Billabong Size Charts for Adults and Kids

Surfing is still a significant part of many people’s life.  The sport offers a lot of positive psychological and physical effects. First, it strengthens the heart since it requires vigorous cardiovascular activity (skip straight to the Billabong size charts).

Additionally, it is claimed to strengthen physical muscles, promote stamina, and strengthen the immune system. Increasing good hormone levels in the brain, lowering depression, enhancing sleep, and enhancing overall wellness are all psychological benefits of surfing.

Billabong size charts for adults and kids
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However, it is crucial to always surf in appropriate surfing gear rather than casual wear. This is so that surfers may stay in the water for extended periods of time without getting sick, as surfing apparel is designed specifically with surfers in mind.

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Billabong Size Charts Table of Contents

Why would you need Billabong clothing?

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Regular clothing will not only lose its quality as a result of increased exposure to salt water, but it also provides warmth (thermal retention) enough to stay in the water for extended periods of time. Additionally, items of surfing attire are designed to give the surfer the flexibility (stretch) required for the sport.

Billabong is an Australian clothing shop, well renowned for creating and selling surfing apparel and gear. Men’s, women’s, and children’s surf gear and accessories are the main focus of the company’s catalog.

T-shirts, board shorts, wetsuits, skirts, bikinis, and shoes are just a few of the beach- and saltwater-friendly clothing options available.

However, choosing the ideal size for your Billabong clothing is essential because wearing the incorrect size surfing gear can lead to avoidable injuries. In addition to a size chart and responses to some of the most commonly asked questions on the internet about Billabong apparel, this article acts as a guide to Billabong clothes.

Learn more about Billabong Sizes in this try-on-haul video

BILLABONG clothes (try on haul & review) by Mary Barron

Billabong Size Charts

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Billabong Men’s Apparel Size Chart

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Billabong Men’s Tops Size Chart

SizeNeck (in)Neck (cm)Chest (in)Chest (cm)Sleeve (in)Sleeve (cm)

Billabong Men’s Boardshorts Size Chart

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International SizingUS SizingWaist (in)Waist’ (cm)Hip (in)Hip (cm)

Billabong Wetsuit Size Chart (For Men)

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SizeHeight (ft)Height (m)Weight (lbs)Weight (kg)Chest (in)Chest (cm)WaistWaist  
XS5’5″ – 5’7″1.65 – 1.7125 -13555.8 – 60.834-3686.4 – 91.428-3071.1 – 76.2
S5’6″ – 5’8″1.68 – 1.73135 -15060.8 – 67.536-3891.4 – 96.529-3173.7 – 78.7
MS5’6″ – 5’9″1.68 – 1.75145 -16065.3 – 7238-4096.5 – 101.630-3276.2 – 81.3
M5’9″ – 5’11”1.75 – 1.8155 -17069.8 – 76.538-4096.5 – 101.631-3378.7 – 83.8
MT5’11” – 6’1″1.80 – 1.85165 -18074.3 – 8139-4099.1 -101.631-3378.7 – 83.8
LS5’7″ – 5’9″1.70 – 1.75165 -18074.3 – 8141-43104.1 – 109.233-3583.8 – 88.9
L5’11” – 6’1″1.80 – 1.85175 -19078.8 – 85.541-43104.1 -109.233-3583.8 -88.9
LT6’1″ – 6’3″1.85 – 1.91185 -20083.3 – 9041-43104.1 -109.233-3583.8 -88.9
XLS5’8″ – 5’10”1.73 – 1.78175 -19078.8 – 85.543-44109.2 – 111.836-3891.4 – 96.5
XL6’0″ – 6’3″1.83 – 1.91190 – 20585.5 – 92.343-44109.2 – 111.836-3891.4 – 96.5
XXL6’1″ – 6’4″1.85 – 1.93205 – 22092.3 – 9944-46111.8 – 116.838-4096.5 – 101.6

Billabong Men’s Hoodies Size Chart

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SizeNeck (in)Neck (cm)Head (in)Head (cm)

Billabong Women’s Apparel Size Chart

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Billabong Women’s Clothing Size Chart

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International SizingUS SizingWaist (in)Waist (cm)Chest (in)Chest (cm)Low Waist 3″ Below (in)Low Waist 3″ Below (cm)Hip at WidestHip at Widest
S1 – 325 – 2663.5 – 6632.5-33.582.6 – 85.130-3176.2 – 78.735-3688.9 – 91.4
M5 – 727 – 2868.6 – 71.134.5-35.587.6 – 90.232-3381.3 – 83.837-3894.0 – 96.5
L929 – 3073.7 -76.236.5-37.592.7 – 95.334-3586.4 – 88.939-4099.1 – 101.6

