Helmut Lang Size Charts

Helmut Lang’s clothes are designed to offer comfort, meaning they shouldn’t be too big or too small. Like a rule of thumbs, the more comfortable your clothes are the more your general confidence (skip straight to the Helmut Lang Size Charts).

Hence, its price or make may not matter so much if it’s wrongly sized. In the article below, there are all the most important Helmut Lang Size Charts.

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Helmut Lang Size Charts Table of Contents

Helmut Lang Size Charts

Helmut Lang Women 

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Helmut Lang Clothing & Apparel ( Numeric )

SizeUKItalyFranceBust (in)Bust (cm)Waist (in)Waist (cm)Hip (in)Hip (cm)
0   301/2 inch77 cm24 inch61 cm34 inch86 cm
043634311/2 inch80 cm25 inch64 cm35 inch89 cm
263836321/2 inch83 cm26 inch66 cm36 inch91 cm
484038331/2 inch85 cm27 inch69 cm37 inch94 cm
6104240341/2 inch88 cm28 inch71 cm38 inch97 cm
8124442351/2 inch90 cm29 inch74 cm39 inch99 cm
10144644361/2 inch93 cm30 inch76 cm40 inch102 cm
1216484638 inch97 cm311/2 inch80 cm411/2 inch105 cm

Helmut Lang Clothing & Apparel ( Alpha )

SizeUKItalyFranceBust (in)Bust (cm)Waist (in)Waist (cm)Hip (in)Hip (cm)
XXS4363429 – 30 inch74 – 76 cm23 – 24 inch58 – 61 cm33 – 34 inch84 – 86 cm
XS6383630 – 31 inch76 – 79 cm24 – 25 inch61 – 64 cm34 – 35 inch86 – 89 cm
S8403832 – 33 inch81 – 84 cm26 – 27 inch66 – 69 cm36 – 37 inch91 – 94 cm
M10424034 – 35 inch86 – 89 cm28 – 29 inch71 – 74 cm38 – 39 inch97 – 99 cm
L12444236 – 37 inch91 – 94 cm30 – 31 inch76 – 79 cm40 – 41 inch102 – 104 cm
XL14464438 – 39 inch97 – 99 cm32 – 33 inch81 – 84 cm42 – 43 inch107 – 109 cm

Helmut Lang Denim Jeans Size

SizeWaist (in)Waist (cm)
2426 inch66 cm
2527 inch69 cm
2628 inch71 cm
2729 inch74 cm
2830 inch76 cm
2931 inch79 cm
3032 inch81 cm
3133 inch84 cm
3234 inch86 cm

Helmut Lang Men

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Helmut Lang Clothing & Apparel ( Alpha Sizes )

SizeChest (in)Chest (cm)Sleeve (in)Sleeve (cm)Waist (in)Waist (cm)
XS34 inch86 cm321/2 – 33 inch83 – 84 cm29 – 30 inch74 – 76 cm
S36 inch91 cm33 – 331/2 inch84 – 85 cm31 – 32 inch79 – 81 cm
M38 inch97 cm331/2 – 34 inch85 – 86 cm33 – 34 inch84 – 86 cm
L40 inch102 cm34 – 341/2 inch86 – 88 cm35 – 37 inch89 – 94 cm
XL43 inch109 cm341/2 – 35 inch88 – 89 cm39 – 41 inch99 – 104 cm

Helmut Lang Clothing & Apparel ( Numeric Sizes )

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SizeChest (in)Chest (cm)Sleeve (in)Sleeve (cm)
3636 inch91 cm33 inch84 cm
3838 inch97 cm331/2 inch85 cm
4040 inch102 cm36 inch91 cm
4242 inch107 cm34 inch86 cm
4444 inch112 cm35 inch89 cm
4646 inch117 cm351/2 inch90 cm
4848 inch122 cm36 inch91 cm

Helmut Lang Denim Jeans

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SizeWaist (in)Waist (cm)Hip (in)Hip (cm)Inseam (in)Inseam (cm)
2829 inch74 cm34 inch86 cm311/2 inch80 cm
2930 inch76 cm35 inch89 cm311/2 inch80 cm
3031 inch79 cm36 inch91 cm311/2 inch80 cm
3132 inch81 cm37 inch94 cm311/2 inch80 cm
3233 inch84 cm38 inch97 cm311/2 inch80 cm
3334 inch86 cm39 inch99 cm311/2 inch80 cm
3435 inch89 cm40 inch102 cm311/2 inch80 cm
3637 inch94 cm42 inch107 cm311/2 inch80 cm
3839 inch99 cm43 inch109 cm311/2 inch80 cm
4041 inch104 cm45 inch114 cm311/2 inch80 cm

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Helmut Lang true to size?

