Uniqlo Women’s Size Charts

To avoid making mistakes when purchasing and wearing clothes, keep a few key points in mind. To be satisfied with your wardrobe choices, you must consider numerous aspects (skip straight to the Uniqlo Women’s Size Charts).

When shopping for new styles or putting together your outfit of the day, follow these steps and charts to look your best while saving time and money.

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If you ask yourself the right questions beforehand, you may buy economical, stylish, high-quality garments to preserve your confidence, feel your best, and be satisfied with your clothing selections.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive clothes to put together fashionable, sophisticated outfits. Looking fantastic is much easier than you think, and it is not dependent on your clothes budget or current fashion trends.

Here are the Uniqlo women’s size charts and some important aspects to consider when buying clothes to help you make smarter wardrobe selections and make stunning outfits.

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Uniqlo Women’s Size Table of Contents

Uniqlo Women’s Size Charts

Uniqlo Women’s Shirts

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XXS30 ½  / 76.2 ½ cm19 ¼ / 48.3 ¼ cm
XS31 / 78.74 cm20 / 50.8 cm
S31 ¾ / 78.74 ¾ cm20 ¾ / 50.8 ¾ cm
M32 ¼ / 81.3 ¼ cm22 / 55.9 cm
L33 / 83.82 cm23 ¼ / 58.42 ¼ cm
XL33 / 83.82 cm24 ½ / 60.96 ½ cm
XXL33 ¼  / 83.82 ¼ cm25 ½ / 63.5 ½ cm
3XL33 ½  / 83.82 ½ cm26 ¾ / 66.04 ¾ cm

Uniqlo Women’s T-Shirts

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XS31 ½ – 33 / 78.74 ½ – 83.82 cm
S33 – 34 ¾ / 83.82 – 86.4 ¾ cm
M35 – 36 ½ / 88.9 – 91.44 ½ cm
L37 – 38 ½ / 93.98 – 96.52 ½ cm
XL39 – 40 ½ / 99.1 – 101.6 ½ cm
XXL41 – 42 ½ / 104.14 – 106.7 ½ cm

Uniqlo Women’s Jackets

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XXS30 ½  / 76.2 ½ cm19 ¼ / 48.3 ¼ cm
XS31 / 78.74 cm20 / 50.8 cm
S31 ¾ / 78.74 ¾ cm20 ¾ / 50.8 ¾ cm
M32 ¼ / 81.3 ¼ cm22 / 55.9 cm
L33 / 83.82 cm23 ¼ / 58.42 ¼ cm
XL33 / 83.82 cm24 ½ / 60.96 ½ cm
XXL33 ¼  / 83.82 ¼ cm25 ½ / 63.5 ½ cm
3XL33 ½  / 83.82 ½ cm26 ¾ / 66.04 ¾ cm

Uniqlo Women’s Dresses

XXS29-31 / 73.7-78.74 cm
XS31-33 / 78.74-83.82 cm
S33-35 / 83.82-88.9 cm
M35-27 / 88.9-68.6 cm
L37-39 / 93.98-99.1 cm
XL39-41 / 99.1-104.14 cm
XXL41-43 / 104.14-109.22 cm

Uniqlo Women’s Jeans

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Size Waist
XS0-224-25 / 60.96-63.5 cm
S4-626-27 / 66.04-68.6 cm
M8-1028-29 / 71.12-73.7 cm
L1230 / 50.8 cm
XL1432 / 81.3 cm
XXL1634 . 86.4 cm

Uniqlo Women’s Pants

Size Waist
XS0-224-25 / 60.96-63.5 cm
S4-626-27 / 66.04-68.6 cm
M8-1028-29 / 71.12-73.7 cm
L1230 / 50.8 cm
XL1432 / 81.3 cm
XXL1634 . 86.4 cm

Uniqlo Women’s Skirts

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XS24-25 / 60.96-63.5 cm
S26-27 / 66.04-68.6 cm
M28-29 / 71.12-73.7 cm
L30 / 50.8 cm
XL32 / 81.3 cm
XXL34 . 86.4 cm

How To Choose The Right Uniqlo Women’s Size

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Everyone is buying online right now, but when it comes to apparel, this can be a little scary.

Uncertainty about how something will look, fit, or feel can be unsettling, so how do you become comfortable with shopping online for hassle-free, high-quality apparel that achieves excellent results?

  • Check Clothes In Your Wardrobe

This is by far the simplest method if you already own sportswear and don’t have to travel far. Examine your closet for clothes that are similar to what you want to buy.

Keep in mind that the sizes of the most popular brands are relatively comparable. If you wear a given size from one brand, it is extremely possible that you will fit just as well in clothes from another manufacturer.

  • Look For The Size Chart

No matter how lovely a piece of clothing is, if it does not fit properly, it will not look nice on you. When buying garments online, one of the most critical considerations is fit. Because, unlike in-store purchases, you cannot try them online.

First, you must determine your measurements. It’s not difficult to figure out. Simply stand in front of the mirror with a measuring tape and measure your waist, hips, chest, and so on. You may learn more about taking measures at home by searching online.

  • Get To Know Your Measurements

This is the most precise method for determining your size. Using a tailor’s measuring tape, measure:

  • Circumference of the chest. Start the measuring tape at the broadest point, right under the armpits.
  • Circumference of the waist. Start the measuring tape slightly above the belly button at the broadest point.

Every Uniqlo product comes with a sizing guide that includes information about body dimensions and sizes.