Billabong Women’s Wetsuits Size Chart

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SizeUSHeight (in)Height (cm)Weight (lbs)Weight (kg)Chest (in)Chest (cm)Waist (in)Waist (cm)
XXS05’1-5’3″1.55 – 1.690-10540.5 – 47.329.5-31.574.9 – 8023-2558.4 – 63.5
XS25’3″-5’5″1.6 – 1.65100-11545 – 51.830.5-32.577.5 -82.624-2661.0 – 66
S45’4″-5’6″1.63 – 1.68110-12549.5 – 56.331.5-33.580.0 – 85.125-2763.5 – 68.6
ST4T5’5″-5’7″1.65 – 1.7110-12549.5 -56.331.5-33.580.0 – 85.125-2763.5 – 68.6
M65’5″-5’7″1.65 – 1.7120-13554 – 60.832.5-34.582.6 – 87.626-2866.0 – 71.1
MT65’6″-5’8″1.68 – 1.73125-14056.25 – 6332.5-34.582.6 – 87.626-2866.0 – 71.1
L85’6″-5’8″1.68 – 1.73130-15058.5 – 67.534-3686.4 – 91.427-2968.6 – 73.7
LT85’9″-6’0″1.75 – 1.83135-15560.75 – 69.834-3686.4 – 91.427-2968.6 – 73.7
XL105’7″-5’9″1.70 – 1.75140-16063 – 7235.5-37.590.2 – 95.329-3173.7 – 78.7
XXL125’9″-6’0″1.75 – 1.83160-18572-8338.5-40.597.8 – 102.932-3481.3 – 86.4

Billabong Kid’s Size Charts

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Kids sizes2t3t4/s5/m6/l7/xl
Chest (IN)20″-21″22″-23″22″-23″23″-24″24″-25″25″-26″
Chest (cm)50.8-53.34 cm55.88-58.42 cm55.88-58.42cm58.42-60.96cm60.96-63,5cm63.5-66.04cm
Waist (IN)19″-19.5″20″-20.5″21″-21.5″21.5″-22″22.5″-23″23.5″-24″
Waist (cm)48.26 -49.53cm50.8-52.07cm53.34-54.61cm54.61-55.88cm57.15-58.42cm59.69-60.96cm
Height (in)33″-35.5″36″-38.5″39″-41.5″42″-44.5″45″-46.5″47″-48.5″
Height (cm)83.82-90.17cm91.44-97.79cm99.06-105.41cm106.68-113.03cm114.3-118.11cm119.38-123.19cm
Weight (LBS)26-2930-3333-3737-4344-4947-55
Weight (kg)11.7-13.05kg13.5-14.85kg14.85-16.65kg16.65-19.35kg19.8-22.05kg21.15-24.75kg


Bottom Size22-24 8-10 Slim, 8 reg25-27 10-14 reg28-29 16-18 reg30 20 reg
Tops & ElasticsSMLXL
Chest (in)25″-27.5″28″-30.5″31″-33.5″34″-36.5″
Chest (cm)63.5-69.85cm71.12-77.47cm78.74-85.09cm86.36-92.7
Waist (in)22″-24″25″-26″27″-28″29″-30″
Waist (cm)55.88-60.96cm63.5-66.04cm68.58-71.12cm73.66-76.2cm
Height (IN)49″-54″52″-60.5″60″-65″65″-68″
Height (cm)124.46-137.16cm132.08-153.67cm152.4-165.1cm165.1-172.72
Weight (lbs)50-65lbs63-95lbs90-122lbs110-140lbs
Weight (kg)22.5-29.25kg28.35-42.75kg40.5-50.4kg49.5-49.5kg

Girls Billabong Size Chart

International SizeXXSXSSML
Height (in)41 – 44’’45 – 50’’51 – 54’’55 – 58’’59 – 61’’
Height (cm)104.14-111.76cm114.3-127cm129.54-137.16cm139.7-147.32cm149.86-154.94cm
Chest (in)22 – 23.524 – 25.526 – 27.528 – 29.529.5 – 30.5
Chest (cm)55.88-59.69cm60.96-64.77cm66.04-69.85cm71.12-74.93cm74.93-77.47cm
Waist at narrowest (in)18 – 2020.5 – 2222.5 – 23.524 – 25.525 – 26.5
Waist at narrowest (cm)45.72-50.8cm52.07-55.8857.15-59.69cm60.96-64.77cm63.5-67.31cm
Low-waist pant and short (in)21 – 22.522 – 23.524 – 2627 – 27.527 – 28.5
Low-waist pant and short (cm)53.34-57.15cm55.88-59.69cm60.96-66.04cm68.58-69.85cm68.58-72.39cm
Hip at widest point (in)24.5 – 25.526 – 2828.5 – 29.530 – 3131 – 32
Hips at widest point (cm)62.23-64.7cm66.04-71.12cm72.39-74.93cm76.2-78.7cm78.74-81.28cm
Inseam (in)18.523.525.527.529
Inseam (cm)46.99cm59.69cm64.77cm69.85cm73.66cm

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Billabong true to size?

