Vionic Shoes Size Chart

Vionic is a US-based footwear brand that specializes in producing high-quality pairs of shoes for both men and women worldwide. The brand is reputed for its aesthetic designs and wide range of products (skip straight to the Vionic Shoes size charts).

Although it launched in 1979, much later than established brands in the industry, Vionic has gone on to establish itself as a leader in various categories, including dress shoes. The twist it brought to the market is the introduction of Orthotic insoles which are aimed at enhancing the experience derived from the use of men’s and women’s shoes.

Vionic Shoes Size Chart
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Buying Comfortable shoes or comfy walking shoes is not only about designs, it is also influenced by the size of the pair of shoes one buys. Extremely Narrow or Wide footwear, for example, could create extreme discomfort. Even though one can ease discomfort with the use of socks with shoes, it still won’t make up for the inconsistent size.

Vionic Shoes holds a reputation for quality and designs. However, customers still have the responsibility of deciding the sizes that work best for their foot measurements and foot conditions. The size charts below provide detailed highlights of the popular Vionic fit shoe collection and the appropriate sizes.

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Vionic Shoes Size Chart Table of Contents

Vionic Women Shoes Sizes

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women’s shoesUS SIZEUK SIZEEUROPEJAPANShoe Length (CM)Shoe Length (IN)Shoe Width (CM)Shoe Width (IN)
553362221.9 cm8.6 in7.4 cm2.9 in
664372322.8 cm9 in8.4 cm3.3 in cm9.1 in8.4 cm3.3 in
775382423.6 cm9.3 in8.6 cm3.4 in cm9.5 in8.6 cm3.4 in
886392524.5 cm9.6 in8.9 cm3.5 in cm9.7 in8.9 cm3.5 in
997412625.3 cm10 in9.1 cm3.6 in cm10.1 in9.1 cm3.6 in
10108422726.2 cm10.2 in9.1 cm3.6 in
10.510.58.542.527.526.7 cm10.5 in9.1 cm3.6 in
11119432827 cm10.6 in9.4 cm3.7 in
121210442927.9 cm11 in9.9 cm3.9 in

Vionic Shoes Size for Men

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VionicUS SIZEUK SIZEEUROPEJAPANShoe Length (CM)Shoe Length (IN)Shoe Width (CM)Shoe Width (IN)
776402524.5 cm9.6 in9.1 cm3.6 in cm9.8 in9.1 cm3.6 in
88741.52625.3 cm10 in9.4 cm3.7 in cm10.1 in9.4 cm3.7 in
99842.52726.2 cm10.3 in9.7 cm3.8 in cm10.5 in9.7 cm3.8 in
1010943.52827 cm10.7 in9.7 cm3.8 in
10.510.5104428.527.9 cm11 in9.7 cm3.8 in
111110.544.52928.3 cm11.1 in9.9 cm3.9 in
1212114529.528.6 cm11.3 in10.4 cm4.1 in
121212463029.4 cm11.5 in10.4 cm4.1 in
131313473130.2 cm11.7 in10.4 cm4.1 in

Vionic Shoes Size: Orthotic Insoles

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 X-Small (XS)Small (S)Medium (M)Large (L)X-Large (XL)XX-Large (XXL)
Men3.5 – 55.5 – 77.5 – 99.5 – 1111.5 – 1313.5 – 15
Women4.5 – 66.5 – 88.5 – 1010.5 – 12

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vionic run true to size?

Not always. The sizing of Vionic shoes depends on where you are buying from. According to the Vionic customer service page, the brand works hard to remain consistent with sizes. However, Vionic ships to several countries and the variation in metrics affect the sizes in different countries.

Several online reviews show that customers in the UK often experience smaller sizes than those in the US. You may want to size up for some categories of shoes in the UK.

Should I go a half-size up in Vionic?

Yes. Vionic does not make half-size shoes of ranges less than 6.5 for women in the US. However, UK sizes start from 4.5. The men’s category, however, only have half of the shoes starting from 7.5 for the US and 6.5 for the UK. If you’re 5.5 half sizes in the women’s category, you may have to size up to 6 to get the pair of shoes that falls within your correct size range.

According to the Vionic size guide. You may not have to size up if you are using regular sizes or closed-toe shoes. There are footwear whole sizes 5 – 12 for women and 7 – 13 for men and they are often true to size.

What’s size 39 in Vionic?

Vionic shoe size 39 is in the Vionic medium shoe size range of the women’s category; usually European metrics. The men’s category does not have size 39.

The smallest size in the men’s category starts at 40. Size 39 in the Vionic size guide, falls in the 8.5 US size and 6.5 UK size. Check the shoe size chart above for more details

How wide are Vionic?

The width of Vionic shoes depends on the size you buy. Vionic has 4 different widths used in the design of their shoes, especially for the women’s sandals category. There are narrow, medium, medium/wide, and wide ranges. Each wide range is indicated in the product details. Every Vionic shoe or sandal is marked with its width. The variation in width is there to accommodate various feet across their customer base.

Narrow shoes work best for customers with smaller feet sizes, and wide-width shoes or larger shoes. There are filter tools on the Vionic website that allows you to filter your search according to the sizes you want. Check the shoe size guide above for detailed size charts for both smaller and larger feet sizing.

Are Vionic shoes good for orthotics?

Vionic does not produce orthotic shoes. Vionic only offers several sizes of Orthotics insole. Each insole is designed to provide relief or active enhancements. Vionic Orthotic insoles are high-quality and vetted by several customers. Hundreds of positive reviews on the landing pages testify to the quality of the products.

The insoles are tailored to both men and women. Also, there are unisex designs that work well for both men and women. Check the size charts above for details of Vionic orthotics insole sizes.

What sizes are Vionic Orthotic insoles?

Vionic Orothic insoles range from 4.5 – 12 for women and 3.5 – 15 for men. These sizes include the standard and half sizes. Check the size charts above for details of the Vionic Orthotic insole sizes for men and women.

Do I size up for Vionic Orthotic insoles?

Yes. Depending on your shoe sizes. If you’re half-size, it’s best to size up for the matching shoe sizes. However, if you’re a regular size, you should find your correct shoe sizes.

Orthotic products are medically inclined, to provide protection against foot pain and other medical conditions. They are perfect-fitting shoes designed to match the proper ideal footwear sizes of the customers.

Do Vionic shoes run wide?

No. Vionic offers a wide range of wide. It’s critical to check the wide sizing of your shoe before you decide on which size to buy. While the shoe size may fit what you’re looking for, take time to check for the side sizes because Vionic has 4 categories of wide.

The narrow, medium, medium/wide, and wide ranges. Each wide range is indicated in the product details. Buying a wide that’s not your size may result in the shoe running wide. Generally, Vionic sizes don’t run wide. You just need to select the wide that fits your size.


One of Vionic’s passions is to be the leading brand that prioritizes comfort and customer experience. The brand invests heavily in product design, optimization, and customer care. Finding the right size is quite easy if you buy from their website.

Every customer question posted on their social media handles gets prompt answers and all answered questions are referenced in the faq section of the web pages.

If you are dissatisfied with the item model, design or size, they provide an effective return policy which makes a huge difference in customer satisfaction. if you have any questions, you can leave them in the comment below. Remember to share the article, it helps spread the information.

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