US to EU Jeans Size for Women: What is EU in jeans size?

US to EU jeans size for women converters refer to guides that help you translate the feminine American size pants to the European Union body measurements. These charts usually provide you with the complete aspects of garment size.

For instance, hip inch, body size, bust inch, and waist inch. The charts offer a variety of jeans sizes depending on your body type.

How to convert US to EU jeans size for women? What's my EU denim size?
How to convert US to EU jeans size for women? What’s my EU denim size?

In general, add 4 to your American size to convert US women’s jeans size to UK size. Add 30 to convert US jeans sizes to EU sizes. Simply add 3 to your existing US women’s jeans size to obtain your Japanese jean size.

So, whether you need a perfect jean size for a glass-hour figure or pregnant women, they help you find comfortable apparel for you!

So, why do you need the right US to EU jean size converter?

Traveling around the world and finding a suitable jean size for you or your loved one is relieving. However, when you apply an inaccurate US to EU converter for your jeans, you may purchase a smaller or larger pair of pants.

This may feel uncomfortable and limit you from performing your activities efficiently. But thanks to our precise cheatsheet, it comprises all the body measurements sizing, including XS, S, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL. 

Below are comprehensive US to EU jean size converters to help you find the perfect hip or waist size!

Jump right into the Frequently Asked Questions

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Table of Content

US to EU Jeans Size Converter Chart

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Women’s Jeans Size Chart

US 261 cm
24 in
85 cm
33.5 in
EU 34
US 363.5 cm
25 in
87.5 cm
34.4 in
EU 35
US 466 cm
26 in
90 cm
35.4 in
EU 36
US 568.5 cm
27 in
92.5 cm
36 in
EU 37
US 671 cm
28 in
95 cm
37.4 in
EU 38
US 773.5 cm
29 in
97.5 cm
38.4 in
EU 39
US 876 cm
30 in
100 cm
39.4 in
EU 40
US 1081 cm
32 in
105 cm
41.3 in
EU 42

European Pant Size Conversion Chart Women

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25 in 63.4 cmXS2484343640
26 in 66.04 cm25106343640
27 in 68.6 cmS26108363842
28 in 71.1 cm271210384044
29 in 73.7 cmM281212384044
30 in 76.2 cm291412404246
31 in 78.7 cmL301414424448
32 in 81.3 cm311616424448
33 in 83.8 cmXL321616444650
34 in 86.4 cm331818444650

Women’s Jeans Chart Size

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XS2463 cm 24.8 in90 cm 35.4 in52 cm 20.7 in81 cm 31.9 in
2565.5 cm 25.8 in92.5 cm 36.4 in53.5 cm 21.2 in81 cm 31.9 in
S2668 cm 26.8 in95 cm 37.4 in55 cm 21.7 in81 cm 31.9 in
2770.5 cm 27.8 in97.5 cm 38.4 in56.5 cm 22.2 in81 cm 31.9 in
M2873 cm 28.7 in100 cm 39.4 in58 cm 22.8 in81 cm 31.9 in
2975.5 cm 29.7 in102.5 cm 40.4 in59.5 cm 23.4 in81 cm 31.9 in
L3078 cm 30.7 in105 cm 41.3 in61 cm 24.0 in81 cm 31.9 in
3180.5 cm 31.7 in107.5 cm 42.3 in62.5 cm 24.6 in81 cm 31.9 in
XL3283 cm 32.7 in110 cm 43.3 in64 cm 25.2 in81 cm 31.9 in
3385.5 cm 33.7 in112.5 cm 44.3 in65.5 cm 25.8 in81 cm 31.9 in

The Best US to EU Women Jean Size Converter for You

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How do I know that the US to EU women’s jeans size I’m using is right for my needs? The right United States to Europe women’s jean size converter should incorporate the following

1. Your Body Size

Does the US-to-EU women’s jean size converter have all body sizes?

Whether your ideal jean size is extra small, small, medium, large, or extra large, the right US to EU women’s jean converter should include your body size.

If your ideal waist measurements are 26 or 27 inches, you need small-sized jeans, which is US Size 8 or 10, translating to EU 36 or 38.

In contrast, curvaceous women need curvy jean sizes that will fit their body type, for instance, the 2 XL or 3XL.

2. Body Measurements

Besides ensuring the tape measure sizing is accurate, you need to have all body measurements displayed on the chart for easy conversion.

This will help you compare your waist size to the United States or European sizing standards, depending on your nationality or place of origin.