Billabong often fits true to size in terms of apparel, accessories, and shoes. This implies that the sizes in the Billabong stores will be the same as your typical size in the majority of other retailers.

But before placing an order, it’s always a good idea to obtain precise body measurements and compare them to the Billabong size charts above. This will guarantee that you receive the correct size.

What size is a Billabong large?

Depending on the type and style of Billabong clothing, there are several Large sizes.

A billabong large for men’s clothing has the following measurements: a neck measuring 16-16.5 inches (40.6-41.9 cm), a chest measuring 42-44 inches (106.7-111.8 cm), sleeves (from center back measuring 35-36.5 inches (88.9-92.7 cm), a waist measuring 33.5-35.5 inches (85.1-90.2 cm), and hips measuring 42-44 inches (106.7-111.8 cm).

A Billabong big for women, on the other hand, has the following measurements: 39-40 inches (99.1-101.6 cm) for hips, 36.5-37.5 inches (92.7-95.3 cm) for chest, and 29-30 inches (73.7-76.2 cm) for the waist.

What size is a 12 in Billabong?

The tag on an item of women’s apparel from Billabong with a US size of 12 will read XXL. Women who are between 160 and 185 lbs (72-83kg) in weight and 5’9″ to 6″0″ (1.75-1.83m) height will find it to be a decent fit.

The garment will be 32-34 inches (81.3-86.4 cm) wide at the waist and 38.5-40.5 inches (97.8-102.9 cm) wide at the chest.

What size is Billabong size 2?

The international letter tag for a women’s billabong size 2 will read “XS.” It will fit women who are between 100 and 115 pounds (45-51.8kg) and are between 5’3″ and 5’5″ (1.6-1.65m) tall.

At the chest, the garment will measure 30.5-32.5 inches (77.5-82.6 cm), and at the waist, it will measure 24-26 inches (61-66 cm).

How do I get my Ideal Wetsuit Size?

Before purchasing a wetsuit from the Billabong website, it is important to consider your size Height, size weight (lb/kg), common wetsuit seam, types of seam placement (exterior seam, internal seam, porous seam, inseam flare leg, internal seam core, etc.).

The blend of flexibility scale (increase in a stretch of the wetsuit for plenty of flexibility), exposure to water entry, and maximum warmth needed depending on water temperature (colder water to coldest water, and iciest water require wetsuits which provide limitless warmth).

What is a billabong size 26?

A Billabong size 26 for men’s bottoms will have measurements of 26 inches (66.0cm) at the waist and 33 inches (83.8cm) at the hips.

Does Billabong run big?

Not at all, according to Billabong. Instead, it fits quite true to size. However, it is still crucial to take your body measurements before buying any Billabong clothes.

Are Billabong products expensive?

Billabong items are not cheap, much like many other top surfing apparel manufacturers. The good news is that the Billabong products you buy will be of high quality and hence worth the money.


I hope you were able to use this article about Billabong size charts. The advantages of surfing are numerous. Billabong is well known for producing high-quality surfing apparel, but it is imperative to always surf inappropriate gear.

Since wearing the wrong size of surfing equipment can result in injuries, choosing the right Billabong size is crucial. The article served as a Billabong apparel guide because it provided the Billabong sizing charts.

Keep in mind that Billabong typically fits true to size for apparel, accessories, and shoes. This implies that the sizes in the Billabong stores will be the same as your typical size in the majority of other retailers. Women’s clothes from Billabong in a US size 12 will bear the tag XXL.

Women who are between 160 and 185 lbs (72-83kg) and 5’9″ to 6″0″ (1.75-1.83m) in height will find it to be a decent fit. On the other side, a women’s Billabong size 2 will carry the international letter tag of “XS.” It will fit women who are between 100 and 115 pounds (45-51.8kg) and are between 5’3″ and 5’5″ (1.6-1.65m) tall.

Before placing an order, it’s always a good idea to obtain precise body measurements and compare them to the Billabong size charts above. This will guarantee that you receive the correct size.

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