Scott Clothing Sizes for Adults and Kids

Large, medium and small sizes may vary significantly in terms of accurate fit, resulting in considerable difficulty when purchasing apparel. The issue is that whether you browse online or visit a store, clothing with standard or even numeric sizes is not regulated (skip straight to the Scott Clothing Sizes).

Every knowledgeable buyer will inform you that a size seven dress in one retailer may fit considerably differently from a size seven shirt in another. This is especially problematic for companies that only sell online since their consumers cannot try on things in an actual location.

However, merchants may raise consumer trust, drive revenue, and minimize refunds by developing a detailed size chart since nothing is more unpleasant for a buyer than wishing something would fit.

Scott Clothing Sizes for Adults and Kids
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When shopping for garments, how crucial is a size chart?

Sizing is commonly cited as the primary reason buyers purchase in-store rather than online. By providing an actual item to feel and experience, in-store sellers benefit from trying and fitting clothing.

However, due to the popularity of online shopping, where customers purchase from the comfort of their homes using their phones, online stores have opted to provide size charts for their buyers’ contentment and enjoyment.

If you want to purchase Scott’s apparel online, detailed Scott clothing sizes charts are provided to help you determine the proper size.

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Scott Clothing Sizes Table of Contents

Scott Clothing Sizes Charts

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Scott Clothing Sizes: Gloves

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International SizesKids (Hand Circumference)Men (Hand Circumference)Women (Hand Circumference)
XS12,7 cm19,1 cm17,8 cm
S14 cm20,3 cm19,1 cm
M15,2 cm21,5 cm20,3 cm
L16,5 cm22,9 cm21,5 cm
XL17,8 cm24,1 cm22,9 cm

Headgear And Helmet

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International SizesHeadgear- Apic Jr (Head Circumference)Headgear- UNISEX (Camble) (Head Circumference)Headgear- Apic (Head Circumference)Helmet- UNISEX
XS49,5/53 cm (19,5/20,9 in)
S49/53 cm (19,5/20,9 in)53/56,5 cm (20,9/22,2 in)51,5/55,5 cm (20,3/21in)51,5-55,5 cm
M53/56,5 cm (20,9/22,2 in)55,5/59,5 cm (21,9/23,4 in)55,5/59,5 cm (21,9/23,4 in)55,5-59,5 cm
L59,5/61,5 cm (23,4/24,2 in)59,5/61,5 cm (23,4/24,2 in)59,5-61,5 cm

Outerwear – Kids

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AgeInternational SizeHeightChestWaistHips
12S128 cm (49,5/51,5 in)60/66 cm (24/26 in)53,5/58,5 cm (21/23 in)66/71 cm (26/28 in)
14M140 cm (54/56 in)67/72,5 cm (26,5/28,5 in)58,5/63,5 cm (23/25 in)72/78 cm (28,5/30,5 in)
14L152 cm (59/61 in)73,5/78,5 cm (29/31in)63,5/68,5 cm (25/27 in)79/84 cm (31/33 in)
16XL164 cm (63,3/65,5 in)79/84 cm (31/33 in)68,5/73,5 cm (27/29 in)85/90 cm (33,5/35,5 in)

Outerwear – Men

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International SizesHeight (cm)ChestWaistHips
XS170/17592/96 cm (36/38 in)74/79 cm (29/31in)92/96 cm (36/38 in)
S175/18096/102 cm(38/40 in)79/84 cm (31/33 in)96/102 cm (38/40 in)
M175/180102/106 cm (40/42 in)84/89 cm (33/35 in)102/106 cm(40/42 in)
L180/185109/114 cm (43/45 in)92/96 cm (36/38 in)106/112 cm (42/44 in)
XL180/185116/122 cm (46/48 in)98/104 cm (38/40 in)114/119 cm (45/47 in)

Outerwear – Women

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International SizesHeight (cm)ChestWaistHips
XS160/16579/84 cm (31/33 in)61/66 (24/26 in)86/91,5 (34/36 in)
S160/16584/89 cm (33/35 in)66/71 (26/28 in)91,5/96,5 (36/38 in)
M165/17089/94 cm (35/37 in)71/76 (28/30 in)96,5/102 (38/40 in)
L170/17596,5/102 cm (38/40 in)76/81 (30/32 in)102/107 (40/42 in)
XL175/180102/107 cm (40/42 in)84/89 (33/35 in)109/114 (43/45 in)

Protectors- Kids

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AgeInternational SizeHeight (cm)Torso length (cm)Chest (cm)Waist (cm)

Protectors- Men

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International SizeHeight (cm)Torso length (cm)Chest (cm)Waist (cm)

Protectors- Women

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International SizeHeight (cm)Torso length (cm)Chest (cm)Waist (cm)

Standard Jersey Sizes

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International SizeBust (in)Bust (cm)Length (in)Length (cm)Low Hip (in)Low Hip (cm)


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International SizeMen (cm)Women (cm)

Trousers- Kids

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AgeInternational SizeHeight (cm)Waist (cm)Hips (cm)Inside leg (cm)
12S128 cm (49,5/51,5 in)53,5/58,5 cm (21/23 in)66/71 cm (26/28 in)56/61 (22/24”)
14M140 cm (54/56 in)58,5/63,5 cm (23/25 in)72/78 cm (28,5/30,5 in)62/67 cm (24,5/26,5 in)
14L152 cm (59/61in)63,5/68,5 cm (25/27 in)79/84 cm (31/33 in)68/73 cm (26,5/28,5 in)
16XL164 cm (63,3/65,5 in)68,5/73,5 cm (27/29 in)85/90 cm (33,5/35,5 in)74/79 cm (29/31 in)