  • Review The Fabric

Most of the time, the fabric either makes or breaks the garment. As a result, gathering as much information about the subject as possible is critical. The name of the cloth is usually given on the webpage. Make sure to look into it. You can determine whether or not to purchase the cloth if you are familiar with it.

However, if you don’t know much about fabrics or haven’t heard of the material listed, conduct some research. When making your selection, keep the season in mind.

For hot and humid climates, choose cotton or linen fabric. Choose wool, on the other hand, for added warmth in chilly weather.

  • Look For Feedback

Hearing from people who have already purchased an item is an easy method to determine if it is worth purchasing. Under each product on most pages, there is a review tab where customers can offer their feedback. Make sure to look into it.

Read the reviews to see if the product matches the image. Look for reviews about the fabric. Customers occasionally submit images of themselves wearing it; these photos can give you a better idea of how it will appear on you.

Check out this Uniqlo Women’s T-shirt try-on haul (video)

Uniqlo Mid-Size Try-on Haul | Size 14-16 Business Comfy Casual by Moments With Kate

How To Measure Uniqlo Women’s Size

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If you purchase online, knowing your body dimensions is essential for getting clothes in the correct sizes. Different fabrics, new cuts of products with the same name, and even vanity sizing might cause sizing inconsistencies.

When taking measures, use a fabric measuring tape (or other options that we propose if you don’t have one) rather than a metal measuring tape. This will ensure that you are precisely measuring your physique.

Furthermore, to achieve the most precise measurements, measure only over bare skin or skin-tight clothing.

You should measure the following:

  • Bust or Chest

This size is suited for shirts and dresses. Place one end of the tape measure at the widest area of your breast and wrap it around your torso, parallel to the floor, to get the measurement for women.

Place one end of the tape measure at the center of your chest for men. Wrap the tape around your body parallel to the floor.

  • Waist

This size is suited for tops, dresses, and bottoms. Most clothing brands use the “natural waist” measurement as a size guide. To identify your natural waist, look for the narrowest point of your waist above your belly button and below your rib cage.

It should be noted that certain brands use a “low” waist measurement. You would take your measurements at the spot where your trousers would normally ride.

  • Hips

This measurement is commonly used for bottoms and dresses. Measure the largest part of your hips while standing with your hips together.

Make sure to massage your buttocks as well. It may be difficult to maintain the tape level consistently if you do it alone; it is suggested that you have a friend assist you or do it in front of a mirror.

  • Inseam

This size is suited for trousers and jeans.

The inseam is the measurement from the top of your thigh to your ankle. The inseam of a well-fitting pair of pants is the easiest to measure. Measure the inside seam of the leg from the crotch to the cuff.

The inseam length is measured in inches to the nearest 12″. It’s recommended to measure your inseam while wearing shoes so that the hem strikes the correct spot on your shoe.

Remember that the actual inseam measurement for women varies depending on whether you’re wearing heels or flats. The hem should fall in the middle of the heel shaft or slightly above the flat shoe.

Women should take two inseam measurements: one for trousers to be worn with heels and one for trousers to be worn with flats.

  • Neck

Dress shirts are typically sized by neck measurement. Many dress shirts marketed in the United States utilize the neck measurement in inches as the “size.” Wrap the measuring tape around the base of your neck.

Check that the tape is consistently level and that it is not wrapped too tightly around your neck. This is the true circumference of your neck. Add a half inch to a round figure or round up to the nearest half inch for your dress shirt neck measurement.

  • Sleeve Circumference

You will need the help of a friend to measure the length of your sleeves. Bend one arm at the elbow and rest your hand on your hip.

For your full sleeve measurement, have a buddy measure from the middle of your back, over your shoulder, down to your elbow, and finally to your wrist.

The majority of sleeve lengths fall between 32 and 39 inches. Sleeve sizes are always in whole numbers; if necessary, round up to the nearest whole number.

Learn more about how to measure women’s clothing (video)

How to Take Clothing Measurements by Sew Addicts

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a size 8 in UNIQLO Women’s Size Chart?

Size 8 has a body measurement of 31 inches (78.74 cm). It also includes hip measurements of 41 1/7 and thigh measurements of 14 3/8.

2. What size is M in UNIQLO Women’s Size Chart?

Uniqlo size M has a back body length of 28 1/3 inches and 72 cm and a shoulder breadth of 18 1/9 inches and 46 cm. It also has a body width of 23 inches (58.5 cm).

3. Are UNIQLO sizes true to size?

Uniqlo clothing does not fit true to size. It is recommended that you size up when purchasing Uniqlo apparel. Besides, the sizing is one size smaller than the US version. 

4. How big is UNIQLO Women’s Size XL?

Uniqlo XL has a body length of 13 inches or 33.02 cm and a body size of 36-39 inches or 91.44-99.1 cm.

5. How do UNIQLO T-shirts fit?

Uniqlo shirts and t-shirts tend to fit rather snugly on the average American. As a result, they are said to be small. This is true for all of the shirts that Uniqlo has to offer.

6. How do I know my UNIQLO Women’s size?

The My Size Assist feature is placed in the bottom-left corner of the size options on the product description page, and the size chart of Uniqlo is located in the upper-right corner of the size options.


When purchasing online, the first thing to look for is a size chart. Clothing makers will provide dimensions for the bust, waist, and hips in inches or centimeters that correlate to sizes.

Because each brand or designer employs a different scale, it’s best to double-check the measures on which Uniqlo bases its size.

Having your measurements ensures that you get the correct size for your clothes. It is a simple approach to eliminate much of the risk associated with online purchasing, and it can be useful if you plan on modifying your clothes as well.

If you have any questions or concerns, comment below.

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