Axel Arigato Shoes Size Chart

Size is still an understated consideration for many shoe buyers. The need to stay atop modern trends is unavoidable, and it’s pretty easy to overshadow the importance of size when choosing Axel Arigato shoes. Besides, it’s difficult to find a concise size chart that guides you on your perfect shoe size and explains what to do in case you need clarification on conflicting size options.

Axel Arigato Shoes Size Chart
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If you faced this challenge in the past, worry no more. This size guide describes everything you need to know, from common Axel Arigato shoe sizes to frequently asked questions regarding Axel Arigato shoes.

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Axel Arigato Shoes Size Chart Table of Contents

Axel Arigato shoes size charts

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EURUSUKFoot Length (CM)inch

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EURUSUKFoot Length (CM)inch

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EURUSUKFoot Length (CM)inch

Common shoe sizes on the Axel Arigato shoe size chart

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The Axel Arigato size chart indicates shoe sizes in various categories for kids, men, and women. Different shoe sizes on the size chart differ for each category, so remember to stick to the right guide to identify your most precise shoe size according to your feet length.

For example, an Axel Arigato size 9 for men is 27.2 centimeters long in US size but 27.9 centimeters long in UK size. A US size 9 for kids is 17 centimeters long and a women’s US size 9 shoe measures 25.9 centimeters.

  1. For kids

The smallest shoe size for kids is the size 25 European size, which is a size 8 US size and a size 7.5 UK size. This shoe is 16.7 centimeters long. On the other hand, the largest Axel Arigato shoe fit for kids is the size 34 European size. This shoe is a size 2.5 in US size, a size 2 in UK size, and measures 22.5 centimeters long.

  1. For men

Axel Arigato offers men’s shoes from size 39 to size 47. The smallest model is a size 7 US and size 6 UK, which is 25.2 centimeters. The largest model is a size 13 US, a size 12 UK, and 30.5 centimeters long.

Quick note – Size 13.5 shoes are also available, but mostly to cater to size 12.5 and size 13 buyers with wider feet.

  1. For women

The smallest Axel Arigato women’s shoe is a size 35 while the largest size on the brand’s chart is a size 41. Size 35 is a size 5 US size, size 2.5 UK size, and 22.5 centimeters. Size 41 is a size 9.5 US size, a size 7 UK size, and 26.5 centimeters long.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to measure your feet for the size chart

You can measure your feet’ length by standing on plain paper and marking the distance between the longest toes and your heels. Measure the length you obtain on a ruler in centimeters and compare the findings on an Axel Arigato size chart to know your true shoe size.

Quick note – We suggest allowing a positive margin error of 0.5 centimeters. You should also perform the measurements in the evening or afternoon because blood circulates faster at these times of the day. This means that your feet reach their maximum size.

Why should you pick the right shoe size?

You should pick the right Axel Arigato shoe sizing because the right size equals comfort and an extended lifespan for your shoes. Shoes that are too tight or slightly small cause friction between your feet and the shoe’s fabric, and will tear easily.

If the shoes are bigger than your normal size, they will also crack, crease, or wear off on unnecessary parts, rendering them unreliable for long-term use.

Customer reviews

According to Axel Arigato’s sizing Reddit reviews on Reddit, the brand is exquisite in quality and comfort. However, most Axel Arigato shoes require one or a couple of weeks of wearing before breaking in for comfort. The shoes are sturdy but pretty narrow for people with wider feet.

Nonetheless, reviewers advise buyers with wider feet to go for larger shoe sizes by half of a size (+0.5) on their usual size.

Does Axel Arigato run true to size?

Axel Arigato shoes run true to size (TTS). Therefore, if you wear US size 9 shoes, you can order Axel Arigato shoes in that exact size. Besides, the Axel Arigato shoe chart accommodates half shoe sizes such as 7.5 or 8.5, meaning you won’t need to compromise a half of a size to get your perfect size.

Are Axel Arigato shoes real leather?

Axel Arigato shoes are designed using real quality leather, which is sourced from Italy, and recyclable rubber (mostly for soles), which makes up 20% of the shoe’s composition. Axel Arigato shoes are molded in Portugal.

Should your size up in Axel Arigato shoes?

You should size up by half a size if your feet are wide. You can also size up if you are caught between sizes on the size chart. Generally, always consider sizing up by half of the size for guaranteed comfort on most Axel Arigato shoes because they tend to come a little bit narrow.

Are Axel Arigato shoes handmade?

Axel Arigato shoes are handmade from eco-friendly raw materials. Precision and quality are infused with elements of minimalism to produce classic, fashionable footwear.

What’s size 8 in Axel Arigato shoes?

US size 8 Axel Arigato shoes for kids are UK size 7.5, size 25 European size, and 16.7 centimeters long. UK size 8 shoes for men are different from US size 8 models. UK size 8 shoes are size 7 UK shoes, size 41 European size, and 26.5 centimeters long.

US size 8 shoes are UK size 9 shoes, size 42 European size and 27.2 centimeters long. Size 8 for women falls between size 7.5 and 8.5 on the Axel Arigato shoe size chart. Size 8 women can therefore size up to US size 8.5 on the chart, which is a size 39 European size, UK size 6, and 25.2 centimeters in length.


Axel Arigato is the hallmark brand of quality, style, and fashion. It’s therefore disappointing for any buyer if they end up with the wrong size due to unfamiliarity with Axel Arigato shoe sizes. This buying guide prevents you from making any errors.

We work 24/7 to keep you updated with a constantly updated buying guide whenever you decide to purchase the Axel Arigato shoe of your choice. So please feel free to ask any questions in the comments and we’ll definitely assist.

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