Yes! Helmut Lang jeans sizing, to start with, is accurate and goes hand in hand with the brand’s sizing charts. The well-cut pants come in a lofty, high-end fabric that will serve you for years without wearing out, shrinking, or stretching out. For other brands, jeans get to fade or shrink after a few times of washing.

However, at Helmut Lang, your love for your jeans will not have to be corrupted by such ordeals. You’ll thank yourself for the much you spent after a couple of years of realizing that the trousers have the cool hue that they had originally.

Moreover, women’s dresses are true to size. Coming in different elegant designs, they don’t feel too heavy or light, just the weight that suits you. If you wear extra large sizes, you’re sure that a Helmut Lang hoodie XL will fit you despite the type of material such as woolen and cotton. In the case of woolen materials, the hoodie or jumper won’t stretch out with time like other materials. Hence, be sure to take your perfect size.

In case you don’t feel so comfortable with the cloth that you purchased through the Helmut Lang online store, you’re allowed to return it for a replacement or a refund within a few days after delivery. The brand has, in that way, reducing the frustration that comes with buying something that you’ll not ever wear.

Should your size up in Helmut Lang?

You don’t need to size up because all clothes come in the exact sizes that you order. People who fall between sizes know that it can be taxing to find clothes without sizing up. Most of them look for size-ups that eventually tone down the outfit’s professional look.

However, this is not a problem at Helmut Lang because you have the option to order your personal fit and the brand’s tailors will do their job without charging you too much.

To avoid sizing up all the time, don’t assume that your body size remains constant. This especially happened during the pandemic when folks had to remain indoors and empty all their snack cabinets. So, if you feel a little fuller than you were when you bought clothes last, it’s time to dust off your tape measure. This should happen even when you don’t notice any changes because some, though subtle, can greatly change your clothes sizes.

You might find yourself getting a Helmut Lang XXL instead of your normal Helmut Lang XL. This is one easy way to unveil your body changes and probably help you see the need to work out a little more.

How is Helmut Lang supposed to fit?

Have you ever seen someone with a very expensive but too-small outfit? While people may love the brand and probably send appraisals here and there, you’ll not fail to notice that something’s wrong with it.

You’re simply after a Helmut Lang jeans fit that draws a clean line around your legs. A baggy one will only make you appear big and vice versa is true. So how do you know when your pants are too big? You’ll notice creases or puckering in the front panel when the trouser is a smidge too small. You also don’t expect your trousers to billow or appear puffy when you sit down. This can only tell that they are too big.

While your perfect Helmut Lang hoodie sizing is easy to predict, the final judgment depends on your preference. For instance, introverts would need a hoodie that acts as a shield from the outside world, which is why medium-sized folks would mostly go for the Helmut Lang hoodie XL.

What’s the size medium in Helmut Lang?

For women’s apparel, Helmut Lang medium is size 10 in the UK, size 40 in France, and size 42 in Italy. This size has different lengths, depending on the parts of the body. For instance, a medium bust circumference measures up to 35 inches (89cm), with the waist measuring up to 29 inches (74cm), and 39 inches of the hip (99cm).

According to Helmut Lang t-shirt sizing, men’s medium chest measures 38 inches (97cm), 33.5 to 34 inches of the sleeve, and 33 to 34 inches of the waist. The medium size for Helmut Lang denim jeans is 33 inches (84cm) at the waist and 38 inches (97cm) at the hip, whose inseam is 31.5 inches (80cm) long.

Does Helmut Lang fit big?

No! With Helmut Lang, you’re sure to perfectly fit in your size without feeling frumpy. For instance, if you fit in extra small clothes, you’d only need to order for Helmut Lang XS without going up. The brand ensures this so that there’s no confusion, no wonder most clients have stuck around for years.

You may step back a little and ask whether you’re losing weight. If yes, this could be the reason why Helmut Lang clothes fit big. But if you keep updating your measurements, you’ll never get oversized Helmut Lang clothes.


If you’re ever unsure about what size to get when shopping for Helmut Lang clothing, this guide will be a valuable resource. We hope that it has given you some valuable insights to help you get the right size when making a purchase.

As always, feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comments.

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