Uniqlo Kids’ Size Charts

Purchasing children’s clothing is a pleasurable yet time-consuming process. If you want to make a decent decision, you must take a lot of aspects into account. While that may sound like a frustrating situation, there are a plethora of different solutions available; however, it doesn’t have to be that way (skip straight to the Uniqlo Kids’ Size Charts). 

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It will be simple for you to determine and purchase the ideal clothes for your baby, boy, or girl if you know what you’re looking for and what size is appropriate for your kids. It’s critical to plan ahead and be aware of the details that require extra attention. 

For this reason, the rest of the article focuses on Uniqlo kids’ sizes as well as some of the most crucial aspects to consider when purchasing kids’ clothes.

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Uniqlo Kids’ Size Table of Contents

Uniqlo Kids Size Chart

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Kids Top Size Measurement

3-4YS41 ½ – 45 inch / 105 – 115 cm21 – 23 inch / 53 – 59 cm
5-6Y 45 – 49 inch / 115 – 125 cm22 ½ – 24 inch / 57 – 63 cm
7-8YM49 – 53 inch / 125 – 135 cm24 – 26 ½ inch / 61 – 67 cm
9-10YL53 – 57 inch / 135 – 145 cm25 ½ – 28 inch / 65 – 71 cm
11YXL57 – 61 inch / 145 – 155 cm28 – 30 inch / 71 – 77 m
AgeSizeBoys WaistGirls Waist
3-4YS19 ½ – 21 ½ inch / 49 – 55 cm18 ½ – 21 inch / 47 – 53 cm
5-6Y 20 – 22 ½ inch / 51 – 57 cm19 ½ – 21 ½ inch / 49 – 55 cm
7-8YM21 – 23 inch / 53 – 59 cm20 – 22 ½ inch / 51 – 57 cm
9-10YL21 ½ – 24 inch / 55 – 61 cm21 – 23 inch / 53 – 59 cm
11YXL        23 – 25 inch / 58 – 64 cm22 – 24 ½ inch / 56 – 62 cm

Clothing Guide

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Body Length Back16 ½ inch / 42 cm17 5/7 inch/ 45cm18 8/9 inch / 48 cm
Shoulder Width11 inch / 28cm11 ⅘ inch / 30 cm12 ⅕ inch / 31cm
Body Width13inch /33 cm13 7/9 inch / 35 cm14 4/7 inch /37 cm
Sleeve Length4 ⅓ inch /11  cm4 5/7 inch 12 cm5 ⅓ inch /13.5 cm
Body Length Back20 inch / 51 cm21 ⅔ inch / 55 cm23 2/9 inch / 59 cm
Shoulder Width13 inch / 33 cm13 ⅖ inch / 34 cm14 ⅙ inch / 36 cm
Body Width15 ⅓ inch / 39 cm16 1/7 inch / 4 cm17 ⅓ inch / 44 cm
Sleeve Length6 inch / 15 cm6 2/7 inch / 16 cm6 ⅔ inch / 17 cm

How To Choose The Right Uniqlo Kids’ Size

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Purchasing children’s clothing is difficult. The number of considerations parents must make while choosing adorable and current clothing for their infants makes it a mind-boggling task.

To get the most out of the money spent on outfits for kids, there are many factors that must be taken into consideration, including colors, fitting, size, design, and season.

Here are a few extremely helpful tips that every parent should keep in mind while buying Uniqlo clothing for their kids to ensure that they always get the best possible returns.

Buy A Bigger Size

When shopping for your growing child, always choose a size larger than their actual size. This is because kids grow quickly; therefore, it’s best to choose an advanced size if you want them to wear the clothes for a longer time.

But be sure to take the time to consider the time of year. If winter is approaching, it is ineffective to purchase summer apparel in a larger size.

Pick Value Over Cost

Kid clothes that are too pricey should not be purchased since you will quickly run out of them. Always choose clothing that offers good value for the money.

Avoid purchasing anything that is overly pricey. Instead, spend that amount of money on two average-tagging outfits. You must adopt a realistic strategy. 

Make Optimum Use Of Sale

The greatest times to buy clothes for kids are during sales. It is simple to purchase clothing for the upcoming months so that you can prepare ahead of time with reasonably priced goods.

In this manner, you will maximize the benefits of sales by purchasing luxury clothing at a discount. All you have to do is make a plan. 