Most people know their body measurements, such as hip, waist, and bust inches. Hence, they use it to make the right purchase decisions. Thanks to our guide, it provides you with all these details!

3. Comfort

Purchasing pregnant women’s jeans can be an uphill struggle, especially if you are unsure of the exact sizing.

However, the right US to EU women’s jean converter offers you all these options, including large enough waist sizes to keep you comfortable all the way.

4. Precise and Easy to Apply

The right United States to Europe Women’s jean converter should be precise for navigating through.

For instance, it should incorporate waist inch and waist centimeter, hip inch, and hip centimeter, among other body measurements.

This will allow you to translate your jean measurements from the United States to European standard size or vice versa, helping you find the perfect pants for you or your loved one!

5. Follows the Standard Size

International sizing usually has standard parameters, including extra small, medium, large, extra large, XXL, and 3XL women’s jeans.

Hence, the right US to EU women’s jean converter should include all these standards for easy identification and conversion.

How do I get my true jeans size?

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You can find your true jean size by measuring certain body parts with a tape measure. Following this step-by-step process will get you accurate results:

  • Step 1. Take your tape measure and straighten it to hold the beginning (usually reading 1 in). It’s advisable to get help from someone, so you don’t make errors.
  • Step 2. Stand straight and wrap the tape measure around your waist. Mark the place where the tape measure overlaps to find the correct measurement.
  • Step 3. Wrap the tape measure around your hips and mark where the tape measure overlaps. This will provide you with a second size; ensure you record it with a pen and paper or on your phone.
  • Step 4. Extend the tape measure from the waist to the heel to get the height of your jeans. Remember to record this measurement too.

Repeat the steps above to confirm that the measurements are accurate. Then compare them with the conversion chart elements to get a fitting pair of jeans for you or your loved one.

Check out this video to learn more about how to choose the perfect size of jeans (video)

How to Correctly Measure to Determine What Size of Jeans You Wear: All About Jeans by ehowbeauty

Frequently Asked Questions

What size is EU 34 in US jeans?

Size EU 34 stands for US size 2. This jean size boasts a waist size of 24 inches or 61 cm and a hip size of 33.5 inches or 85 cm. Typically, the EU 34 lies in the XS sizing standard.

What is a size 32 in European jeans?

Size 32 usually represents EU size 44, which has a waist of 32.7 in or 83 cm, hip of 43.3 in or 110 cm, thigh of 25.2 in or 64 in, and inseam of 31.9 in or 81 cm. This size is usually in the extra large sizing standard (XL).

What are US pants to European size?

US pants to European size refers to the conversion of clothing measurements from the United States standards to European clothing measurements.

For instance, this table shows how pants sizes can be converted from the US to EU sizing.

What size is EUR 27 in US jeans?

According to the five units of sizing, EU 27, which stands for size 38 in the Europen standards, translates to US Size 6, which is part of the extra jeans.

What is size 28 jeans in the US?

Size 28 jeans in the US refers to size 12, which boasts a waist of 28.7 in or 73 cm, a hip of 39.4 in or 100 cm, a thigh of 22.8 in or 56.5 cm, and an in-seam of 31.9 in or 81 cm. You can find this jeans size in the medium clothing section if you visit a store.

What size is EU 36 in the US?

EU 36 is US size 8 or international size 26. Usually referred to as small jeans, the EU 36 or US 8 has a waist size of 26.8 in, hip size of 37.4 in, thigh size of 21.7 in, and inseam of 31.9 in.

What is a 34 waist in European sizes?

34 waist translates to European size 42 to 44. Depending on your body measurements, this sizing range offers you multiple hips, thigh, and inseam dimensions.

You can choose from hip sizes 107.5 cm or 42.3 in, 110 cm or 43.3 in, and 112.5 cm or 44.3 in to fit true to size.


You are searching for an easy and fast way to convert your jeans’ size from the United States to European women’s clothing standards? Our size conversion charts can help you find the perfect jeans for you or your loved one.

They provide you with the waist, hip, inseam, and thigh measurements to ensure you compare the available pants. Whether you wear small, medium, or large clothing, it helps you identify the different measurements in inches and centimeters.

Suppose you need to find a suitable jean type for an expectant relative; you can go through the relevant sizing requirements, such as XL, 2XL, and 3XL, depending on their size requirements at the moment.

While applying conversion chart sizes is easy for some people, it poses difficulties for others. That’s why our team of professionals is always ready to help you get the size of the ideal jeans for you. All you need to do is ask for assistance in the comments below.

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