KanCan Size Chart and Fitting Guide for Women and Men

KanCan may not have invented the Jean apparel, but it can be said that KanCan has brought some level of perfection to it. The unique and innovative touch that KanCan brings to jean design offers a wow experience to fashion enthusiasts. According to Latrobe boutique, the brand is named after the CanCan dance and is based in Los Angeles (skip straight to the KanCan Size Chart).

KanCan Size Chart and Fitting Guide for Women and Men size-charts.com
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The design and fashion of Jeans keep changing from one generation to another and from one season to another. In the past, Levi’s took the world by storm; leading youths and teenagers into an era of unique outfits.

But now, recent trends points in the direction of KanCan; with their vast collection of high-quality jean design, skinny jeans, high-rise jeans, and denim that is fabricated with 65.4% cotton, 1% Spandex, and 33.6% Polyester,

It is impossible to go wrong with the KanCan brand. Also note that KanCan crafts denim staples you can trust all year round and for every type of need: travel, work, party, school, fashion, etc. However, sizing and fit is one of the major challenges Jeans lovers face when selecting denim or jeans.

If you have witnessed these setbacks when shopping for KanCan jeans, there is no reason to bother anymore. The size charts and guides below will help you pick your perfect fit within minutes.

The basic measurements of your body parts are all you need to get the most out of the charts: waist, hips, length, bust, chest, shoulder length, body length, etc. Interestingly, you can take these measurements by yourself with the help of a full-body mirror. Once you have these measurements, you are ready to get started.

Jump right into the Frequently Asked Questions

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Table of Content of KanCan Sizing Charts

KanCan Size Chart Men’s Jeans (Inches/CM)

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3030/ 76.2
3131/ 78.74
3232/ 81.28
3333/ 83.82
3434/ 86.36

KanCan Size Chart Men’s Slim Straight (Inches/CM)

3031/ 78.7438/ 86.52
3132/ 81.2839/ 99.06
3233/ 83.8240/ 101.60
3334/ 86.3641/ 104.14
3435/ 88.942/ 106.68
3637/ 93.9844/ 111.66

KanCan Size Chart Men’s Regular Skinny (Inches/CM)

SizeWaistHIP   RiseInseam
3029.5/ 74.9336.5/ 92.7110/ 25.431/ 78.74
3130.5/ 77.4737.5/ 95.2510/ 25.431/ 78.74
3231.5/ 80.0138.5/ 97.7910/ 25.431/ 78.74
3433.5/ 85.0940.5/ 102.8710/ 25.431/ 78.74
3635.5/ 90.1742.5/ 107.9510/ 25.431/ 78.74

KanCan Size Chart Men’s Straight Leg Jeans (Inches/CM)

3031/ 78.7439/ 99.0610.75/ 27.30532/ 81.28
3132/ 81.2840/ 101.6010.75/ 27.30532/ 81.28
3233/ 83.8241/ 104.1410.75/ 27.30532/ 81.28
3334/ 86.3642/ 106.6810.75/ 27.30532/ 81.28
3435/ 88.943/ 109.2210.75/ 27.30532/ 81.28
3637/ 93.9845/ 114.310.75/ 27.30532/ 81.28

KanCan Size Chart for Women

Top and Jacket (Inches/CM)

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XS (00-0)35/ 88.933/ 83.82
S (2-4)37/ 93.9835/ 88.9
M (6-8)39/ 99.0637/ 93.98
L (10)41/ 104.1439/ 99.06
XL (12)43/ 109.2241/ 104.14

KanCan Size Chart Women’s Plus Top and Jacket (Inches/CM)

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1XL48/ 121.9247/ 119.38
2XL51/ 129.5450/ 127
3XL54/ 137.1653/ 134.62

KanCan Size Chart Women’s Bottoms (Inches/CM)

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0/2323/ 58.4234/ 86.36
1/2424/ 60.9635/ 88.9
3/2525/ 63.536/ 91.44
5/2626/ 66.0437/ 93.98
7/2727/ 68.5838/ 96.52
9/2828.5/ 72.3939.5/ 100.33
11/2930/ 76.241/ 104.41
13/3031.5/ 80.0142.5/ 107.95
15/3133/ 83.8244/ 111.76

KanCan Size Chart Women’s Plus bottoms (Inches/CM)

