Intex Pool Sizes

Many pool buyers prefer the Intex brand when looking to acquire an above-ground swimming pool. Intex, a well-known and renowned brand in the pool supply market, has a great selection of above-ground pools that are reasonably priced, simple to assemble, and of sturdy construction. They offer Intex above-ground swimming pools in a range of options to suit a variety of yards and spending levels (skip straight to the Intex Pool Sizes).

Intex offers these pools in simple pool sets which include all equipment and accessories. These types of equipment are pool filter pumps, sand filter pumps, pool vacuums, surface skimmers, pool covers, and removable ladders. Intex above-ground pools additionally offer the following features for even more convenience and to make assembly as simple as possible.

Intex Pool Sizes
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It’s crucial to consider several factors before making your decision if you’re thinking about buying an Intex above-ground pool. Making an informed choice about the precise Intex pool type you choose will help you make sure that your pool will fit well with your yard and way of life. For instance, when buying an above-ground pool, the size, location, and primary use are all important considerations. With the aid of our article, you will choose the right Intex above-ground pool which is suitable for your compound, family needs, and personal tastes.

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Intex Pool Sizes Table of Contents

IntexCircular ultra frame pools size chart

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Advertised SizesA (Frame Diameter)H (Overall height)W (Recommended water depth)Thickness of Liner (Ga) wallThickness of Liner (Ga) bottom
12’ x36”12 ft / 366 cm36 in / 91 cm30 in / 76 cm23.214
14’ x 42”14 ft / 427 cm42 in / 107 cm36 in / 91 cm23.214
14’ x 48 “14 ft / 427 cm48 in / 122 cm42 in / 107 cm23.216.4
16’ x 48”16 ft / 488 cm48 in / 122 cm42 in / 107 cm25.616.4
18’ x 48”18 ft / 549 cm48 in / 122 cm42 in / 107 cm25.616.4
18’ x 52”18 ft / 549 cm52 in / 132 cm46 in / 117 cm23.216.4
20’ x 52”20 ft / 610 cm52 in / 132 cm46 in / 117 cm25.616.4
22’ x 52”22 ft / 671 cm52 in / 132 cm46 in / 117 cm25.616.4
26’ x 52”26 ft / 792 cm52 in / 132 cm46 in / 117 cm25.616.4

Intex Frame pool set prism oval size chart

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Pool sizeA Bottom lengthB Bottom widthH Overall heightC Out widthD Inner widthE Out lengthF Inner lengthW Recommended water depth
400 x 200 x 100 cm13′ 1.4803″ 400 cm6.56168 ft 200 cm3.28084 ft 100 cm8.03806 ft 245 cm14.6982 ft 448 cm6.16798 ft 188 cm12.7625 ft 389 cm2.7231 ft 83 cm
503 x 274 x 122 cm16.5026 ft 503 cm8.9895 ft 274 cm4 ft 122 cm10.8268 ft 330 cm18.2415 ft 556 cm8.43176 ft 257 cm16.0105 ft 488 cm3.41207 ft 104 cm
610 x 305 x 122 cm20.0131 ft 610 cm10 ft 305 cm4 ft 122 cm11.8438 ft 361 cm21.8176 ft 665 cm9.31759 ft 284 cm19.5866 ft 597 cm3.41207 ft 104 cm

Intex Rectangular above-ground swimming pool

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Advertised sizeA Bottom lengthB Bottom widthH Overall heightC Out widthD Out lengthE Frame inner lengthF Frame inner lengthW Recommended water depthThickness of liner (Ga.) WallThickness of liner (Ga.) bottom
2.2 x 1.5 x 0.6 M86.625” / 220 cm59” / 150 cm23.625” / 60 cm79” / 201 cm106” / 269 cm54” / 137 cm83” / 211 cm20” / 51 cm23.220.8
2.6 x 1.6 x 0.65 M102.5” / 260 cm63” / 160 cm25.625” /65 cm82” / 208 cm122” / 142 cm59” / 150 cm100” / 254 cm22” / 56 cm23.220.8
3.0 x 2.0 x 0.75 M118” / 300 cm78.75” / 200 cm29.5” / 75 cm102” / 259 cm142” / 361 cm71” / 180 cm111” / 282 cm26” / 66 cm23.220.8
4.5 X 2.2 X 0.84 M177.25” / 450 cm86.625” / 220 cm33” / 84 cm110.625” /281 cm201.5” / 512 cm81.875” / 208 cm172.875 cm30” / 76 cm23.220.8

How to choose the right Intex pool sizes underground

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The following factors are key to consider when choosing the pool from Intex you need;

Yard size and pool placement

Before delving into the features and qualities of certain Intex pool types, prospective pool owners should become acquainted with their yard’s potential to accept a pool.

The ideal place to locate your pool should be direct to the sunlight and also be in a level yard or a yard you can level by yourself. Another ideal place is a place where the pool will be protected from the wind.

