Pull & Bear Women’s Size Charts

The world has tremendously changed in the past two decades, and so is women’s interest in clothing size. A recent survey by the U.K fashion and lifestyle StyleCard revealed that more than 40% of women prefer getting smaller pants (jeans) to bigger ones or ones that fit them (skip straight to the Pull & Bear Women’s Size Charts). 

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Well, that’s the trend but few speak of the hard time that women go through when they have to pull them down after a tiresome day. The importance of finding the right size cannot be overemphasized.

And as this guide is about Pull&Bear women’s sizes, it is important to note that Pull&Bear jeans have been a staple for many women. It’s critical that you understand what size actually suits you and everything that relates to size. 

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Pull & Bear Women’s Table of Contents

Pull & Bear women’s size chart(outerwear – costumes, tracksuits – dresses – playsuits)

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 Chest Waist Hips 
International Standardincmincmincm
xs70 – 78177.8 – 198.1250 – 58127 – 147.3280 – 88203.2 – 223.52
s78 – 86198.12 – 218.4458 – 66147.32 – 167.6488 – 96223.52 – 243.84
m86 – 94218.44 – 238.7666 – 74167.64 – 187.9696 – 104243.84 – 264.16
l94 – 102238.76 – 259.0874 – 82187.96 – 208.28104 – 112264.16 – 284.48
xl102 – 110259.08 – 279.482 – 90208.28 – 228.6112 – 120284.48 – 304.8

Pull & Bear women’s size chart(jackets – tops, t-shirts, tunics – blouses, shirts – sweaters, sweatshirts, hoody)

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chest waist 
xs70 – 78177.8 – 198.1250 – 58127 – 147.32
s78 – 86198.12 – 218.4458 – 66147.32 – 167.64
m86 – 94218.44 – 238.7666 – 74167.64 – 187.96
l94 – 102238.76 – 259.0874 – 82187.96 – 208.28
xl102 – 110259.08 – 279.482 – 90208.28 – 228.6

Pull & Bear women’s size chart(skirts – shorts – swimwear)

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waist hips 
xs50 – 58127 – 147.3280 – 88203.2 – 223.52
s58 – 66147.32 – 167.6488 – 96223.52 – 243.84
m66 – 74167.64 – 187.9696 – 104243.84 – 264.16
l74 – 82187.96 – 208.28104 – 112264.16 – 284.48
xl82 – 90208.28 – 228.6112 – 120284.48 – 304.8

Pull & Bear women’s size chart(jeans – pants – leggings)

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Waist Hips 

What size is a medium for women in Pull&Bear UK?

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An average-sized woman in the UK would take out 37 – 41 inches of the hip and 34 – 37 inches of the chest. While the size tends to vary with the design of the outfit, let’s take a look at several Pull&Bear size charts across the world and the UK.

Below is a Pull&Bear size chart above the knee for women’s outerwear:

UK StandardSize (inches)
Extra Small80 – 88
Small88 – 96
Medium96 – 104
Large104 – 112
Extra Large112 – 120

The following Pull&Bear size chart above the waist gives light on what is taken out by many women in the U.K who fall under the given sizes.

UK StandardSize (Inches)
Extra Small27 – 30
Small30 – 34
Medium34 – 37
Large37 – 40
Extra Large40 – 43

The above sizes are similar to Pull&Bear size charts across the US.

How do Pull&Bear women’s jeans fit?

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Pull&Bear jeans are what most women across America and Europe swear by. The company, having customized these beloved apparel to different sizes, has been sure to meet all its client’s tastes and preferences.

While many people prefer physically visiting the store to getting them online, there are different jeans sizes for different body sizes.

Take a look at the following Pull&Bear size charts across America and Europe.

US & EU Standard Jeans Sizes:


Check out this review of the new Pull&Ber Women’s collection (video)


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pull&Bear come up big or small for women?

There has been an outrage across the U.K about Pull&Bear sizes, claiming that most of their clothing comes small. Many claimed that most of these clothes only fitted teenage or petite girls.

Additionally, one U.K client went viral for calling out the company for having the wrong Pull&Bear Women’s size charts. The company had classified a U.K size 10 as large. Many client reviews say this too.

However, that’s completely different from what the brand has been known for over the years. The brand provides for all sizes including big and tall women.

In fact, this is one of the brands that set out with a mission to diversify women’s clothing.  Mistakes happen, and the outrage is a perfect example of what may have happened. 

Is Pull&Bear problematic for women?

Pull&Bear, like any other fashion company or indeed any company anywhere in the world is bound to receive negative reviews for one reason or the other.

But this doesn’t mean that a mistake is the constant definition of a brand. Certainly, no one wants to shop at a store that always attracts negative reviews from its clients, and Pull&Bear must be working on the issues that have come out lately. 

The U.K in particular has come out time and again to shed some light on some of these size chart mishaps.

Below is a Pull&Bear size chart that the company sent one of its clients in the UK back in 2017.

Extra SmallUK 4
SmallUK 6
MediumUK 8
LargeUK 10

The chart above classifies size 10 as large. This site is mostly pulled off by teens, who are either small or medium-sized. Another group of unhappy clients recently said that they prefer getting a size up or visiting the store to just taking chances.

What size am I Pull&Bear as a woman?

There’s no straight-up answer for this because a few factors come into play. The answer is in your body size. If looking for Pull&Bear tops, looking for a Pull&Bear size chart along the shoulder would answer your question pretty well.

Just be sure to take your measurements and match them with the measurements given in the chart.

However, try as much to visit the store yourself or look for a size up, just to be safe.

What size is Pull&Bear large for women in the UK?

A big woman in the UK would measure between 32 and 33 inches in the waist. However, there has been so much controversy about this question just as the chart in the above section shows.

The chart, given out by the company, classifies size 10 for large in the UK.

The chart was meant to address teenage females. However, large is mostly taken out by women above 50 because of the tremendous weight gain that comes with that age.

Hence, below is a Pull&Bear size chart after 50

UK StandardLarge
Chest94 – 102
Waist74 – 82
Hips104 – 112

Is Pull&Bear sizing big for women?

To some extent. We are drawing our facts from several client reviews that stated that they had to go for a size up after realizing that Pull&Bear sizing was too big for their teenage girls.

However, a lot more clients are satisfied with the company’s precision when it comes to sizing.


Pull& Bear is a great brand and you have every reason to take the time to find a size that is perfect for your body. So if you’re on the hunt for a perfect-fit outfit, make the effort of working with your measurements against a Pull&Bear women’s size chart. If still not sure of how to go about that, get assistance from your nearest Pull&Bear stores.

Please any questions you might have in the comments and we’ll be happy to give all the assistance that we can.

Picture in this post is by Pull & Bear

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