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16W(1XL)36/ 91.4443/ 109.22
18W(2XL)38/ 96.5245/ 114.3
20W(3XL)40/ 101.647/ 119.38
22W(4XL)42/ 106.6849/ 124.46

KanCan Size Chart Women’s Shorts/Skirts/Overalls (Inches/CM)

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XS24/ 60.96
S25/ 63.5
M26-27/ 66.04-68.58
L28/ 71.12
XL29/ 73.66

Learn more about KanCan Jeans in this video

Kan Can Jeans by Kan Can Jeans Colombia

KanCan Jeans Sizes Compared to American Eagle (Inches/CM)

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KanCan SizeKanCan WaistKanCan HipsAmerican Eagle sizeAmerican Eagle WaistAmerican Eagle Hips
0/2323/ 58.4234/ 86.360023.5/ 59.6933/ 83.82
1/2424/ 60.9635/ 88.9024.5/ 62.2335/ 88.9
3/2525/ 63.536/ 91.44225.5/ 64.7735/ 88.9
5/2626/ 66.0437/ 93.98426.5/ 67.3136/ 91.44
7/2727/ 68.5838/ 96.52627.5/ 69.8537/ 93.98
9/2828.5/ 72.3939.5/ 100.33828.5/ 72.3938/ 96.52
11/2930/ 76.241/ 104.411030/ 76.239.5/ 100.33
13/3031.5/ 80.0142.5/ 107.951231.5/ 80.0141/ 104.14
15/3133/ 83.8244/ 111.761433/ 83.8242.5/ 107.95
1634.5/ 87.6344/ 111.76
1836.5/ 92.7146/ 116.84
2038.5/ 97.7946/ 116.84

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kancan run small?

No. KanCan doesn’t run small unless you order a size that’s smaller than your ideal. Use the size charts provided in this article to figure out the size that works best for you and you’ll easily find the perfect jean.

However, you may need to put in mind that KanCan jeans are stretchy, which may influence how the sizes work for you. If you are in the mid-size, you may want to go a half-inch lower or higher, depending on what works best for you.

What size is KanCan xl?

KanCan xl sizes are not the same for all KanCan jeans.  For the plus sizes, the xl falls between 36 inches to 53 inches for both hips and waist making it a size 36 according to hips measurement or 53 according to the waist measurement.

And the xl sizes for the Shorts/Skirts/Overalls are in the 29 inches range. While XL sizes for the top and jacket would range from 40 to 42.

What size is KanCan large?

KanCan’s large sizes are determined by the type of jeans you want to buy. In most cases, you’ll always find a large in the range of 29 to 40 for the ordinary large and 36 to 53 for the plus large.

What size is KanCan 28?

KanCan uses the inch size of the waist to denote the sizes of the jean you want to buy. For example, KanCan bottoms of waist size 25 inches would simply be regarded as size 25 or 3/25. In this case, size 28 simply denotes the inches of the waist. This could as well be written as 9/28. In some instances, KanCan Jeans of size 28 can fall in the range of waist sizes 28.5 and 29.

Does KanCan run true to size?

Yes. KanCan is designed to run true to size without deviation from its true size: unless you purchased KanCan distressed jeans. You can hardly find KanCan denim or jean that is not true to size. However, a few buyers have experienced excessive length in the pair of jeans they purchased, a minor issue you can resolve with little adjustments.

KanCan denim is made from stretchy Jeans materials, making them a natural fit for all body types and body shapes. It is critical to follow the size charts provided above to avoid issues with sizes. The charts are meant to provide all the help you may need. All you need to make the most of the chart is the measurement of various parts of your body.

Ensure all your measurements are natural waist, length, bust, hips, and chest sizes, to avoid errors in size conversion.

What size is a 30 in KanCan shorts?

KanCan shorts size 30 falls in the xl range. Normally, the xl for Shorts/Skirts/Overalls starts from 29 inches making it a size 29. But this size may also include anything in the range of sizes 30 and 32.


It is not enough to know that you can find quality and aesthetics with the KanCan brand, getting the right jean size that fits is also critical. The size charts and guides above provide all the sizing details you need to select the perfect size. Once you have your measurements, look up the corresponding size on the chart and you are ready to make the purchase. The charts include sizing details for a wide range KanCan jeans, jean shorts, and denim.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. If you found value in the article, it means that someone in your network would also find it valuable. So, remember to share it with as many people on your contact as possible.

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