The size of your placement yard or the yard you intend to place your pool in is also crucial as it will determine the size of the pool to be placed comfortably in your yard.

Other factors to consider when thinking about yard dynamics include providing easy access from walkways and/or patios and ensuring that any adult supervising swimming children have a clear and unobstructed view of the pool.

Pools Intex easy set

This kind of pool is the easiest to build. It is quick as within 30 minutes you can have quickly filled the water and on the same day be ready for swimming.

To many buyers, is the easy-to-go pool, since they have economical buying prices which are pocket friendly to many customers. They also have a quick and easy installation.

These above-ground swimming pools are available in a range of dimensions, measuring 8 18 ft in diameter and 30 – 52 inches/ 76.2 – 132.1 cm in height, and have an inflated top ring.

Pool style

Once you’ve decided on the size of your pool and the location, it’s time to compare the many Intex above-ground pool models. These Intex pools all have sturdy, triple-ply sides and will keep you entertained in the water for a long time. Every model and type has its own unique trait from the others that you need to consider.

Intex Prism Pools

These pools are an excellent option and in comparison to the Intex Easy set pools, they have more durable and robust. This pool has high-grade and rust-resistant steel. It has a spacious swimming room and also they are pocket friendly.

Even so, Intex Prism Pools are still incredibly simple to put together and don’t require any special tools for installation. The average turnaround time for these Intex above-ground pools is 45 minutes or fewer, and their dimensions range from 9 to 18 feet in diameter and 30 to 48 inches in height.

Pools with round ultra frame Intex

Intex Round Ultra Frame Pools provide a strong design with high-grade steel coated to avoid corrosion, just as Intex Metal Frame Pools. But Intex Round Ultra Frame Pools also offer a more elegant appearance that would go well with any outdoor living space.

These pools include frames that are much more durable than the standard metal frames used by Intex. When everything is put together, it is really simple to install and has a cleaner appearance because every piece fits together firmly and smoothly.

This kind of pool has a smaller Intex above-ground pool which measures 16 ft in diameter and a high of 48 in / 122 cm. There is also a larger Intex above-ground pool which measures 18 ft and a high of 52 inches.

Intex rectangular ultra frame pools

Intex Rectangular Pools are the fourth category of Intex above-ground pools. The smallest Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool is 18 ft by 9 ft in dimension, while the largest is 32 ft x 16 ft.

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Frequently asked questions

1. How many gallons is a 10 ft by 30-inch pool?

Water capacity: (80%) 1,018 Gal.

2. What are the biggest Intex pools?

The biggest among all Intex pool sets is the rectangular Ultra XTR Frame Pool set which has a water capacity of 14,364 gallons. It has a depth of 52 inches and measures 32 feet on its long sides and 16 feet on its shorter sides.

3. What are the standard sizes of pools?

The typical size of an in-ground pool frequently varies substantially depending on the material used to construct it. There are three main sizes for vinyl pools that consumers typically take into consideration: 16 feet by 32 feet, 18 feet by 36 feet, and 20 feet by 40 feet. The most popular choice among these rectangular sizes is 16 feet by 32 feet.

4. How deep is a 12ft Intex pool?

30 inches depth Intex 12 feet. Primo Metal Frame Pool, 6503 liters, with Water Filter. about 12 feet in diameter by 30 feet for setup “deep (3.66 m X 76 cm deep) A fresh style to complement the contemporary backyard is cool blue/grey with white accents.

5. How many gallons is a 10 ft by 30 inch Intex pool?

A 330 Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump is included. It has a 90 percent water capacity of 1,185 gallons and is ready in 30 minutes.

6. How long do Intex pools last?

Soft-side While stronger, more expensive pools built of metal frames can last up to ten years, Intex pools are only last about one to three. Depending on your budget and how long you want to have a pool, choose the best above-ground pool.

7. Can I leave my Intex pool up all year?

If you use a winter cover, apply chlorine, and circulate the pump every day, you may leave an Intex pool open all winter. Although Intex pools are made to withstand the winter, you must keep up with maintenance on the filtration system to keep it from freezing.


The effectiveness of your swimming pool as a whole depends on the size of your above-ground pool pump. An inadequately powered pump cannot properly circulate your water to stop algae blooms. A large pump, on the other hand, will entirely bypass your filter. This also results in a filthy pool. It resembles stories like Goldilocks and The Three Bears in certain ways. A pump that is JUST RIGHT is what you want—one that is neither too huge nor too little.

When it comes to above-ground pool maintenance is not for the faint of heart. Having a body of water in your backyard entails a lot of responsibilities. However, the advantages of staying cool in the summer, enjoying yourself while your children are having a blast, and watching them have a good time make it all worthwhile. Do your research on the science of above-ground pool upkeep if you want water that is clean, healthy, and of course sparkles.

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