Blackstone Griddle Size and Barbecue Dimensions

The Blackstone Griddle size go from 17″ Table Top, 28″ Griddle, to 36″ Griddle. From a small group to large families or parties will find its serving through a Blackstone grill. A griddle is a flat cooktop that allows you to grill and cook different foods. Blackstone griddles are among the best on the market and they can be a useful addition to the equipment in your kitchen. It’s made from cold-rolled steel but has a flat smooth surface that makes it easy to access and control food. You can use it for a variety of dishes without hassle.

Blackstone Griddle Size and Barbecue Dimensions
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Additionally, selecting the right size of your griddle can mean the difference in terms of cooking time. Griddles allow you to cook more food since they offer more inches of cooking space compared to pans. This means they are great for special occasions like Christmas or Thanksgiving.

If you are a health enthusiast, you’ll be glad to know that griddles allow you to prepare grease-free foods which means you won’t have to use cooking oil. Plus, the surface of these griddles ensures even heat distribution to cook your food uniformly all around. You can also travel with your portable Blackstone griddle station and prepare mouth-watering meals outdoors.

To realize these benefits, you’ll need to choose the right size of Blackstone griddle. Don’t know where to start? No need to worry because we’ll discuss that in detail in this article.

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Blackstone Griddle Size Comparison Guide

If you are wondering about the different sizes of Blackstone griddles, check out the table below.

Blackstone Griddle ModelDimensions in inchesDimensions in centimeters
17-inch Blackstone griddle21×20.5×14.7 inches53.3×52.1×35.6 cm
22-inch Blackstone griddle26x9x22 inches66×22.9×55.9 cm
28-inch Blackstone griddle44.5×19.5×33.5 inches113×49.5×85 cm
36-inch Blackstone griddle62.5x22x36 inches158.8×55.9×91.4 cm
Blackstone Tailgater Gas Grill Griddle52x24x38.5 inches132.1x61x97.8 cm

Here’s a table showing the number of individual burners on different Blackstone griddle units.

Blackstone Griddle ModelNumber of Burners
17-inch Blackstone griddle1-2
22-inch Blackstone griddle1-2
28-inch Blackstone griddle2-3
36-inch Blackstone griddle3-4
Blackstone Tailgater Gas Grill Griddle2

How to Choose the Right Blackstone Griddle Size

Choosing the best outdoor griddle size can seem like a difficult task. However, that’s just because you don’t know which considerations to make to ensure you get a fitting Blackstone griddle size. Find out how you can select the griddle you need below.

What size propane tank for Blackstone griddle?

Spending time in your backyard cooking with your family can be really fun. That’s probably why you want to get a Blackstone griddle in the first place. The first factor to keep in mind is the amount of heat you’ll need to make the different dishes you want to enjoy. That’s why you need to know the right propane tank size for your griddle.

There are three main sizes for propane tanks: 1-pound, 5-pound, and 20-pound tanks. Each tank can deliver a specific heat output which is measured in BTUs. Additionally, different griddle cooktops also have different energy consumption rates measured in BTUs of heat. As a result, it’s easy to determine how long a specific propane tank can last on your flattop griddle. All Types of propane gas tanks and their sizes you can read here

Here’s a view of the amount of heat different propane tank sizes can give.

  • One-pound tank – 21,594 BTUs
  • 5-pounds – 109,800 BTUs
  • 20-pounds tank – 432,804 BTUs

Let’s also look at the level of energy consumption of different griddle-size models.

  • The Blackstone 17-inch model – 12,000 BTUs
  • The Blackstone 22-inch model – 24,000 BTUs
  • The Blackstone 28-inch model – 34,000 BTUs
  • The Blackstone 36-inch model – 60,000 BTUs

Unfortunately, the Blackstone 28-inch griddle and the larger 36-inch model are not portable. This means you’ll be better off using the larger propane tanks on these units since they are challenging to move around. They can exhaust the smaller tanks in hours rather than days which won’t be convenient since you’ll have to refill the propane frequently. A 20-pound tank is the best option for these two griddle lines since it can take between 7-12 hours to use it up.

The 17-inch and 22-inch Blackstone griddles are portable making them suitable for smaller propane tanks. However, if you choose a 1-pound propane tank, you’ll have less than two hours of cooking time which might not be enough to prepare certain types of foods. A twenty-pound tank can last 13 hours on the 17-inch griddle and 18 hours on the 22-inch unit while a five-pound tank will last between 4-9 hours.

You’ll need to use take the information above with a pinch of salt because it’s based on the assumption that you are using all the burners simultaneously at full heat. As such, your tank could last much longer depending on your cooking process and how you manage the controllable heat levels.

What size Blackstone griddle do I need?

If you are shopping for a Blackstone griddle for the first time, it can be tricky to decide on the best size. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be a hassle since there are some straightforward considerations that can guide your decision. Are you planning to do some outdoor cooking or will you be using the griddle inside your kitchen? If you want to cook outside, the Blackstone’s 28-inch griddle and 36-inch griddle are out of the picture because they aren’t portable griddles. However, they are a great option for cooking indoors.

You are left with the 17-inch and 22-inch models if you are hoping to grill food on road trips and picnics. Something else to think about is the number of people you’ll be serving. If you are inviting a few friends over, you could go with a unit with one or two burners. However, if you are hosting an event, you’ll need a spacious cooking surface with additional burners for restaurant-style cooking. This will allow you to cook several dishes simultaneously cutting down the time you spend on the griddle.

The space you have available for storing the stainless steel cooktop is another factor that determines the ideal griddle size. Do you have enough room for griddle and tank storage in your trunk? You’ll need to check whether all your camping cook gear can fit in your car before settling on a larger model. Lastly, you’ll have to compare the griddle prices to find out which one fits your budget.

What size battery for the Blackstone griddle?

There are different types of griddles by Blackstone. One place you can notice the differences between models is the igniter. There are models that feature a Piezo built-in igniter valve while others have a battery-operated igniter box. To find out which of the two you have, check out your owner’s manual.

If you have a battery-powered igniter, pressing the igniter button should cause a clicking sound. The battery can run out of juice in which case, the igniter won’t work. You’ll need to replace the battery to resolve the problem. Fortunately, Blackstone griddles require one AA battery which you should install with the negative end facing the griddle and the positive end facing you.

Once the battery is in place, press the button and listen for a clicking sound to know that you’ve successfully replaced the old one.

What is the most popular size Blackstone griddle?

36-inch: The most popular and best-selling Blackstone Griddle is their 36-inch Griddle Cooking Station. The large 36-inch griddle can hold up to 26 burgers, 16 steaks, or 72 hotdogs, which is enough to feed as many as 20 people at once

Comparing the Blackstone griddle sizes explained

Comparing the three most popular Blackstone Griddles size by Hunt Style


Choosing the right size for your griddle cooking tops is an important step in your customer journey. Blackstone griddles are excellent units that are suitable for home and restaurant-grade cooking. They offer versatile cooking options, adjustable levels of heat, and a built-in grease channel for eliminating grease from your food. Plus, thanks to the black powder steel construction, you can count on these griddles to withstand years of use.

You’ll need to determine the right Blackstone griddle size to ensure your cooking responsibilities go as smoothly as possible. The perfect option should have a compact size and a large cooking surface for preparing several meals simultaneously. You’ll need to consider the number of people you are cooking for and whether you want a portable unit or not.

With these considerations in mind, you can choose an excellent electric or gas griddle that will be the source of joy in your backyard for years. If you’ve found this article useful and you have a question, leave it in the comment section below.

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