Uniqlo Men’s Size Charts

It’s difficult to buy clothes online since you can’t put them on to ensure they’re the appropriate size. Besides, men’s shirt sizes can be difficult to understand (skip straight to the Uniqlo Men’s Size Charts).

Choosing a shirt that fits you properly can be more complicated than planning a trip overseas due to differences in style and sizing.

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But, selecting a shirt that makes you feel or look good should be simple. Here, we’ll go over everything you need to know about shirts, so you don’t waste time figuring out sizing and measurements again.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about Uniqlo men’s sizing.

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Uniqlo Men’s Size Table of Contents

Uniqlo Men’s Size Chart

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XS14 ¼ / 35.7 ¼ cm32 / 81.3 cm32-35 / 81.3-88.9 cm
S15 / 38.1 cm33 / 83.82 cm35-38 / 88.9-96.52 cm
M15 ¾ / 35.7 ¾ cm34 / 86.4 cm38-41/ 96.52-104.14 cm
L16 ½  / 40.64 ½ cm35 / 88.9 cm41-44 / 104.14-111.8 cm
XL17 ¼ / 43.2 ¼ cm35 ¾ / 88.9 ¾ cm44-47 / 111.8-119.4 cm
XXL18 ¼ / 45.72 ¼ cm36 ½  / 91.44 ½ cm47-50 / 119.4-127 cm


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XS14 ¼ / 35.7 ¼ cm32 / 81.3 cm32-35 / 81.3-88.9 cm
S15 / 38.1 cm33 / 83.82 cm35-38 / 88.9-96.52 cm
M15 ¾ / 35.7 ¾ cm34 / 86.4 cm38-41/ 96.52-104.14 cm
L16 ½  / 40.64 ½ cm35 / 88.9 cm41-44 / 104.14-111.8 cm
XL17 ¼ / 43.2 ¼ cm35 ¾ / 88.9 ¾ cm44-47 / 111.8-119.4 cm
XXL18 ¼ / 45.72 ¼ cm36 ½  / 91.44 ½ cm47-50 / 119.4-127 cm


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XS14 ¼ / 35.7 ¼ cm32-35 / 81.3-88.9 cm
S15 / 38.1 cm35-38 / 88.9-96.52 cm
M15 ¾ / 35.7 ¾ cm38-41/ 96.52-104.14 cm
L16 ½  / 40.64 ½ cm41-44 / 104.14-111.8 cm
XL17 ¼ / 43.2 ¼ cm44-47 / 111.8-119.4 cm
XXL18 ¼ / 45.72 ¼ cm47-50 / 119.4-127 cm


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XS32 / 81.3 cm32-35 / 81.3-88.9 cm
S33 / 83.82 cm35-38 / 88.9-96.52 cm
M34 / 86.4 cm38-41/ 96.52-104.14 cm
L35 / 88.9 cm41-44 / 104.14-111.8 cm
XL35 ¾ / 88.9 ¾ cm44-47 / 111.8-119.4 cm
XXL36 ½ / 91.44 ½ cm47-50 / 119.4-127 cm


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XXS61 – 65 inch 155 – 165 cm31 – 33 inch 79 – 84 cm 
XS61 – 65 inch 155 – 165 cm32 – 35 inch 81 – 89 cm26 – 28 inch 66 – 71 cm
S65 – 69 inch 165 – 175 cm35 – 38 inch 89 – 97 cm27 – 30 inch 69 – 76 cm
M69 – 73 inch 175 – 185 cm38 – 41 inch 97 – 104 cm30 – 33 inch 76 – 84 cm
L69 – 73 inch 175 – 185 cm41 – 44 inch 104 – 112 cm33 – 36 inch 84 – 91 cm
XL69 – 73 inch 175 – 185 cm44 – 47 inch 112 – 119 cm36 – 39 inch 91 – 99 cm
XXL69 – 73 inch 175 – 185 cm47 – 50 inch 119 – 127 cm39 – 42 inch 99 – 107 cm
3XL69 – 73 inch 175 – 185 cm50 – 53 inch 127 – 135 cm42 – 45 inch 107 – 114 cm
4XL  45 – 48 inch 114 – 122 cm

How To Choose The Right Uniqlo Men’s Size

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It all starts with the fundamentals. What kind of clothing do you prefer? Wearing pants and a shirt is usually acceptable, but you can also wear nice sweatpants or a decent shirt.

Examine your body as well and make a decision that is right for you. Are you short in stature? Then narrow pants or a blazer might not be the best option. Then choose something with a loose fit. Do you have broad shoulders or arms? Tight pants or a jacket may be more appropriate.

Purchase Clothing That Fits

You can undoubtedly tell when your clothes are too small. However, determining whether the clothes are too big requires a little more skill.

The most important thing to know is that you will appear as big as your clothes. If your clothes are two sizes too big, you will appear two sizes larger.

That is not what anyone wants. Everyone, including huge men, looks better in correctly tailored plus-size apparel. Shirts should fit appropriately over the shoulders and skim the body without becoming baggier in one area than another.

Short sleeves must be loose enough around your arms that you could get a finger or two beneath the cuff unless you are built and have no option. Hands should not be covered by long sleeves.

Pants should not bunch up at the crotch and should not come into contact with the bottoms of your shoes when standing.

Select Colors You Like

Don’t be concerned about whether a color looks well on you. Most colors look good on everyone as long as they are not sickly.

