Ariat Jeans Size Chart for men, women and kids

Are you a huge horseback riding fan who wants to know what size to get for all of your equestrian apparel and accessories? The Ariat Jeans size charts are just what you require.

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For years, the Ariat brand has provided customers with superior equestrian clothing and shoes, particularly durability, class, comfort, and quality. The American company, founded by Beth Cross and Pam Parker in 1993 after seeing an opportunity to apply the techniques used in athletic shoe production to the production of English and Western riding boots, has grown to become one of the biggest names in the clothing industry, with distribution spanning Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Even though the company is popular for providing technical supremacy for equestrian competitors, Ariat designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes shirts, jackets, tops, comfortable jeans, boots, and accessories for everyone, whether they need to attend a show ring, a yard, or simply for fashion.

While the Ariat brand is most known for its high-quality, long-lasting tall boots, its apparel selection is on par with the best in the country. The denim collection is noted for its soft, durable, and comfy fabric with various unique designs. After the designers have imagined and reinterpreted every possible relevance of each apparel’s special features, the jeans are created with high-quality, flame-resistant materials and craftsmanship.

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This article offers a complete guide to Ariat jean sizing for men, women, and kids. It also contains information on how and what to measure before acquiring Ariat jeans wear.

Ariat Jeans Size Chart

This section offers a size conversion chart for all Ariat jeans wears for men, women, and children.

Ariat Men’s Jean Size Chart

International SizingWaist size (in, cm)Hip size (in, cm)
XS25’’ 64cm32.5’’ 79cm
27″ 69cm34.4″ 84cm
S29’’ 74cm36.5’ 93cm’
30″ 76cm37.5″ 98cm
31″ 79cm38.5″ 98cm
M32’’ 81cm39.5’’ 100cm
33″ 84cm40.5″ 103cm
34″ 86cm41.5″ 105cm
L35″ 89cm42.5″ 108cm
36″ 91cm43.5″ 110cm
37″ 94cm44.5″ 113cm
39″ 99cm46.5″ 118cm
XL41’’ 104cm48.5’’ 123cm
43″ 109cm50.5″ 128cm
XXL45’’ 114cm52.5’’ 133cm
47″ 119cm53.5″ 136cm
3XL49″ 124cm55.5″ 141cm
51″ 130cm57.5″ 146cm
4XL53″ 135cm59.5″ 151cm
55″ 140cm61.5″ 156cm
LT36’’ 91cm43.5’’ 110cm
38″ 97cm46.5″ 118cm
XLT40’’ 102cm48.5’’ 123cm
42″ 107cm50.5″ 128cm
XXLT44’’ 112cm52.5’’ 133cm
46″ 117cm53.5″ 136cm
3XLT48’’ 122cm55.5’’ 141cm
50″ 127cm57.5″ 146cm

Ariat Denim men’s sizes explained

Mens Ariat Denim Fit explained by Valley Vet Supply

Ariat Women’s Jean Size Chart

International SizingWaist Size (in, cm)Hip size (in, cm)
XS25″ 63.5cm35″ 89cm
26″ 66cm36″ 91cm
S27’’ 68cm37’’ 94cm
28″ 70cm38″ 97cm
M29″ 74cm39″ 99cm
30″ 76cm40″ 102cm
L31.5’’ 80cm41.5’’ 105cm
33″ 84cm43″ 109cm
XL34.5’’ 88cm44.5’’ 113cm
36″ 91cm46″ 117cm
XXL38’’-40’’ 96cm-101cm48’’-50’’ 122cm-127cm
1X37.5’’ 95cm47.5’’ 121cm
39.5’’ 100cm49.5’’ 126cm
2X41.5’’ 105cm51.5’’ 131cm
43.5’’ 110cm53.5’’ 136cm
3X45.5’’ 116cm55.5’’ 141cm
47.5’’ 121cm57.5’’ 146cm

Ariat Denim women’s sizes explained

Ladies Ariat Denim Fit explained by Valley Vet Supply

Ariat Boys and Girls Jean Size Chart (Kid’s Category)

International SizingHeight (in, cm)Waist Size (in, cm)Hip size (in, cm)
XS51’’ 130cm22.5’’ 57cm27.5’’ 70cm
S53’’ 135cm23’’ 58cm28.5’’ 72cm
M57’’ 145cm24’’ 61cm29’’ 74cm
L61’’ 155cm25’’ 64cm32.5’’ 83cm
XL64’’ 162cm26’’ 66cm33.5’’ 85cm
XXL64.5″ 164cm27″ 69cm34″ 86cm

How to Choose the Right Ariat Jeans Size for You

How do I know my Ariat jeans size?

It is important to get accurate  body measurements to choose the right Ariat jeans size. While taking these measurements, make sure you measure your body, not over your underwear or slacks.

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In the position where your pants are generally worn, measure your body. Make sure your measuring tape is perpendicular to the ground. Another method is to take the circumference of a pair of well-fitting jeans’ waistline.


Remove your clothing, place your feet together, and snugly wrap a soft measuring tape around the broadest part of your hips. Your hip measurement is where the end of the tape meets the remaining length. To achieve the most exact measurements, you may need a full-length mirror.


The height measurement is crucial while purchasing Ariat jeans for children. To determine the child’s exact height, remove their shoes and stand beside a wall with their feet parallel to the wall. With a measuring tape, mark the highest point of their head against the wall and measure that point to the ground.

Understanding shoe sizes and the importance of width in feet you can read in the links.

Men’s Ariat Jean Size Conversion Chart

A conversion chart offers the equivalent size tags in countries outside the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Europe. Find the conversion chart for men’s Ariat jeans below:

International Sizing (UK/US/EU)Sizing in CanadaSizing in Mexico

Women’s Ariat Jean Size Conversion Chart

International Sizing (UK/US/EU)Sizing in CanadaSizing in Mexico

Kid’s Ariat Jean Size Conversion Chart

International SizingSizing in CanadaSizing in Mexico


The Ariat brand offers clients superior equestrian clothing and accessories. Whether they need to attend a show ring, a yard, or simply for fashion, the clothing brand has something for everyone. While the Ariat brand is most known for its high-quality, long-lasting shoes, its apparel selection is on par with the best in the country. The  denim collection, one of its most famous apparel collections, is noted for its soft, long-lasting, and comfy fabric with various unique designs.

The article above serves as the complete guide to buying the correct pair of jeans sizing for men, women, and kids.

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