Barbecue Size and Dimensions

In this guide, we shall discuss the barbecue size and dimensions to help you prepare the best barbecue by yourself (DIY). 

Barbecue Size and Dimensions
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Table of Content of Barbecue Size and Dimensions

What is a barbecue, and what are the main components that determine the size?

A barbecue entails cooking techniques that use smoke and fire to prepare and cook food. It varies in various regions because of the style of cooking, people and meals to be served and the methods used to prepare the foods.

The most common barbecue method is grilling, since it’s mostly an outdoor activity there are several components that will determine the perfect size to have a great barbecuing experience.

Outdoor grills are portable grills, mobile grills, or built-in grills. The types of grills, grill surface, grill grates, number of burners, elements of heat, and cooking power. Depending on the number of guests the components listed will help one to the size of barbecue they want.

One of the most popular brands is Blackstone, check out the dedicated blackstone griddle size charts here

Why is a good barbecue size important?

Picking the right grill size is imperative, and it depends on several points that are;

  • The cooking surface which includes the cooktop areas and the warming rack has the measurements in square inches of cooking area, and the minimum size is 450 square inches.
  • Avoid crowding the grill and with a wide range of BBQ grills, one can either choose a small or a large grill depending on the variety of foods they are preparing and the style of cooking used. Moreover, grill masters prefer a larger grill to have enough grilling space for comfortability and flexibility.
Charcoal barbecue size in centimeters and inches
Charcoal barbecue size in centimeters and inches (ikea model)

Barbecue Size Charts

The table below shows the number of people and the square inches and centimeters of the cooking area a grill occupies.

Number of peopleCooking area size in inches²Cooking area size in centimeters²
172 inches²464.5 centimeters²
2144 inches²929 centimeters²
3216 inches²1393.5 centimeters²
4288 inches²1858 centimeters²
5360 inches²2322.5 centimeters²
6432 inches²2787 centimeters²
7504 inches²3251.5 centimeters²
8576 inches²3716 centimeters²
9648 inches²4180 centimeters²
10720 inches²4645 centimeters²
11792 inches²5109.5 centimeters²
12864 inches²5574 centimeters²
13936 inches²6038.5 centimeters²
141008 inches²6503 centimeters²
151080 inches²6967.5 centimeters²
161152 inches²7432 centimeters²
171224 inches²7896.5 centimeters²
181296 inches²8361 centimeters²
191368 inches²8825.5 centimeters²
201440 inches²9290 centimeters²
211512 inches²9754.5 centimeters²
221584 inches²10219 centimeters²
231656 inches²10683.5 centimeters²
241728 inches²11148 centimeters²
251800 inches²11612.5 centimeters²
261872 inches²12077 centimeters²
271944 inches²12541.5 centimeters²
282016 inches²13006 centimeters²
292088 inches²13470.5 centimeters²
302160 inches²13935 centimeters²

Barbecue size for large groups

We consider a large group of 10 people and more. Choosing a larger barbecue size with a grill up to at least 600 square inches is a minimum to start from. This grill size will allow you to easily cook Cheeseburger Kebabs, Baked BBQ Chicken, Honey Glazed Chicken Wings, Grilled Shrimp Skewers for your guests.

Aside from the right size barbecue grill, you also need a good timing to serve perfect grilled food to your gathering

Barbecue size and timing for big groups by Mad Scientist BBQ

Barbecue size for gas barbecues

The table below shows the propane size tank dimensions. All about the correct zie of Propane gas tanks you can read here

Water capacity in gallons and litersLeg spacing in inches and centimetersDiameter in inches and centimetersLength in the foot to inches and centimetersHeight in the foot to inches and centimetersWeight in pounds and kilograms
V-120 gallons 454.2 liters30 inches 76.2 centimeters– 4’ 6 inches 137.1 centimeters260 pounds 117.9 kilograms
120 gallons 454.2 liters45 ¼ inches 114.9 centimeters24 inches 60.9 centimeters5’8  inches 172.7 centimeters2’9 inches 83.8 centimeters257 pounds 116.5 kilograms
150 gallons 567.8 liters60 inches 152.4 centimeters24 inches 60.9 centimeters7’0 inches 213.3 centimeters2’9 inches 83.8 centimeters314 pounds 142.4 kilograms
250 gallons 1059.9 liters60 inches 152.4 centimeters30 inches 76.2 centimeters7’10 inches 238.7 centimeters3’3 inches 99.0 centimeters483 pounds 219.1 kilograms
325 gallons 1230.2 liters60 inches 152.4 centimeters30 inches 76.2 centimeters9’11 inches 302.2 centimeters3’3 inches 99.0 centimeters597 pounds 270.7 kilograms
500 gallons 1892.7 liters60 inches 152.4 centimeters37 inches 93.9 centimeters9’11 inches 302.2 centimeters3’10 inches 116.8 centimeters949  pounds 430.4 kilograms
850 gallons 3217.6 liters86 inches 218.4 centimeters41 inches 104.1 centimeters13’9 inches 419.1 centimeters4’2 inches 127 centimeters1440 pounds 653.1 kilograms
1000 gallons 3785.4 liters121 inches 307.3 centimeters41 inches 104.1 centimeters16’0 inches 487.6 centimeters4’2 inches 127 centimeters1760 pounds 798.3 kilograms
1450 gallons 5488.8 liters139.5 inches 354.3 centimeters46 inches 116.8 centimeters17’4 inches 528.3 centimeters4’7 inches 139.7 centimeters2658 pounds 1205.6 kilograms
1990 gallons 7532.9 liters192 inches 487.6 centimeters46 inches 116.8 centimeters23’11 inches 728.9 centimeters4’7 inches 139.7 centimeters3400 pounds 1542.2 kilograms

