might tear off as a result of the pressure exerted on it.

Here is how a female blazer, jacket chart standard sizes looks like:

SizesBust Waist 
2XL47.5 -49121-12439.5-40.5100-103
3XL49.5 – 51.5126-13141.5-42.5105-108

Blazer Size conversion into US size

US Alpha Jacket Size WomenUS Jacket Size WomenUK Jacket Size WomenEU Jacket Size WomenBust width (inch)
XXS0023229 – 30
XS043431 – 32
S263632 – 33
M483833 – 34
M6104034 – 36
L8124237 – 38
L10144438 – 39
XL12164640 – 41
XL14184842 – 43
XXL16205044 – 46
XXL18225247 – 48
3XL20245449 – 50
4XL22265650 – 52
5XL24285853 – 54

International Women Blazer Size conversion chart


Blazer Jacket Size indications for women how to choose the right size blazer jacket
Blazer Jacket Size indications for women

Taking measurements

How do I know my blazer size? Sizing for Blazers (or Sport Coats):

Figuring your jacket size is a simple lesson: take a measuring tape and wrap it around the fullest part of your chest (under your armpits). If you measure 40 inches around your chest, then your chest size is 40 inches and, likewise, your suit jacket size is 40. Easy enough.

You might find it necessary to take measurements as the first step towards finding the right fitting for your body. There are various measurements you need to take and here is a quick guide on how to go about it. 

Of course, you need to use a tape measure, and now let’s learn how to take different body measurements

Step by step guide in how to get your Female blazer jacket size


Place the measuring tape at the widest part of the bust without exerting pressure. Note down the measurements. Plus-size people always should go for a double-breasted blazer

Waist size

Place the tape where the natural waistline falls, record down the readings in centimeters.


Take measurements of the widest part of your hips while standing in an upright natural posture.

Shoulder width

You might need a third party’s help to measure the natural shoulder. While in an upright position, measure from one tip of the shoulders to another. They say shoe size determines one’s shoulder width. That’s an old tale though

Torso size

Hold the tape measure at the base of the neck, then measure straight to where your wrist meets the hand. Do not puff out your chest.

Sleeves length

With your hands on your hips, place the tape measure on your shoulder and drag it to the end of your wrist.

Plus Sized Blazer Jacket Size chart for women

US Alpha Jacket Size WomenUS Jacket Size WomenUK Jacket Size WomenEU Jacket Size WomenBust width (inch)
XL12164640 – 41
XL14184842 – 43
XXL16205044 – 46
XXL18225247 – 48
3XL20245449 – 50
4XL22265650 – 52
5XL24285853 – 54

Blazer, Jacket Fit Guide

A fit guide is crucial because you might find a jacket or blazer that fits you well but the hips sleeve length is short or such misfits. It enables you to get the correct size options and measurements all around.

How should a blazer, Jacket Fit?

All the work and learning you have done so far is solely aimed at one main goal, and that is to find a perfect fit for your female blazer or jacket. This makes even more sense if you are shopping for business wear as a woman.  Here are a couple of tips to give you a head start;

Tips for finding the perfect jacket

An ideal jacket should not be tight on the shoulders. It should not be too loose either as you might end up with oversized blazers. The hem of the jacket should skim well your hip bones, while the sleeves should touch the middle part of your thumb when your hands are put upright.

For outdoor casual events, you can rock designer blazers such as O’Hara blazer, the regent blazer,Margaux blazer,crosby blazer, or the parke blazer. Faux leather blazers look perfect on a denim straight dress.

Tips for finding the perfect blazer

A woman’s blazer should fit in such a way as to accentuate her natural curves by narrowing at the rib cage and natural waistline. Look out for a blazer that is not all straight with shoulder pads for that effect.

When it comes to fabrics, go for synthetic fibers as they are easy to iron and do not crease easily. They are also known to give that sharp casual vibe. Natural fibers like wool and cotton resemble more of a suit jacket. They are perfect for an authoritative appearance. Cotton is the best pick for a black blazer as it does not ‘shine’ when ironed.

Dark wash jeans, jackets, and blazers require extra care during laundry as some shed off color quite easily and this is something you really need to watch out for.

Other factors to consider include glove size, body type, band size, etc.

What if I am between sizes

You might find it a little difficult trying to achieve that perfect balance when fitting blazers if you find yourself in between sizes. Experts advise that the perfect thing to do when you find yourself in such a position is to simply size up as this is a much safer option. You don’t want to end up with a small ill-fitting jacket! or blazer! However, consult size guides before sizing up or down.

A shorter blazer is ideal for pairing up with a pair of pants while a long blazer goes well with skirts or dresses.


If you are a woman in such of that perfect fitting blazer or jacket,  then once again please note that the number one thing to remember is the size charts. The female blazer, jacket size chart will save you lots of time that you would have spent fitting all manner of sizes before you can finally find your right fit. time and the hustle of choosing sizes.

All the best in your quest to look stylish in the female blazer, jacket!

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