Trousers – Men

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International SizeHeight (cm)Waist (cm)Hips (cm)Inside leg (cm) – shortInside leg (cm) -regularInside leg (cm) – long
XS165/17069/74 cm (27/29 in)86/92 cm (34/36 in)77,5 cm (30,5 in)82,5 cm (32,5 in)88 cm (34,5 in)
S170/17574/79 cm (29/31 in)92/96 cm (36/38 in)77,5 cm (30,5 in)82,5 cm (32,5 in)88 cm (34,5 in)
M175/18079/84 cm (31/33 in)96/102 cm (38/40 in)80 cm (31,5 in)85 cm (33,5 in)90 cm (35,5 in)
L175/18084/89 cm (33/35 in)102/106 cm (40/42 in)80 cm (31,5 in)85 cm (33,5 in)90 cm (35,5 in)
XL180/18592/96 cm (36/38 in)106/112 cm (42/44 in)82,5 cm (32,5 in)87,5 cm (34,5 in)92,5 cm (36,5 in)
XXL180/18598/104 cm (38/40 in)114/119 cm (45/47 in)82,5 cm (32,5 in)87,5 cm (34,5 in)92,5 cm (36,5 in)

Trousers- Women

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International SizeHeight (cm)Waist (cm)Hips (cm)Inside leg (cm) – shortInside leg (cm) -RegularInside leg (cm) – long
XS160/16561/66 cm (24/26 in)86/91,5 cm (34/36 in)70 cm (27,5 in)75 cm (29,5 in)80 cm (31,5 in)
S160/16566/71 cm (26/28 in)91,5/96,5 cm (36/38 in)70 cm (27,5 in)75 cm (29,5 in)80 cm(31,5 in)
M165/17071/76 cm (28/30 in)96,5/102 cm (38/40 in)72 cm (28,5 in)77,5 cm (30,5 in)82,5 cm (32,5 in)
L170/17576/81 cm (30/32 in)102/107 cm (40/42 in)74 cm (29 in)79 cm (31 in)84 cm (33 in)
XL175/18084/89 cm (33/35 in)109/114 cm (43/45 in)75 cm (29,5 in)80 cm (31,5 in)85 cm (33,5 in)

How To Get The Right Scott Clothing Sizes?

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Take measurements of every portion of your body using a measuring tape. If possible, bring a companion to help you determine your body size.

Hand, Foot, And Legs Measurement

  1. Ankle circumference- The smallest section of the leg directly above the ankles.
  2. Calf– Get the circumference of the calf at its widest point.
  3. Foot length– Measure the length of your feet from the rear of the heels to the point of your big toe.
  4. Hand width– Measure the palms of your hand.
  5. Hand circumference– Measure your knuckles.
  6. Hand length– Assess the length of your flat hand from the tip of your thumbnail to the tip of your middle finger.

Body Measurement

  1. Head– Measure the thickest part of the head, usually around the forehead just above the eyebrows.
  2. Leg– Measure the widest part around the thigh.
  3. Hips– Measure the widest part around the bottom.
  4. Waist– Measure just above the navel without squeezing.
  5. Chest– Measure around the broadest part of the chest, generally above or at the nipple line.
  6. Neck-Measure the broadest section of the neck.
  7. Inside leg length– The length from the top of the inner leg to the bottom of the ankle.
  8. Arm length– Assess the size of your arm from your shoulder joints to your wrist. Maintain a slight bend in the elbow.
  9. Leg length– The distance between the ankle and the hip joint.
  10. Body height– Ideally measured against a wall from the highest point of the head to the floor.

Check out this video to learn more about how to measure your body for clothing

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Scott’s clothing sizes true to size?

As Scott’s top priority is customer satisfaction and a guaranteed order, they ensure to provide a true-to-size clothing chart that will assist buyers in choosing clothes that fit right for them.

2. Should you size up Scott’s jersey?

The given measurement in Scott’s jersey is standardized for many people to guarantee they buy the correct size. If you feel the size does not fit, do not hesitate to size up.

You can ask for your size on any of Scott’s websites.

3. Should you size up in Scott motocross pants?

The size of your Motocross pants might be challenging due to the wide range of sizes and specs. Regardless of your expertise on a motocross bike, achieving the correct fit for your motocross pants may be difficult.

So be sure to size up if your motocross pants are too small for you.

4. What’s the biggest jersey size in Scott Clothing Sizes?

The biggest Scott’s jersey size is 5XL, with 121cm (48 in) chest size, 83cm (33 in) back length, and 66cm (26 in) front length.

5. How tight should Scott’s protectors be (Scott Clothing Sizes)?

Protective clothing must be worn over the clothes you intend to ride in. Since a body protector is designed close to the torso, many motorcyclists use one over lightweight clothes, like a vented racing jersey, with heavier layers and outerwear layered.

Ensure it is fit since the body protector’s efficiency depends on proper fit.

Conclusion on Scott Clothing Sizes

Whether for sport, adventure, or casual clothing, make sure to get clothes that fit your size. Scott ensures that the true-to-size charts for their different clothes products are provided.

Scott’s branded footwear and apparel offering has helped the company reclaim a name among fashion-forward young men. It also became the go-to retailer for casual sportswear, establishing good credibility.

Moreover, sportswear and casual apparel that suit you right will help you have all-day comfort and security, enhancing your sports experiences. If you have questions, leave a comment!

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