Choose Online Deals

These days, it’s simple to find incredible discounts on children’s clothing online. To stay up to date on upcoming discounts and deals, simply browse the web and sign up for newsletters.

Check out this video to learn more about Uniqlo brand clothing for kids


How To Measure Uniqlo Kids’ Size

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It’s not as difficult as many people assume to take precise body measurements; all you need to know is where to set the tape measure, and everything else will fall into place. 

Before measuring your body, follow these simple instructions: 

  • For utmost precision, use a measuring tape (flexible tape, if possible). 
  • Check to see that the measuring tape is level and not too tight or loose. 
  • Measure uncovered flesh, not clothing. 

The most crucial measures to take when measuring a piece of clothing are: 

  • Bust
  • Waist
  • Hip circumference
  • Inseam length for pants
  1. Place the measuring tape’s one end at the widest region of your bust, loop it around, passing through your armpits and shoulder blades, and then bring it back to the front. A snug fit is ideal, but not too tight.
  2. Wrap the tape measure around your natural waistline, which is roughly 2 inches (5 cm) above your belly button, to determine your waist size. To determine if you have a natural waistline, bend to one side. 
  3. Standing straight with your feet together, measure your hips across the widest area of your hips and buttocks, which is about 8 inches (20 cm) below your waist.
  4. To check that the tape is as level as possible, use a mirror. By selecting the widest region of your thigh and wrapping the tape measure around from side seam to side seam, you may also measure your thigh. 
  5. By measuring the distance from the crotch to the hem of your favorite, best-fitting pair of pants, you can determine the inseam with ease. For the most precise results, if you opt for the latter option, set your pants on a smooth, hard surface and smooth out any creases or bumps.

Learn more about how to measure your kid for clothing (video)

How to Measure for Children’s Clothing by MonkeySee

How To Find Your Uniqlo Kids’ Size

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It’s a good idea to consider the child’s height and weight into consideration when determining the appropriate size for children’s clothing rather than merely using age-related statistics.

Even though it is typically simpler to determine a child’s age than to determine their height and weight, many kids do not fit into the size range that goes with their age. 

Additionally, there are distinct sizing charts for each brand, producer, and store rather than a single, all-encompassing chart for kids.

It’s typically not an option to try on every outfit while shopping for baby clothes.

Keep the following things in mind as you search for the perfect fit for your kid: 

  • Depending on how they handle sizing, every clothing company may use slightly different measures, so keep track of whether one fits large or small. 
  • Sometimes, clothing businesses utilize an age range, such as 3-6 months, rather than using a single age for their sizing. In this situation, making notes is a wise move. 
  • Due to their rapid growth, choose clothes that are just a little bit too big for your child. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size is UNIQLO 140?

Size 140 at Uniqlo fits children aged 9 to 10. It measures 11 3/7 inches in length from thigh to hip and 22 5/6 inches around the waist.

2. What size is UNIQLO 110?

Uniqlo size 110 fits children between the ages of 5 and 6. Its length is 43–46 inches, its width is 110–116 cm, and its chest measurement is 59–61 cm.

3. Are UNIQLO sizes true to size?

The sizing of Uniqlo clothing is not true to size. It is advised to size up when purchasing Uniqlo clothing.

4. What is size 130 in children’s clothes?

130 in kids’ clothing is for 6 to 8 years old. It measures 15 1/3 inches (39 cm) in breadth, 14 4/7 inches (37 cm) in shoulder width, and 18 5/7 inches (47.7 cm) in body length back.

5. What sizing does UNIQLO use?

Uniqlo does not employ the standard UK sizing for women, such as sizes 8, 10, and so on. Instead, it employs a ‘small, medium, large’ structure for both sexes (along with measures in inches and centimeters).

6. What size is 128 in children’s clothes?

128 in children’s clothing fits children aged 7-8 years. It has an inseam of 6 8/9 inches, a bottom width of 8 2/3 inches, and a rising length of 9 1/4 inches.


Having your child try on the clothing before you purchase it is the easiest approach to determine the correct size in children’s clothing. Furthermore, a small amount of brand loyalty can go a long way.

Even though your child does not exactly match the size recommendations according to his or her age, weight, or height, buying clothing from those two clothing brands is a breeze if you know that your child is always “one size ahead” in one brand and “one size behind” in the other.

If you have any questions or concerns, comment below.

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