If you’re self-conscious, don’t buy pink or purple – they’re lovely colors, but an uneasy, ill-at-ease man is constantly out of style.

If you’re genuinely horrible at matching, just choose a couple of colors and buy everything in those colors.

Learn more about how to measure men’s clothing (video)

How To Measure Yourself (Men) by Silkstaq

How To Measure Uniqlo Men’s Size

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Here’s how to measure Uniqlo men’s size:

Measure Your Neck

The circumference of the neck is the most crucial measurement for determining shirt size. To measure the circumference of the neck, simply wrap a measuring tape around the neck and put a finger where the two portions of the meter cross.

This is measured here to help you choose the correct size of men’s shirts.

Measure Your Shoulder’s Width

In this instance, it is preferable if you let somebody assist you. Measure the length between the outermost points of the shoulders with the measuring tape, keeping the back straight but retaining a natural posture.

This will ensure that you have the correct shoulder size for your shirt.

Measure The Circumference Of Your Chest

Wrap the tape over your chest. Begin by breathing regularly from the area under the armpits.

The average man’s chest measures approximately 117cm. The men’s shirt should be comfy and not too tight.

Measure Your Arms Length

Place the measuring tape on the shoulder and move it down to the wrist while keeping the arm relaxed.

The length of the arms is merely an indication because the shirt must allow for movement and not be too tight around the arms.

Measure Your Waist

Begin at the top of your hip bone and wrap the tape measure around your body to the top of your belly button. Check that it’s not too tight and straight, even in the rear.

While measuring, don’t hold your breath. Right after you exhale, check the number on the measuring tape.

How To Find Your Uniqlo Men’s Size

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Online shopping has to be one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s like having a whole world of options at your fingertips, with the added excitement of waiting for a delivery.

Furthermore, with the coronavirus pandemic, many of you are opting to shop online rather than in your favorite brick-and-mortar shops like Uniqlo.

However, one disadvantage of shopping online for clothes is having to play the guessing game of finding the proper size. That stunning shirt may have looked stunning on the model, but the proportions may be incorrect for your body type, or you may have contemplated the fit for too long, and your size has sold out.

Fortunately, there are a few pointers to bear in mind when looking for the correct Uniqlo men’s size online.

Measure Yourself Correctly

Taking your measurements, including your bust, waist, hips, and inseam, is one of the best ways to discover a great fit. It’s also a good idea to consider what you’re wearing when obtaining these measurements. 

This will give you a more exact fit than taking measurements while wearing clothing. However, if you’re ordering outerwear, you should take measurements with your garments on.

Otherwise, the medium-sized coat can be too snug when worn over a thick sweater or several layers.

Use Retailer’s Sizing Chart

Even if you know your exact dimensions or have a reasonable idea of what size you are, don’t neglect the size charts that many prominent shops provide—some of which are really useful.

Answering a few questions about your shape on the site can assist in determining a more precise fit.

Read Reviews

Everyone loves a product with thousands of reviews, but instead of just glancing at the quantity, it’s important to read at least a few of them.

Take note of if customers think the item runs large, small, or true to size. These candid reviews are priceless and might help you better understand the fit.

Additionally, if the site enables buyers to upload images, this can be much more beneficial. Examine photos of customers with comparable body shapes to yours to get a visual image of how the item will look on you. It’s like having someone else try on your clothing for you.

Take Into Account The Material Used

Remember that some materials are more flexible than others. Aside from the actual measurements of a garment, it’s also vital to consider the material, which can influence whether you size up or down.

If you’re looking at denim without elastane, be aware that it will be stiff and will require hours of wear and use before it begins to give.

Conversely, pants made of elastane, often known as spandex or lycra, will have lots of stretches and allow you to be more flexible with sizing. Polyester, which is resilient to shrinking, and cotton, which can shrink and stretch over time, are two more materials to search for.

Check out this video to learn more about how to measure for Uniqlo men’s clothing

What Size Should YOU Get? | Uniqlo Oversized AIRism T-Shirt Guide by Men’s Fashion Files

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size is M in UNIQLO?

Uniqlo size M has a back body length of 28 1/3 inches and 72 cm and a shoulder breadth of 18 1/9 inches and 46 cm. It also has a body width of 23 inches (58.5 cm).

2. Are UNIQLO sizes true to size?

Uniqlo clothing does not fit true to size. It is recommended that you size up when purchasing Uniqlo apparel. Besides, the sizing is one size smaller than the US version. 

3. How big is UNIQLO XL?

Uniqlo XL has a body length of 13 inches or 33.02 cm and a body size of 36-39 inches or 91.44-99.1 cm.

4. How do I know my UNIQLO size?

The My Size Assist feature is placed in the bottom-left corner of the size options on the product description page, and the size chart of Uniqlo is located in the upper-right corner of the size options.

5. How do UNIQLO T-shirts fit?

Uniqlo shirts and t-shirts tend to fit rather snugly on the average American. As a result, they are said to be small. This is true for all of the shirts that Uniqlo has to offer.

6. Is UNIQLO for skinny people?

The sizes of UNIQLO will vary depending on the market. Besides, it caters to people of all sizes, not only skinny ones.


Men’s shirt measurements aren’t always easy to find. Knowing what they imply and how to locate your size necessitates some assistance.

You’re now completely prepared to enter the mall in search of the Uniqlo size that’ll fit you like a glove. Choose a well-made piece of clothing that accomplishes it all now that you know your measurements.

If you have any questions or concerns, comment below.

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