UK to US Clothes Sizes Charts

UK to US clothes size charts are tables that cover all the details of the United States and United Kingdom sizing standards. They provide you with the US and UK standard sizes equivalent to each other.

Applying a good UK to US sizing chart for your clothing purchases ensures you get the correct size dress sizes or pants measurements. That’s why it’s necessary to find a chart with accurate size details.

UK to US Clothes Sizes Charts
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Below are UK to US clothes size charts to help you find the perfect size apparel for you or your loved one!

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UK to US Clothes Sizes Charts Table of Contents

UK to US Clothes Sizes Charts

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UK to US Men’s Smart Shirt Size Chart

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UK/USA SizeChest MeasurementsUK/USA SizeNeck Measurements
XXSTo Fit 32 – 34 in 81 – 86 cmXXS14.25 in 36 cm
XSTo Fit 34 – 36 in 86 – 91 cmXS14.5 in 37 cm
STo Fit 36 – 38 in 91 – 96 cmS15 in 38 cm
MTo Fit 38 – 40 in 96 – 101 cmM16 in 41 cm
LTo Fit 40 – 42 in 101 – 106 cmL17 in 43 cm
XLTo Fit 42 – 44 in 106 – 111 cmXL17.5 in 44 cm
XXLTo Fit 44 – 46 in 111 – 116 cmXXL18 in 46 cm

UK to US Men’s Jackets Size Chart

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UK/USA SizeUK/USA Chest Measurements
XXS34 in 86 cm
XS36 in 91 cm
S38 in 96 cm
M40 in 101 cm
L42 in 106 cm
XL44 in 111 cm
XXL46 in 116 cm

Women UK to US Clothes Size Chart

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US & CANUKBustWaistHip
4832 in 81 cm24 in 61 cm35 in 89 cm
61034 in 86 cm26 in 66 cm37 in 94 cm
81236 in 91 cm28 in 71 cm39 in 99 cm
101438 in 97 cm30 in 76 cm41 in 104 cm
121640 in 102 cm32 in 81 cm43 in 109 cm
141842 in 107 cm34 in 86 cm45 in 114 cm

UK to US Kids Clothes Size Chart

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UK SizesUSA SizesHeight MeasurementsWaist Measurements
12m12-18m31 in 78.7 cm49 – 50 cm 19¼ – 19¾ in
18m18-24m34 in 86.4 cm50 – 51 cm 19¾ – 20 in
2-32T36 in 99.1 cm52 cm 20½ – 21¼ in
3-44T41 in 91.4 cm51 – 53 cm 20 – 21 in
4-5543 in 109.2 cm55 – 56 cm 21½ – 22 in
5-6646 in 116.8 cm56 – 57 cm 22 – 22½ in
66X48 in 121.9 cm57 – 58 cm 22½ – 22¾ in
7 – 8750 in58 – 60 cm 22¾ – 23½ in
8 – 9853 in60 – 62 cm 23½ – 24½ in
9 – 101055 in62 – 64 cm 24½ – 25 in
10 – 111257 in64 – 65 cm 25 – 25½ in
11 – 121460 in65 – 66 cm 25½ – 26 in
12 – 131662 in66 – 67 cm 26 – 26¼ in
13 – 141865 in67 – 68 cm 26¼ – 26¾ in
14+2068 in68 – 70 cm 26¾ – 27½ in

How To Choose the Right UK to US Clothes Sizes

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When choosing UK to US clothes sizes, here are some of the factors you should consider for the best results:

1. True to Size

Does the hip measurement match your body requirements?

Not confirming whether your body measurements and clothing size match may mean getting a smaller or larger dress, shirt, or pants. This may be uncomfortable restricting you from navigating your day efficiently, whether at work or at an event.

Fortunately, the UK to US chart sizes usually helps you evaluate whether your inseam measurements and waist match a specific clothing size. So, whether you are looking for a women’s shirt or top size, apply the UK to US converter.

2. Body Type

Whether you are looking for glass hour or vanity sizing clothes, the UK to US clothes should enhance your look and match your body needs.

You can ensure this by checking the alpha, vanity, or slim sizes, depending on your body requirements.

3. Affordability

After using an accurate dress size calculator to find a fitting fancy attire, you should evaluate whether the price matches your budget.

If you find it too high, you can check for alternatives, including long-term payment plans and hiring or renting if you are supposed to attend an event.

4. Quality

Whether you want to purchase the United States or British sizes, you have to ensure the women’s shirts and top sizes are made with durable materials.

Remember, you will wash the clothes regularly, depending on the function. Hence, you must ensure you find the best dress or pants.

5. Purpose

Whether you need a swimming costume, official attire, or cycling clothes, you should ensure that the UK or US size you choose fits the function.

Check the accessories and different parts, including knees, waist, and elbows, to ensure you find efficient tops or bottoms.

For more information, check out this size conversion chart video

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are UK sizes in the US?

UK sizes in the US are usually higher for women, so if you are size US 4, you need to purchase clothes that are UK size 8. In contrast, men’s sizes are similar, so you should go for your true size. Kids’ clothes for under 8 years are almost the same size in both standards.

What is a UK size 12 in US clothes?

Size 12 in US clothes is large, commonly abbreviated as L.

What is a UK size 10 in US clothes?

UK size 10 translates to US size 8, with a waist measurement of 27 to 28 inches.

How do you convert UK clothes sizes to US?

You can use a UK to US clothes size chart to convert UK clothes. Alternatively, for men and kids under 8 years, you should just choose your exact size. For instance, if you wear a medium, go for the Medium clothes section.

Is UK size 14 medium or large?

UK size 14 is classified in international sizes as Large clothing.

Is UK 8 small?

UK 8 is an extra small (XL) clothing size.

What’s a UK size 14 in the US?

UK Size 14 is approximately US size 10. This clothing size boasts a bust of 38 in or 97 cm, a waist of 30 in or 76 cm, and a hip size of 41 in or 104 cm.


Whether searching for the ideal dress, jeans, shirt, or romper, the UK to US clothes size charts help you find the ideal clothes. All you need to do is compare the body measurements with the chart’s details.

And suppose you get stuck matching the measurements in the two sizing standards; feel free to ask for help. Our friendly professionals will assist you in the comments below!

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