US to EU Jeans Size for men – Size Conversion

Whether you want to purchase kid or adult-size apparel, finding accurate jeans size can be difficult without any guide. Thanks to the US to EU jeans size converter men charts, they offer you ample details on apparel sizes, helping you purchase the perfect pant size for you or your loved one.

What are US to EU jeans size converter men, and why is a good US to EU jeans size for men converter important?

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So whether you are familiar with European or American sizes, you can use converters to check what suits you best. It will save you time and costs getting your size right. You need to get the exact natural waist measurement using a tape measure to compare it with the chart’s details. The below chart covers all international jeans sizing conversions for the American, Italian, English, British, Japanese, Russian as well the European size system for French, German, Italian, Spanish, … jeans sizes for men.

If you’re looking for a brand-specific size chart, we covered Levi’s, Lee, Wrangler, Miss me, Diesel, Versace, Armani, G-star, Guess, and much more

Below are US to EU jeans converter charts to help you find the ideal garment size for you or your loved one!

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Men's Jeans Size chart US to EU
Men’s Jeans Size chart US to EU

US to EU Jeans Converter Size Chart

EU to US Jeans Size Conversion

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US / Internat.EuroWaistLength 
28/304028 in 71 cm76 cm 30 in
29/304229 in 73.7 cm76 cm 30 in
30/324430 in 76.2 cm81 cm 32 in
32/324632 in 81.3 cm81 cm 32 in
33/324833 in  83.8 cm81 cm 32 in
34/325034 in 86.4 cm81 cm 32 in 
36/345236 in 91.4 cm86 cm 34 in
38/345438 in 96.5 cm86 cm 34 in
40/345640 in 101.6 cm86 cm 34 in
42/345842 in 106.7 cm86 cm 34 in
44/346044 in 111.8 cm86 cm 34 in

Men’s denim Pants US to EU size conversion


Men Jeans Conversion Chart

So, you just traveled to Europe and encountered a new jean sizing standard you are unfamiliar with? Don’t panic; our US to EU men’s jeans converter size chart covered you with all your sizing details.

Whether you wear small, large, 2XL, or 5XL jeans, you can find the appropriate pair of pants using our size chart. To help you have an easy time choosing EU or US men’s jeans, our converter chart incorporates the following factors

1. Simplicity

The right US to EU me’s jeans converter should be simple to understand so you can compare the measurements fast. Our size chart is made with popular measurements, focusing on body measurements and the international sizing parameters.

As a result, we give you an easy and fast way to choose your favorite jeans. You don’t have to calculate or Google to find your true size!

2. Versatility

How flexible is the men’s jeans size converter that you are using?

Does it have all body types sizing standards, or does it focus on a few?

The right converter should ensure it covers all the body size requirements. So whether you want to get medium jeans for yourself or a small jeans size for your loved one, it should have all these data for easy conversion.

3. Comprehensive

Typically, people are familiar with their waist measurements, making it an ideal way to find fitting clothes. Hence, your US to EU men’s jeans converter should incorporate such details to ensure you find your jean within the shortest time.

The converter should also cater to all your body type needs, whether you have a small or large waist size. Other essential details include inseam lengths to help you identify the perfect size jeans for you.

4. International Standard Sizing

The normal sizes used across the globe include XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL, among others. Trouser sizes can be easily understood when a conversion chart or table integrates this information.

Hence, you should use a US to EU men’s jeans converter following this sizing standards. Moreover, pant manufacturers usually include these measurements on their tag. Therefore, you can easily compare the measurements in inches or centimeters by looking at the XXS, XL, or M on the converter table.

Frequently Asked Questions on Men’s Jeans size conversion from US to EU

What size is EU 34 in US jeans?

EU 34 is XXS usually US size 13. Such clothing boasts a waist size of 26 to 27 in and a hip/seat measurement of 33 to 34 in.

What is a size 32 in European jeans?

Size 32 refers to EU 46, with a wait size of 32 in and a height of 81 cm.

What is US pants to European size?

US pants to European size refers to the conversion or translation of pants measurements from the United States to European sizing systems. Usually, the sizing chart will display pants length – inseam, standard sleeve length, pants size, or/and leg measurements of US and EU alongside each other.

What size is EUR 27 in US jeans?

Size EU 27 represents US size 10 which boasts a 6.7 in length.

What is size 28 jeans in us?

Size 28 jeans in US refers to XS which has a waist size of 28 to 29 inches and a hip size of 34 to 35 inches.

What size is EU 36 in US?

Size EU 36 represents US size 14 which lies under XS in the international standard size designations.

What is a 34 waist in European sizes?

34 waist size in European sizing system is size 50. So, if you have a waist measurement of 34 inches, you can coose any of the pants under the EU 50 section.

Convert US to EU jeans size for men explained (video)

How to Convert European to US Size of Jeans for Men by ExpertVillage Leaf Group


The Pant size conversion chart helps you find matching jeans to your body measurements. For example, with your waist size or hip measurements, you can compare the details on the table to secure the correct pant size for your event.

Suppose you get stuck comparing the two sizing systems, feel free to ask for help in the comments below. Our team will guide you till you find fitting pair of jeans!

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