Barbecue grill size by brand

The table below represents the different types of grills with brands and their sizes.

Type of grillHeight in inches and centimetersWidth in inches and centimetersDepth in inches and centimeters
Napoleon prestige pro 50050.25 inches 127 centimeters64.25 inches 168 centimeters26 inches 55 centimeters
dyna-glo-X-large heavy-duty charcoal grill50.5 inches 128 centimeters60.25 inches 153 centimeters28 inches 71 centimeters
Napoleon rogue 36548 inches 122 centimeters48 inches 122 centimeters25 inches 64 centimeters
Napoleon travelQ 285X38.75 inches 98 centimeters44.25 inches 112 centimeters20.25 inches 51 centimeters
Weber original kettle charcoal grill39.5 inches 100 centimeters25 inches 63.5 centimeters22.5 inches 57 centimeters
Napoleon prestige pro 82551 inches 130 centimeters94.25 inches 239 centimeters25.25 inches 64 centimeters
Charcoal grill barbeque portable8.8 inches 22.5 centimeters16 inches 40.5 centimeters11 inches 28 centimeters
Stainless steel body portable BBQ27.5 inches 70 centimeters43.3 inches 110 centimeters13.1 inches 33.5 centimeters
Outdoor middle size stainless steel foldable BBQ22.4 inches 57 centimeters25.5 inches 65 centimeters13.7 inches 35 centimeters
Charcoal barbecue grill camping18.1 inches 46 centimeters24.4 inches 62 centimeters9.1 inches 23 centimeters

How to choose the right barbecue size?

The type of grill one purchases does not only depend on the size and number of guests but also your expertise in barbecuing, presenting authentic flavors, space for the grill, and time expenditure on cooking. Each grill has its specificity for the delivery of food, the grills are;

  • Charcoal grill – also known as kettle grills has both direct and indirect grilling with temperatures of up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit delivering a charred flavor to meaty dishes. No precision temperature controls and high heat retention because of longer cool down and heat.
  • Gas grill – one of the basic models of grills with precise temperature control. It uses a 20-pound propane tank that lasts for 24 hours while in use. There are additional burners for cooking activities.
  • Electric grills – because of their small size they are an ideal choice for apartments. In addition, no fuel is required and they do not get very hot like other models.
  • Pellet grills – considered one of the high-end models, with an electrical outlet therefore, it doesn’t require propane canisters or natural gas. Has precision temperature controls.

How big is a standard BBQ?

The standard size for a BBQ grill especially for cooking hamburgers and hotdogs has a measurement of 360 square inches in case the crowd is bigger it increases to 400 square inches and it can reach a maximum size of 1200 square inches.

The grill surface influences the grill size you want because the width is equal to the cooking surface multiplied by the length to give its dimensions in square inches. The common size is 400 – 500 square inches of cooking space and it increases to 600 square inches if the family is larger and provides plenty of cooking area.

How do you measure the size of a BBQ?

To find the standard grill size, first, measure the height dimensions of your barbecue by placing a tape measure at the base of the grill to the highest point. Second, we obtain the dimensions of the width by placing a measuring tape on each end of the grill.

Last the depth is measured by closing the lid get the measurements from the back to the front of the barbecue including the lid handle and knobs.

How much room do you need for a BBQ?

For 400 to 450 square inches of cooking area, a three-burner gas grill is satisfactory for a typical home of 4-6 family members, but for a family reunion, a larger model of a grill with 5-6 burners that has a measurement of 550 – 650 square inches is approved.

Make sure to place the grill 10 feet away from plants and structures that could attract fire, and a charcoal grill should not be placed in an enclosed area to avoid fire hazards.


Apart from size and number of guests being the main factors when choosing a grill, other factors also play a key role in choosing the perfect size grill for you. Arrangement of the burners, lid design, and diffusion of heat will influence the grill type you purchase.

Alignment from the back to the front and vice versa allows even distribution of heat through the creation of heating zones. Metal heat diffusers shield the burners from drips and cleaning should be done regularly for correct heating.

A proper lid that closes well will prevent any heat to leak ensuring your food cooks nicely. Ensure your grill maintains a certain space of a few inches while outside grilling to prevent accidents.

If you are planning for backyard parties or just a family gathering with the instructions listed one can be able to know what grill size, they require hosting an event.

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