Diesel Jeans Size Chart

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Finding the exact Diesel Size can be a tricky job depending on the model you’re looking for. But not anymore! You can find the Diesel jeans size chart and conversion tables in the international market. Browse through the following sections and get a hold of your perfectly fitting jeans.

A full Jeans Size Chart you can read here

Diesel Jeans Sizing Table of content:

Diesel Size Chart for Men’s Jeans bottoms

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Diesel SizeWaist SizeHip Size (Seat)Thigh Size

Men’s Diesel Inseam Measurement

To get the perfect fit, measure the Inseam length and buy the perfect pair of Diesel Jeans.

Diesel Jeans LengthInseam (in Inches)
Pants Inseam28 – 38

Men’s Diesel Size Conversion Chart

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Diesel Size USFranceGermanyItalySpainUKRussia

Women’s Diesel Jeans Size Chart

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Diesel SizeDiesel Jeans SizeWaist SizeHip Size
Diesel jeans - AmazonXXS22-23341/2 inch
2XS24-25351/2 inch
4S26-27361/2 inch
6M28-29371/2 inch
8L30-31381/2 inch


Diesel Jeans LengthInseam
SHORT30 inch 76 cm
REGULAR311/2 inch 80 cm
TALL351/2 inch 90 cm

Women’s International Sizing for Diesel

Diesel international SizeWaist Size

Diesel inseam Size compared to Women’s Height

Diesel InseamSizeWomen Body Length (Height)
27 inchS5’3″ or less
28-32 INCHM5’4″ to 5’7″
32 – 34 INchL5’8″ and above  

Diesel Plus Sizes for Women’s Jeans

Diesel Plus SizeDiesel Jean SizeWaist SizeHip Size
10XL32-33391/2 inch
14XXXL36-38421/2 inch

Women’s Diesel Size Conversion Chart

Diesel US SizeFranceGermanyItalySpainUKRussia
Diesel jeans - Amazon32303632438

Do you have any question regarding the Diesel Size Chart?

What is the maximum size that Diesel offers in men’s Diesel Jeans?

In the Diesel Size charts, you can find XXXL as the maximum jeans size with the waist support of 40-41 inch.

Should I consider the Diesel Jeans true to size?

Yes, Diesel jeans are true to size. You can easily get your favorite one after going through the Diesel chart mentioned above.

What about the quality of Diesel Jeans?

Overall, the jeans from Diesel are well stitched along with the use of best quality raw material. So, you’ll enjoy your next jeans from the company.

What is my Diesel jeans size?

You can measure your leg’s length and match it with the chart above to find your Diesel jeans size.

Do Diesel jeans stretch?

No, you do not have to worry about the stretching when buying Diesel jeans. The material used in the production of these jeans is cotton. It can loosen with multiple washes and years of use. But it does not stretch at all.

Are the international conversion sized mentioned in the charts above accurate?

Yes, the size conversion charts are specifically created to provide you with the relevant, quick, and accurate information about the jeans size. You can refer them for more details.

Is it possible to shrink my diesel jeans bottom?

Yes, it is. You might want to wash it in hot water and use dryer to drain water. Repeating the process multiple times can help you attain the results you want.

Is it possible to return the diesel jeans if bought with the wrong measurements?

Yes, Diesel allows you to return the products. You can claim a refund or exchange your jeans pair with the suitable size.

Are there any specifications to wash my jeans, as I don’t want them to shrink?

For Diesel jeans, you should use low temperature water for washing. Avoid tumble-drying and wash them inside out for the best results.

Conclusion for Diesel Jeans Sizing

With the different variety of jeans brands available in the market, you should never rely on your guess while buying a new pair of jeans. With Diesel Jeans you know what you get when you measure your jeans size correctly. Always look at the jeans size chart to find your size. This is the only way you can get the perfectly fitted jeans for yourself.

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